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Internet Timed Only
Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

Letter of Guarantee to Register

For: AC Rasmussen Farms Ltd.
(Arnold & Charlotte Rasmussen)

Coderre, Saskatchewan
(306) 394-4826

Monday, April 4, 2022

Starting at 10:00 am CST

From the West side of the town of Coderre, Sk., 5 miles West on Township Road #140 Road, 3 miles South on Range Road #3044 Gravel Road, 1/4 mile West (GPS: N 50.05.36; W106.30.51)

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone Arnold at (306) 394-4826 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. No machinery will be released until paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases. Items to be removed by April 18, 2022.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be a soft close on Monday, April 4, 2022. There will be a 3.5% Buyer's Premium to a maximum of $3000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.



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1999 Case IH MX220 Magnum MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 20.8R42 back duals, 16.9R30 front tires, 3 hyd., sep. return line, 540-1000 pto, side exhaust, powershift, left hand reverse, buddy seat, 205 eng. hp., 4830 hrs. showing, S/N X2204C4JJA0101554

Lot88Pic01.jpg  Lot88Pic02.jpg  Lot88Pic03.jpg  Lot88Pic04.jpg  Lot88Pic05.jpg  Lot88Pic06.jpg  Lot88Pic07.jpg  Lot88Pic08.jpg  Lot88Pic09.jpg  Lot88Pic10.jpg  Lot88Pic11.jpg  Lot88Pic12.jpg  Lot88Pic13.jpg  Lot88Pic14.jpg  Lot88Pic15.jpg  Lot88Pic20.jpg  

1985 Case IH 4494 4WD Diesel Tractor w/CAHR, 18.4 x 34 factory duals, 4 hyd., 1000 pto, side exhaust, 213 eng. hp., 12 sp. powershift, 7762 hrs. showing, S/N 8866842 w/12' Degelman Dozer Blade, manual tilt w/2' side extensions to make it 14' wide (1000 hrs. on rebuilt motor)

Lot87Pic01.jpg  Lot87Pic02.jpg  Lot87Pic03.jpg  Lot87Pic04.jpg  Lot87Pic05.jpg  Lot87Pic06.jpg  Lot87Pic07.jpg  Lot87Pic08.jpg  Lot87Pic09.jpg  Lot87Pic10.jpg  Lot87Pic11.jpg  Lot87Pic12.jpg  Lot87Pic13.jpg  Lot87Pic15.jpg  Lot87Pic16.jpg  Lot87Pic17.jpg  Lot87Pic18.jpg  

1974 IH 1066 Turbo Diesel Tractor, cab, 18.4 x 38 back tires, 4 rib front tires, Murphy switch, db. entry cab, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 140 eng. hp., 6556 hrs. showing, S/N 39196

Lot86Pic01.jpg  Lot86Pic02.jpg  Lot86Pic03.jpg  Lot86Pic04.jpg  Lot86Pic05.jpg  Lot86Pic06.jpg  Lot86Pic07.jpg  Lot86Pic08.jpg  Lot86Pic09.jpg  Lot86Pic10.jpg  Lot86Pic11.jpg  Lot86Pic13.jpg  

1952 Cockshutt 30 Gas Tractor w/FEL, 540 pto, 12.4 x 38 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 31 eng. hp. w/6' Cockshutt mower, S/N 34289

Lot85Pic01.jpg  Lot85Pic02.jpg  

1935 JD D Unstyled Diesel Tractor, metal & rubber tires, 540 pto, 30 eng. hp., S/N 124145

Lot84Pic01.jpg  Lot84Pic02.jpg  Lot84Pic03.jpg  Lot84Pic04.jpg  Lot84Pic05.jpg  Lot84Pic06.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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1961 GMC 960 3-Ton Cab Over Grain Truck, 8' x 16' Steel Box & Db. acting scissors hoist, metal floor, 1000 x 20 tires, 4x2 trans., 327 motor, S/N 1T96803809181F (Blue)

Lot81Pic01.jpg  Lot81Pic02.jpg  Lot81Pic03.jpg  Lot81Pic04.jpg  Lot81Pic05.jpg  Lot81Pic06.jpg  Lot81Pic07.jpg  Lot81Pic08.jpg  Lot81Pic09.jpg  Lot81Pic10.jpg  

1984 Chev 70 4-Ton Grain Truck w/8 1/2' x 16' steel box & db. acting scissors hoist, roll tarp, step side fuel tanks, 1000 x 20 tires, 366 motor, 5x2 trans., PS, 41,710 kms. showing, S/N 1GBL7D1B7EV116634 (Red)

Lot79Pic01.jpg  Lot79Pic02.jpg  Lot79Pic03.jpg  Lot79Pic04.jpg  Lot79Pic05.jpg  Lot79Pic06.jpg  Lot79Pic07.jpg  Lot79Pic08.jpg  Lot79Pic09.jpg  Lot79Pic10.jpg  Lot79Pic11.jpg  Lot79Pic12.jpg  Lot79Pic13.jpg  

1976 Dodge 600 3-Ton Grain Truck w/8' x 14' steel box & db acting scissors hoist, wood floor, 4x2 trans., 825 x 20 front tires, 900 x 20 back tires, 97,686 miles showing, S/N D61FG4J005649 (Yellow)

Lot80Pic01.jpg  Lot80Pic02.jpg  Lot80Pic03.jpg  Lot80Pic04.jpg  Lot80Pic05.jpg  Lot80Pic06.jpg  Lot80Pic07.jpg  Lot80Pic08.jpg  Lot80Pic09.jpg  Lot80Pic10.jpg  Lot80Pic11.jpg  

6 1/2' x 16' Ind. Flat Deck Trailer w/3' beaver tail & loading ramps, triaxle, 16" tires, 6 bolt rims, metal deck, pindle hitch (Yellow) (No visible Serial Number)

Lot82Pic01.jpg  Lot82Pic02.jpg  Lot82Pic03.jpg  Lot82Pic04.jpg  Lot82Pic05.jpg  Lot82Pic06.jpg  

6 1/2' x 16' Anderson 5th Wheel Stock Trailer, sliding gate on back, escape gate, divider gate, spare tire, ball & 5th wheel hitch, 6 bolt rims, 16" tires, metal floor, S/N 10519 (Brown)

Lot83Pic01.jpg  Lot83Pic02.jpg  Lot83Pic03.jpg  Lot83Pic04.jpg  Lot83Pic05.jpg  Lot83Pic06.jpg  

Holiday Trailer

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2006 30' Wildcat 30LSWB Triple Slide 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer, 3 elec. slide outs, A/C, furnace, bathroom, new 8 cu. ft. full size fridge, stove, oven, microwave, 27” flat screen TV, Lazy Susan, 10 gal. gas/elec. water heater, tinted windows, skylights in slide out, exterior shower, awning, sleeps 6, Queen bed in front, oak table w/4 chairs, full sliding closet, lots of storage w/lights, 16” aluminum wheels, 15 speaker sound system w/exterior speakers, 100% water filtration system, Black tank flush, GVWR 13,500 lbs., roof vent covers S/N 4X4FWCF256T008101 (White)

Lot90Pic01.jpg  Lot90Pic02.jpg  Lot90Pic03.jpg  Lot90Pic04.jpg  Lot90Pic05.jpg  Lot90Pic06.jpg  Lot90Pic07.jpg  Lot90Pic08.jpg  Lot90Pic09.jpg  Lot90Pic10.jpg  Lot90Pic12.jpg  Lot90Pic13.jpg  Lot90Pic14.jpg  Lot90Pic15.jpg  Lot90Pic16.jpg  Lot90Pic17.jpg  Lot90Pic18.jpg  Lot90Pic19.jpg  Lot90Pic20.jpg  Lot90Pic21.jpg  Lot90Pic22.jpg  Lot90Pic23.jpg  Lot90Pic24.jpg  Lot90Pic25.jpg  Lot90Pic30.jpg  Lot90Pic31.jpg  Lot90Pic32.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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35' Morris Maxim Air Seeder, 12" spacings, db. chute, 3" metal packers, 3 plex, S/N 3400001354 w/Morris 7180 2 compartment tow between tank, 21.5 x 16.1 tires, hyd. fan, S/N 7289700346

Lot57Pic01.jpg  Lot57Pic02.jpg  Lot57Pic03.jpg  Lot57Pic04.jpg  Lot57Pic05.jpg  Lot57Pic06.jpg  Lot57Pic07.jpg  Lot57Pic08.jpg  Lot57Pic09.jpg  Lot57Pic10.jpg  Lot57Pic11.jpg  Lot57Pic12.jpg  

35' Coil Packers (1-15' section, 2- 10' sections)

Lot58Pic01.jpg  Lot58Pic02.jpg  Lot58Pic03.jpg  

40' Ezee-On 7400 Cultivator, honeybee deadrod, 3 plex, walking axles, S/N 4930

Lot56Pic01.jpg  Lot56Pic02.jpg  Lot56Pic03.jpg  Lot56Pic04.jpg  Lot56Pic05.jpg  

50' Smith Rolls Harrow Packer Drawbar, tine harrows, coil packers

Lot55Pic01.jpg  Lot55Pic02.jpg  Lot53Pic05.jpg  

42' CCIL G-100 Discers w/sep. fert. boxes, Jeanotte depth control wheels, piggy back & martin hitch

Lot53Pic01.jpg  Lot53Pic02.jpg  Lot53Pic03.jpg  Lot53Pic04.jpg  

15' CCIL G-100 Discer w/sep. fert box

Lot54Pic01.jpg  Lot54Pic02.jpg  

36' Kent Vibra Shank Cultivator, S/N 0824

Lot51Pic01.jpg  Lot51Pic02.jpg  

80' Brandt QF1000 Field Sprayer, hyd. booms, quick fold, 16.5 x 16.1 front tires, sep. chem. tank, pto pump, 800 gal. Poly Tank, S/N 43158

Lot52Pic01.jpg  Lot52Pic02.jpg  Lot52Pic03.jpg  Lot52Pic04.jpg  Lot52Pic05.jpg  Lot52Pic06.jpg  

8-Bottom Plow

Lot50Pic01.jpg  Lot50Pic02.jpg  Lot50Pic03.jpg  

DMC Hi-Cap Dual Screen Counter Rotating Grain Cleaner, auger, 220V motor

Lot49Pic01.jpg  Lot49Pic02.jpg  Lot49Pic03.jpg  

Vicon 50 Bushel Tank w/hoses & adapters for air seeder

Lot48Pic01.jpg  Lot48Pic02.jpg  

10' IH Cultivator


Crown Rotary Rockpicker, gr. dr., 3 batS

Lot46Pic01.jpg  Lot46Pic02.jpg  

Brandt Hyd. Tailgate Drill Fill


Haying & Livestock

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Rem Bale Max 3600R Bale Processor, right side discharge, 1000 pto

Lot45Pic01.jpg  Lot45Pic02.jpg  Lot45Pic03.jpg  Lot45Pic04.jpg  Lot45Pic05.jpg  

New Idea 486 Soft Core Round Baler, twin tie, 1000 pto, S/N 13600

Lot44Pic01.jpg  Lot44Pic02.jpg  Lot44Pic03.jpg  

1977 NH 276 Square Baler, bale turner, 540 pto, S/N 386111

Lot42Pic01.jpg  Lot42Pic02.jpg  Lot42Pic03.jpg  Lot42Pic04.jpg  Lot42Pic05.jpg  

NH 1033 pto Stackliner, hauls 105 square bales, S/N 7265

Lot43Pic01.jpg  Lot43Pic02.jpg  Lot43Pic03.jpg  Lot43Pic04.jpg  Lot43Pic05.jpg  Lot43Pic06.jpg  

MM Side Delivery Rake

Lot41Pic01.jpg  Lot41Pic02.jpg  

10 - 10' Metal Corral Panels (Green)


7 - 10' Metal Corral Panels


16' Metal Corral Panels * 3-10' Gates

Lot21Pic01.jpg  Lot21Pic02.jpg  

15' WW Metal Gate (Grey) * 11 1/2' WW Metal Gate (Grey)


3 - 10' Poly Feed Troughs


Hi-Qual Calf Tipping Table

Lot24Pic01.jpg  Lot24Pic02.jpg  

Livestock Squeeze w/auto headgate

Lot25Pic01.jpg  Lot25Pic02.jpg  

Manual Headgate


Poly Mineral Feeder


400 gal. Poly Water Trough w/drain


Round Bale Feeder



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Berkeley 4" Pto Pump w/6" adapter, primer, 540 pto

Lot35Pic01.jpg  Lot35Pic02.jpg  

1500' x 6" of Rain Away Mainline Aluminium Pipe w/connectors (50 - 30' Joints)

Lot36Pic01.jpg  Lot36Pic02.jpg  Lot36Pic03.jpg  Lot36Pic04.jpg  

3280' x 8" Aluminium Oliver Pipe (82 - 40' Joints)

Lot37Pic01.jpg  Lot37Pic02.jpg  Lot37Pic03.jpg  

Big Squirt Model 150 Irrigation Gun

Lot39Pic01.jpg  Lot39Pic02.jpg  

Pipe Hauler

Lot38Pic01.jpg  Lot38Pic02.jpg  

1/4 mile of 4" Wheel Move Irrigation Pipe, 6' wheels w/Wade Rain Wheel move w/gas motor

Lot33Pic01.jpg  Lot33Pic02.jpg  Lot33Pic03.jpg  Lot33Pic04.jpg  

1/4 mile of Wade Rain 4" Wheel Move Irrigation Pipe, 6' wheels w/Wade Rain Wheel move w/gas motor

Lot34Pic01.jpg  Lot34Pic02.jpg  Lot34Pic03.jpg  Lot34Pic04.jpg  Lot34Pic05.jpg  Lot34Pic06.jpg  Lot34Pic07.jpg  Lot34Pic08.jpg  


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JD Starfire 300 GPS, Lightbar, 2 sets of wiring harness

Lot89Pic01.jpg  Lot89Pic02.jpg  

Grain Bins

(Bins located on SE 20-13-4 W3rd RM134)

Bins to be removed by July 1, 2022.


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4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, Westeel Hopper, ladder, 3 ring skid w/rocket aeration, crank opener

Lot59Pic01.jpg  Lot59Pic02.jpg  Lot59Pic03.jpg  Lot59Pic04.jpg  Lot59Pic05.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, Westeel Hopper, ladder, 3 ring skid w/rocket aeration, crank opener

Lot60Pic01.jpg  Lot60Pic02.jpg  Lot60Pic03.jpg  Lot60Pic04.jpg  Lot60Pic05.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, Retro Hopper, ladder, 2 ring skid, slide opener

Lot61Pic01.jpg  Lot61Pic02.jpg  Lot61Pic03.jpg  Lot61Pic04.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, Retro Hopper, ladder, on cement, slide opener

Lot62Pic01.jpg  Lot62Pic02.jpg  Lot62Pic03.jpg  Lot62Pic04.jpg  

4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bin, Westeel Hopper, ladder, on cement, crank opener

Lot63Pic01.jpg  Lot63Pic02.jpg  Lot63Pic03.jpg  Lot63Pic04.jpg  

1500 Bu. Wheatland Hopper Bottom Fert. Bin, slide opener, ladder, on cement

Lot64Pic01.jpg  Lot64Pic02.jpg  

1500 Bu. Wheatland Hopper Bottom Fert. Bin, slide opener, ladder, on cement

Lot65Pic01.jpg  Lot65Pic02.jpg  


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1979 IH 1480 SP Axial-Flow Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, 28Lx26 front tires, 4 rib back tires, twin spreaders w/pickup table w/12' Super 8 Victory pickup, 3380 hrs., S/N 1720215U002734 (50 hrs. on new radiator & IH rebuilt motor)

Lot73Pic01.jpg  Lot73Pic02.jpg  Lot73Pic03.jpg  Lot73Pic04.jpg  Lot73Pic05.jpg  Lot73Pic06.jpg  Lot73Pic07.jpg  Lot73Pic08.jpg  Lot73Pic09.jpg  Lot73Pic10.jpg  Lot73Pic11.jpg  Lot73Pic12.jpg  Lot73Pic13.jpg  Lot73Pic14.jpg  

24' IH 810 Straight Cut Header, metal bats, Crary air reel, S/N 1480117U030639

Lot74Pic01.jpg  Lot74Pic02.jpg  Lot74Pic03.jpg  Lot74Pic04.jpg  Lot74Pic05.jpg  

22' IH 820 Flex Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, S/N 1480107U030037

Lot75Pic01.jpg  Lot75Pic02.jpg  Lot75Pic03.jpg  Lot75Pic04.jpg  Lot75Pic05.jpg  

Flaman Header Carrier, tandem axle

Lot76Pic01.jpg  Lot76Pic02.jpg  Lot76Pic03.jpg  

1987 Case IH 1682 Axial Flow pto Combine, swing out auger, 28L x 26 tires, 1000 pto, twin spreaders, Case IH 1015 pickup table, 12' Rake Up pickup table, S/N 007286 (2 years on new tires)

Lot77Pic01.jpg  Lot77Pic02.jpg  Lot77Pic03.jpg  Lot77Pic04.jpg  Lot77Pic05.jpg  Lot77Pic06.jpg  Lot77Pic07.jpg  Lot77Pic08.jpg  Lot77Pic09.jpg  

1984 IH 1482 pto Combine, 28L x 26 front tires, swing out auger, pea sieves, S/N 1420013U030217 (For parts)

Lot78Pic01.jpg  Lot78Pic02.jpg  Lot78Pic03.jpg  

1977 21' CCIL 550 SP Gas Swather, pickup reel w/metal fingers, rubber canvass, cab, 2 tires on back S/N 14135

Lot71Pic01.jpg  Lot71Pic02.jpg  Lot71Pic03.jpg  Lot71Pic05.jpg  Lot71Pic06.jpg  Lot71Pic07.jpg  Lot71Pic08.jpg  Lot71Pic09.jpg  Lot71Pic10.jpg  

30' Case IH 8230 pto Swather, metal bats, hyd. transport, rubber canvass, light package, S/N CFH0066177

Lot72Pic01.jpg  Lot72Pic02.jpg  Lot72Pic03.jpg  Lot72Pic05.jpg  Lot72Pic06.jpg  Lot72Pic07.jpg  

Rem 1026 Grain Vac, hoses, 1000 pto, on own trailer, S/N 2245

Lot70Pic01.jpg  Lot70Pic02.jpg  Lot70Pic03.jpg  

51' x 8" Wheatheart BH51-8 Grain Auger, auger mover, 25 hp. Robin elec. start motor

Lot69Pic01.jpg  Lot69Pic02.jpg  Lot69Pic03.jpg  Lot69Pic04.jpg  Lot69Pic05.jpg  Lot69Pic06.jpg  Lot69Pic07.jpg  Lot69Pic08.jpg  

46' x 8" Farm King pto Grain Auger, 540 pto

Lot68Pic01.jpg  Lot68Pic02.jpg  Lot68Pic03.jpg  

45' x 8" Farm King pto Grain Auger, 540 pto

Lot67Pic01.jpg  Lot67Pic02.jpg  Lot67Pic03.jpg  

40' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger, 14 hp. Kohler elec. start motor

Lot66Pic01.jpg  Lot66Pic02.jpg  Lot66Pic03.jpg  Lot66Pic04.jpg  

Motor Bike

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Yamaha Enduro 100 Motor Bike, light, S/N 1T9-081139

Lot40Pic01.jpg  Lot40Pic02.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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Vega Elec. Cream Sep. w/cream can & milk pail

Lot01Pic01.jpg  Lot01Pic02.jpg  

75' x 2" Air Seeder Hose


250' of Barn Loft Soft Rope


75 - 12" x 43 Degree Unused Cultivator Shovels


27 - 18" x 43 Degree Unused Cultivator Shovels


57 - 16" x 50 Degree Unused Cultivator Shovels


Unused IHC Parts for IH 1480 Combine


35 Air Seeder Knives


10 Packer Recaps


5th Wheel Hitch


Bin Sweep


Calf Puller * Calving Chains * Keystone Dehorner * Ear Tag * Syringes * Ringer * Ralgro Gun * Tattoo Pliers * Homemade Cow Lift

Lot12Pic01.jpg  Lot12Pic02.jpg  Lot12Pic03.jpg  Lot12Pic04.jpg  Lot12Pic05.jpg  

Elec. Pressure Washer, 110V


2 Beam Scales (Gurney & Fairbanks)


4 Rolls of Chain Link Fence


Kirby Straw Spreader


15 x 35 Clamp on Duals for JD 4020 Tractor w/hardware


12' Sears Aluminium Boat

Lot27Pic01.jpg  Lot27Pic02.jpg  

22 - 24' x 3' Metal Siding (Blue)


16 - 20' x 3' Metal Siding (Grey)



Auctioneer's Note: For further info on equipment call Arnold at (306) 394-4826.


Rasmussen Timed Only Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Coderre, SK.

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