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Internet Timed Only
Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash, E-Transfer or Wire Transfer with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Mervyn (Merv) Timmons Estate

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
(306) 778-0696

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone (306) 778-0696 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. No machinery will be released until it’s been paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases.
Please click here to register in advance in order to bid at this Auction. This auction will be posted approx. 14 days in advance of sale day. This auction will be a soft close on June 5, 2021. There will be a 3.5% Buyers Premium to a maximum of $1000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.

3 miles West of Swift Current on #1 Hwy., 1 1/2 miles North on Kilton Hill Gravel Road, 1/4 mile East (South Side)


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* 1984 MF 3525 MFWA Diesel Tractor w/CAHR, 540-1000 pto, 20.8 x 38 back tires, 14.9 x 28 front tires, 3 pt. hitch, 2 hyd., 16 sp. partial power shift w/MF 256 FEL, 7' bucket w/grapple fork, joystick, 130 eng. hp., 4829 hrs. showing, S/N T198218

01MFTractor01.jpg  01MFTractor02.jpg  01MFTractor03.jpg  01MFTractor04.jpg  01MFTractor05.jpg  01MFTractor06.jpg  01MFTractor07.jpg  01MFTractor08.jpg  01MFTractor09.jpg  01MFTractor10.jpg  01MFTractor11.jpg  01MFTractor12.jpg  01MFTractor13.jpg  01MFTractor14.jpg  01MFTractor15.jpg  01MFTractor16.jpg  01MFTractor17.jpg  01MFTractor18.jpg  01MFTractor19.jpg  01MFTractor20.jpg  01MFTractor21.jpg  

* 1985 JD 2950 MFWA Diesel Tractor w/CAHR, 3 pt. hitch, 540-1000 pto, 2 hyd., 18.4 x 38 back tires, 13.6 x 28 front tires, standard shift, 94 eng. hp., 16 sp. partial power shift w/JD 640 quick detach FEL, 7' bucket w/grapple fork, joystick, 7262 hrs. showing, S/N 558985

02JDTractor01.jpg  02JDTractor02.jpg  02JDTractor03.jpg  02JDTractor04.jpg  02JDTractor05.jpg  02JDTractor06.jpg  02JDTractor07.jpg  02JDTractor08.jpg  02JDTractor09.jpg  02JDTractor10.jpg  02JDTractor11.jpg  02JDTractor12.jpg  02JDTractor13.jpg  02JDTractor14.jpg  02JDTractor15.jpg  02JDTractor16.jpg  02JDTractor17.jpg  02JDTractor18.jpg  02JDTractor19.jpg  02JDTractor20.jpg  02JDTractor21.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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* 1996 GMC 3500 1-Ton Diesel Reg. Cab Sierra SL Truck, 4x4, running boards, pushbar, 5 sp. standard, 6.5L Turbo Diesel motor, A/C, 16" tires, 8' long box, hidden hitch, 5th wheel ball, 231,588 kms. showing, S/N 1GTHK34F1TZ515781 (Blue)

03GMCBlueTruck01.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck02.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck03.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck04.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck05.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck06.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck07.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck08.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck09.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck10.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck11.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck12.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck13.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck14.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck15.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck16.jpg  03GMCBlueTruck17.jpg  

* 1996 Chev 1500 1/2 Ton Reg. Cab Truck, A/C, auto, running boards, 8' long box, truck cap, hidden hitch, 15" tires, 281,072 kms. showing, S/N 1GCEC14W0TZ194692 (Red)

04ChevRedTruck01.jpg  04ChevRedTruck02.jpg  04ChevRedTruck03.jpg  04ChevRedTruck04.jpg  04ChevRedTruck05.jpg  04ChevRedTruck06.jpg  04ChevRedTruck07.jpg  04ChevRedTruck08.jpg  04ChevRedTruck09.jpg  04ChevRedTruck10.jpg  04ChevRedTruck11.jpg  04ChevRedTruck12.jpg  04ChevRedTruck13.jpg  

* 20' x 7' Waldner Gooseneck Stocktrailer, escape gate, 2-way gate on back, divider gate, 16" tires, 8 bolt rims, spare tire, (Blue)

05Waldner20ftTrailer01.jpg  05Waldner20ftTrailer02.jpg  05Waldner20ftTrailer03.jpg  05Waldner20ftTrailer04.jpg  05Waldner20ftTrailer05.jpg  05Waldner20ftTrailer06.jpg  

* 16' x 6' Waldner Gooseneck Stocktrailer, escape gate, 2-way gate on back, divider gate, 15" tires, 6 bolt rims, spare tire, (Blue)

06Waldner16ftTrailer01.jpg  06Waldner16ftTrailer02.jpg  06Waldner16ftTrailer03.jpg  06Waldner16ftTrailer04.jpg  06Waldner16ftTrailer05.jpg  06Waldner16ftTrailer06.jpg  06Waldner16ftTrailer07.jpg  


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* 3 Pt. Hitch Elias Grain Cart w/scale, unloading auger

07GrainCart01.jpg  07GrainCart02.jpg  07GrainCart03.jpg  

* Shaver Front Mount Post Pounder

08PoastPounder01.jpg  08PoastPounder02.jpg  

* 43' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger, gas motor


* 3 Pt. Hitch Kirchner Round Bale Unroller

10Unroller01.jpg  10Unroller02.jpg  

* 5 Round Bale Feeders

11RoundBaleFeeders01.jpg  11RoundBaleFeeders02.jpg  

* High Hog Tombstone Feeder


* Galvanized Water Trough (some damage)


* 500 gal. Metal Water Tank


* Auto Headgate

15autoHeadgate01.jpg  15autoHeadgate02.jpg  

* Pearson Cattle Squeeze w/auto headgate

16Squeeze01.jpg  16Squeeze02.jpg  16Squeeze03.jpg  16Squeeze04.jpg  

* 4-Wheel Poly Lick Tub


* Various Wooden Feed Troughs 4 Rolls of Elec. Fence Wire * Fencing Pliers * Vet Supplies * Syringes * Stock Prod * Elec. Branding Iron

18Livsestock01.jpg  18Livsestock02.jpg  18Livsestock03.jpg  

Grain Bins

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* Approx. 1250 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, Retro Hopper, metal skid, slide opener, ladder w/6" Farm King Auger, 220V motor (4 Rings)

19BinRetroHopper01.jpg  19BinRetroHopper02.jpg  19BinRetroHopper03.jpg  19BinRetroHopper04.jpg  19BinRetroHopper05.jpg  19BinRetroHopper06.jpg  19BinRetroHopper07.jpg  

* Approx. 1500 Bu. Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, metal skid, ladder w/6" Farm King Auger, 220V motor (4 Rings)

20Bin01.jpg  20Bin02.jpg  20Bin03.jpg  20Bin04.jpg  20Bin05.jpg  

3 PT. Hitch

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* 7' Farm King 720 Rotary Mower, 540 pto

21RotaryMower01.jpg  21RotaryMower02.jpg  21RotaryMower03.jpg  21RotaryMower04.jpg  

* 7' Buhler Farm King 840 Snow Blower, hyd. chute, 540 pto, single stage, S/N 203003110

22Snowblower01.jpg  22Snowblower02.jpg  22Snowblower03.jpg  22Snowblower04.jpg  22Snowblower05.jpg  22Snowblower06.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* Kubota GF1800 Tractor w/cab, 4x4, hydrostatic, 18 eng. hp., 5' front mount lawn mower, 42" Kubota JF 5225 front mount snowblower, single stage, 370 hrs. showing, S/N 52721

23KubotaTractor01.jpg  23KubotaTractor02.jpg  23KubotaTractor03.jpg  23KubotaTractor04.jpg  23KubotaTractor05.jpg  23KubotaTractor06.jpg  23KubotaTractor07.jpg  23KubotaTractor08.jpg  23KubotaTractor09.jpg  23KubotaTractor10.jpg  23KubotaTractor11.jpg  23KubotaTractor12.jpg  23KubotaTractor13.jpg  23KubotaTractor14.jpg  23KubotaTractor15.jpg  23KubotaTractor16.jpg  23KubotaTractor17.jpg  23KubotaTractor18.jpg  

* 10' Land Leveller, 2 lrg. wheels in back

24LandLeveller01.jpg  24LandLeveller02.jpg  

* 8' Finmco Yard Sprayer, 40 gal. Poly tank


* Makita Chop Saw


* 3000 Psi Gas Pressure Washer


* High Capacity Air Compressor, 110V


* 500 gal. Split Fuel Tank & Stand * 500 gal. Fuel Tank & Stand * 300 gal. Fuel Tank & Stand


* 60 gal. Westeel Slip Tank on own trailer


* Tow Bar * Wooden Block * Level * Hack Saw * Ext. Cords * 20V Drill * Grease Guns * Various Bolts * Air Hose * Logging Chains * Beach Tool Box w/12 drawers * Crescent Wrenches * 3/4" & 1/2" Socket Set * Bars * C-Clamps * Hand Tools * Skillsaw * TCB Bolt Bin * Filters * Organizer * Portable Air Tank * Bench Grinder & Stand * Wood Bits * Acetylene Cart * Jackall * Fuel Hose w/nozzle * Chicago Drill Press & Stand * Wheel Weights * Car Ramps * Floor Jack * Shop Vac * Aluminium Ladder. Plus other items too numerous to mention.

31Shop01.jpg  31Shop02.jpg  31Shop03.jpg  31Shop04.jpg  31Shop05.jpg  31Shop06.jpg  31Shop07.jpg  31Shop08.jpg  31Shop09.jpg  31Shop10.jpg  31Shop11.jpg  31Shop12.jpg  31Shop13.jpg  31Shop14.jpg  31Shop15.jpg  31Shop16.jpg  31Shop17.jpg  31Shop18.jpg  31Shop19.jpg  31Shop20.jpg  31Shop21.jpg  31Shop22.jpg  31Shop23.jpg  31Shop24.jpg  31Shop25.jpg  31Shop26.jpg  31Shop27.jpg  31Shop28.jpg  31Shop29.jpg  31Shop30.jpg  31Shop31.jpg  31Shop32.jpg  31Shop33.jpg  31Shop34.jpg  31Shop35.jpg  31Shop36.jpg  31Shop37.jpg  

For further info call (306) 778-0696

Linda McClain
(306) 778-0696

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* 1979 Ford 1100 Diesel Tractor, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, 1 hyd., 12 eng. hp., front weights, 6 sp., 9.5 x 16 back tires, back wheel weights, canopy, S/N U-126390

32FordTractor01.jpg  32FordTractor02.jpg  32FordTractor03.jpg  32FordTractor04.jpg  32FordTractor05.jpg  32FordTractor06.jpg  32FordTractor07.jpg  32FordTractor08.jpg  32FordTractor09.jpg  32FordTractor10.jpg  32FordTractor11.jpg  

* 4' Yard Road Grader, hyd. lift

33Grader01.jpg  33Grader02.jpg  

* 4' Case Front Mount Snowblower



Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.


Timmons Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Swift Current, SK

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