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Internet Timed Only
Large Farm, Livestock & Haying Equipment Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

Letter of Guarantee to Register

For: Blair & Stephen Philp

Waldeck, Saskatchewan
(306) 741-6319 or (306) 741-3039

Monday, June 12, 2023

Starting at 12:00 noon CST

From the East side of Waldeck, 1 mile East on #1 Hwy., 2 miles South on Gravel Road, 3 miles East on gravel road. (South Side)
(GPS:W50.20.16; N107.29.21)

Prior viewing by appointment only. Phone Blair at (306) 741-6319 or Stephen at (306) 741-3039 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. Bidding will open on Monday, June 5, 2023 and begin to close on Monday, June 12 at 12:00 Noon. No machinery will be released until paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases. Items to be removed by June 26, 2023.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be a soft close on June 12, 2023. There will be a 3.5% buyer's premium to a maximum of $3000 per item plus taxes added to your invoice.


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2013 84’ Bourgault 7200 Heavy Harrow, fully hyd., 21.5L x 16.1SL inside tires, lrg. tires on booms, S/N 41467HH-18 (Less than 5000 acres on new tines)

Lot58Pic01.jpg  Lot58Pic02.jpg  Lot58Pic03.jpg  Lot58Pic04.jpg  Lot58Pic05.jpg  Lot58Pic06.jpg  Lot58Pic07.jpg  Lot58Pic08.jpg  Lot58Pic09.jpg  Lot58Pic10.jpg  

Stock Trailers & Truck

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2013 7' x 24' Wilson Ranch Hand 5th Wheel Aluminium Stock Trailer, 2 divider gates, 2-way gate on back, escape gate, cargo area, 16" tires, spare tire, plastic black outs for winter hauling, 7,000 lb. axles, S/N 1W17242S7E5545871 (Silver)

Lot55Pic01.jpg  Lot55Pic02.jpg  Lot55Pic03.jpg  Lot55Pic04.jpg  Lot55Pic05.jpg  Lot55Pic06.jpg  Lot55Pic07.jpg  Lot55Pic08.jpg  Lot55Pic09.jpg  Lot55Pic10.jpg  Lot55Pic11.jpg  

5' x 11' Bumper Pull Horse Trailer, divider, tandem axle, 15" tires, 2-way gate on back, escape gate, tack compartment, spare tire, rubber mats, (Blue) (No visible Serial Number)

Lot56Pic01.jpg  Lot56Pic02.jpg  Lot56Pic03.jpg  Lot56Pic04.jpg  Lot56Pic05.jpg  Lot56Pic06.jpg  

1975 IH 500 2-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 12' Westeel steel box & db. acting hoist, wood floor, roll tarp, 342 V8 motor, 4x2 trans., 825 x 20 tires, plumbed for drill fill, 41,055 miles, S/N E0220EHB19967 (Red)

Lot57Pic01.jpg  Lot57Pic02.jpg  Lot57Pic03.jpg  Lot57Pic04.jpg  Lot57Pic05.jpg  Lot57Pic06.jpg  Lot57Pic07.jpg  Lot57Pic08.jpg  Lot57Pic09.jpg  Lot57Pic10.jpg  Lot57Pic11.jpg  Lot57Pic12.jpg  Lot57Pic13.jpg  Lot57Pic14.jpg  Lot57Pic15.jpg  

Haying & Livestock

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2015 MF Hesston 2956A Auto Cycle Round Baler, twine tie & net wrap, 1000 pto, bale kicker, 21.5L x 16.1 back tires, lights, 2266 bales, S/N AGCM2956AFHR13183 (Hardly used)

Lot53Pic01.jpg  Lot53Pic02.jpg  Lot53Pic03.jpg  Lot53Pic04.jpg  Lot53Pic05.jpg  Lot53Pic06.jpg  Lot53Pic07.jpg  Lot53Pic08.jpg  Lot53Pic09.jpg  Lot53Pic10.jpg  Lot53Pic11.jpg  Lot53Pic12.jpg  

2004 Hesston 956 Auto Cycle Round Baler, twin tie, 540 pto, bale kicker, lights, 8413 bales, S/N HN25201

Lot54Pic01.jpg  Lot54Pic02.jpg  Lot54Pic03.jpg  Lot54Pic04.jpg  Lot54Pic05.jpg  Lot54Pic06.jpg  Lot54Pic07.jpg  Lot54Pic08.jpg  Lot54Pic09.jpg  

2015 Highline BalePro CFR 651 Bale Processor, right hand discharge, 1000 pto, adj. cutting size, draper chain feeder, fully hyd., 16.5L x 16.1 tires, S/N CFR6511385 (Hardly Used)

Lot52Pic01.jpg  Lot52Pic02.jpg  Lot52Pic03.jpg  Lot52Pic04.jpg  Lot52Pic05.jpg  Lot52Pic06.jpg  Lot52Pic07.jpg  Lot52Pic08.jpg  

9' Portable Metal Loading Chute, 3' deck, side door, wood walk ramp

Lot51Pic01.jpg  Lot51Pic02.jpg  Lot51Pic03.jpg  Lot51Pic04.jpg  

500 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Feed Bin, 4 legs, metal skid, crank opener, ladder, w/4' unload auger

Lot45Pic01.jpg  Lot45Pic02.jpg  Lot45Pic03.jpg  

NH 352 Mix Mill Tank converted to be a protein or mineral Bin w/hand crank auger

Lot46Pic01.jpg  Lot46Pic02.jpg  

Samson 10” pto Roller Mill on own trailer, 540 pto

Lot47Pic01.jpg  Lot47Pic02.jpg  Lot47Pic03.jpg  

12' x 24' Metal Calf Shelter on metal skids

Lot28Pic01.jpg  Lot28Pic02.jpg  

12' x 24' Metal Calf Shelter on metal skids

Lot29Pic01.jpg  Lot29Pic02.jpg  

10' x 16' Metal Calf Shelter on metal skids

Lot30Pic01.jpg  Lot30Pic02.jpg  Lot30Pic03.jpg  

17 - 30' Self Standing Wind Break Panels

Lot37Pic01.jpg  Lot37Pic02.jpg  

4' x 10' Round Bale Feeder


7 - High Hog Tombstone Round Bale Feeders

Lot14Pic01.jpg  Lot14Pic02.jpg  Lot14Pic03.jpg  Lot14Pic04.jpg  Lot14Pic05.jpg  Lot14Pic06.jpg  Lot14Pic07.jpg  

Round Bale Feeder (Yellow)


29 - 8' Feeder Panels

Lot22Pic01.jpg  Lot22Pic02.jpg  Lot22Pic03.jpg  

Morand Ind. Maternity Pen, auto headgate

Lot34Pic01.jpg  Lot34Pic02.jpg  Lot34Pic03.jpg  Lot34Pic04.jpg  

8 1/2' x 10' Holding Pens

Lot35Pic01.jpg  Lot35Pic02.jpg  Lot35Pic03.jpg  

Payson Auto Headgate


Pearson Auto Headgate


26" Palpation Gate


25 - 10' WW Corral Panels w/stand

Lot10Pic01.jpg  Lot10Pic02.jpg  Lot10Pic03.jpg  Lot10Pic04.jpg  

10' WW Self Contained Gate


2 Homebuilt Walk-in Gates (4' & 3 1/2')


8 - 10' Corral Panels


11' Corral Panel w/5' gate


8' Self Contained Gate


9' Corral Panel


Parmak Solar Elec. Fencer, new battery

Lot25Pic01.jpg  Lot25Pic02.jpg  

500 Gal. Poly Water Tank w/float valve


Cockshutt 311 Side Delivery Rake, metal teeth

Lot48Pic01.jpg  Lot48Pic02.jpg  Lot48Pic03.jpg  

4 Mineral Feeders w/windshields


8 Rolls of New 4-Prong Toughstand Barbed Wire

Lot08Pic01.jpg  Lot08Pic02.jpg  

20 Pressure Treated Telephone Poles


2 Wire Stretches * Elec. Fence Wire * 3 Rolls of Elec. Tape * Various Insulators


Antique Equipment

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1948 Case Thrashing Machine, 22" x 37", shedded, belts, drive belts S/N 520980

Lot49Pic01.jpg  Lot49Pic02.jpg  Lot49Pic04.jpg  

1944 Case D Gas Tractor, belt pulley, 14.9 x 26 back tires, 38 eng. hp., case toolbox, S/N 4813306 (runs)

Lot50Pic01.jpg  Lot50Pic02.jpg  Lot50Pic03.jpg  Lot50Pic04.jpg  Lot50Pic05.jpg  Lot50Pic06.jpg  Lot50Pic07.jpg  Lot50Pic08.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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Koenders Aeration Windmill w/water pump & hose

Lot26Pic01.jpg  Lot26Pic02.jpg  

Loegering Over-the-tire Skid Steer Tracks, 12 x 16.5 tires


2 Seed Treaters


For Further Info on Equipment Call Blair at (306) 741-6319 or Stephen at (306) 741-3039

Dale & Marsha Cannon
(306) 784-7582

(These items are located from the turnoff to Rush Lake & #1 Hwy., 2 miles East on #1 Hwy., 3 1/2 miles South on Highfield Dam Road to the Cannon Sign, 2 1/2 miles East (South Side.)
(GPS: N50.20.13, W107.17.56)

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1990 Deutz Allis 9190 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 6 cyl. Deutz 215 hp. air cooled motor, 420/85/R28 front tires, 480/80R42 factory duals, Chloride in outside tires, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 3 hyd., 3 pt. hitch, 6 sp. w/3sp. powershift, 10 front saddle weights,, S/N 23501

Lot66Pic01.jpg  Lot66Pic02.jpg  Lot66Pic03.jpg  Lot66Pic04.jpg  Lot66Pic05.jpg  Lot66Pic06.jpg  Lot66Pic07.jpg  Lot66Pic08.jpg  Lot66Pic09.jpg  Lot66Pic10.jpg  Lot66Pic11.jpg  

1979 Deutz DX160 MFWA Diesel Tractor, cab, air cooled 150 hp. motor, 16.9 x 26 front tires, 20.8 x 38 back tires, 1000 pto, 2 hyd., S/N 7625-0752 (motor uses & leaks oil)

Lot67Pic01.jpg  Lot67Pic02.jpg  Lot67Pic03.jpg  Lot67Pic04.jpg  Lot67Pic05.jpg  Lot67Pic06.jpg  Lot67Pic07.jpg  Lot67Pic08.jpg  Lot67Pic09.jpg  

10’ Degelman Blade, hyd. lift, manual angle w/frame for JD 4630 tractor

Lot62Pic01.jpg  Lot62Pic02.jpg  


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1983 Ford F700 4-ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 15' Midland steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 370 V8 motor, 1000 x 20 tires, 5x2 trans., 79,286 kms. showing, S/N 1FDNF70H0DVA39159 (Tan)

Lot68Pic01.jpg  Lot68Pic02.jpg  Lot68Pic03.jpg  Lot68Pic04.jpg  Lot68Pic05.jpg  Lot68Pic06.jpg  Lot68Pic07.jpg  Lot68Pic08.jpg  Lot68Pic09.jpg  Lot68Pic10.jpg  Lot68Pic11.jpg  Lot68Pic12.jpg  Lot68Pic13.jpg  Lot68Pic14.jpg  

1978 Ford Louisville 700 4-Ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2’ x 16’ steel box, metal floor, 50 ton db. acting hoist, plumbed for drill fill, roll tarp, 391 rebuilt motor, 5x2 trans., 900 x 20 tires, step saddle tanks, S/N N70FVCG7558 (Brown)

Lot69Pic01.jpg  Lot69Pic02.jpg  Lot69Pic03.jpg  Lot69Pic04.jpg  Lot69Pic05.jpg  Lot69Pic06.jpg  Lot69Pic07.jpg  Lot69Pic08.jpg  Lot69Pic09.jpg  Lot69Pic10.jpg  Lot69Pic11.jpg  Lot69Pic12.jpg  Lot69Pic13.jpg  Lot69Pic14.jpg  

1974 Chev C60 3-Ton Grain Truck, 8’ x 14’ steel box & db. acting hoist, wood floor, 4x2 trans., 900 x 20 tires, 351 motor, 66,562 miles showing, S/N CCE614V144696 (Green)

Lot70Pic01.jpg  Lot70Pic02.jpg  Lot70Pic03.jpg  Lot70Pic04.jpg  Lot70Pic05.jpg  Lot70Pic06.jpg  Lot70Pic07.jpg  Lot70Pic08.jpg  Lot70Pic09.jpg  Lot70Pic10.jpg  Lot70Pic11.jpg  Lot70Pic12.jpg  


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2002 57’ Flexicoil 5000 Air Drill, 9.8” spacings, db. chute, Flexicoil Stealth opener w/3” paired row, variable rate, 5 plex, metal packers, S/N AD-109220-02 w/Flexicoil 3450 tow in front Cart, 3 compartments, 2 hyd. fans, 30.5L x 32 tires, hyd. swing out auger, S/N 114135C-10126 (Last used in 2021)

Lot71Pic01.jpg  Lot71Pic02.jpg  Lot71Pic03.jpg  Lot71Pic04.jpg  Lot71Pic05.jpg  Lot71Pic06.jpg  Lot71Pic07.jpg  Lot71Pic08.jpg  Lot71Pic09.jpg  Lot71Pic10.jpg  Lot71Pic11.jpg  Lot71Pic12.jpg  Lot71Pic13.jpg  

8 Run Canola Roller for Flexicoil 3450 Cart


Extra Course Roller for Flexicoil 3450 Cart (Used for seeding Forage Oats)



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2005 NH 94C 36’ Straight Cut Draper Header, pea auger, single pickup reel w/plastic fingers, own transport, hyd. fore & aft, near new knife, w/NH CRCX adapter, S/N 360500085

Lot65Pic01.jpg  Lot65Pic02.jpg  Lot65Pic03.jpg  Lot65Pic04.jpg  

30’ Westward 3000 pto Swather, transport, 1000 pto, rubber canvass, S/N 69308

Lot64Pic01.jpg  Lot64Pic02.jpg  


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Stampede Steel Livestock Scale, metal floor, hyd. headgate & tailgate

Lot63Pic01.jpg  Lot63Pic02.jpg  Lot63Pic03.jpg  Lot63Pic04.jpg  Lot63Pic05.jpg  

15 1/2” Saddle King 1038 Western Saddle, breast collar, db. rigging

Lot59Pic01.jpg  Lot59Pic02.jpg  

14” Simco 5360 Western Saddle, db. rigging

Lot60Pic01.jpg  Lot60Pic02.jpg  

Wooden Saddle Horse

Lot61Pic01.jpg  Lot61Pic02.jpg  

For Further Info on Equipment Call Dale (306) 784-7582.

Duquette Farms Ltd.
(Claude & Joan Duquette)
(306) 298-7620

These Items are located 3 miles West of Swift Current on #1 Hwy., 1 1/2 miles North on Kilton Hill Gravel Road, 1 1/2 miles East on TWS RD 160 to Stanley Road. (North Side)
(GPS: N50.18.38; W107.50.48)

51' x 8" Farm King Grain CX851 Auger w/26 1/2 hp. Koehler EFI electric start motor, hyd lift, down spout, hyd. valve for bin sweep, hyd. auger mover, front & back kill switch

Lot80Pic01.jpg  Lot80Pic02.jpg  Lot80Pic03.jpg  Lot80Pic04.jpg  Lot80Pic05.jpg  Lot80Pic06.jpg  Lot80Pic07.jpg  Lot80Pic08.jpg  Lot80Pic09.jpg  Lot80Pic10.jpg  Lot80Pic11.jpg  Lot80Pic12.jpg  Lot80Pic13.jpg  

EK Hyd. Bin Sweep


47' Honeybee Deadrod


For Further Info on Equipment Call Claude (306) 298-7620.

Switzer Auction
(306) 773-4200

2007 GMC Sierra SLT 3500 Crew Cab 1-Ton Dually Truck, 6.6L Duramax Turbo Diesel Motor, 350 hp., 6 sp. Allison Auto. Trans., 3.73 Gear Ratio, 4x4, 16” Tires, Power Sliding Sunroof, Universal Home Remote, Deluxe Wide Load Mirrors w/ integrated turn signal, HD Trailering Equipment, Elec. Trailer Brake, Fog Lamps, Leather Front Bucket Seats w/dual 8-way power adjustments, Dual Zone Climate Control, 6 Disc CD Player, Bose Speaker System, Steering Wheel Controls, Rearview Mirror w/ compass & outside temp., PW, PL, PS, Cruise, Remote Keyless Entry, 2-Way Command Start, Heated Rear Window, Tailgate Step, 73,225 kms., 2237 engine hrs., S/N 1GTJK33D77F179790 (White) (One Owner, New Tires, New Batteries, No DEF)

Lot83Pic01.jpg  Lot83Pic02.jpg  Lot83Pic03.jpg  Lot83Pic04.jpg  Lot83Pic05.jpg  Lot83Pic06.jpg  Lot83Pic07.jpg  Lot83Pic08.jpg  Lot83Pic09.jpg  Lot83Pic10.jpg  Lot83Pic11.jpg  Lot83Pic12.jpg  Lot83Pic13.jpg  Lot83Pic14.jpg  Lot83Pic15.jpg  Lot83Pic16.jpg  Lot83Pic17.jpg  Lot83Pic18.jpg  Lot83Pic19.jpg  Lot83Pic20.jpg  Lot83Pic21.jpg  Lot83Pic22.jpg  Lot83Pic23.jpg  Lot83Pic24.jpg  Lot83Pic25.jpg  Lot83Pic26.jpg  Lot83Pic27.jpg  Lot83Pic28.jpg  Lot83Pic29.jpg  Lot83Pic30.jpg  Lot83Pic31.jpg  

For further info call Bruce at (306) 773-4200.


Philp Internet Only Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Waldeck, SK.

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Switzer Auction Services
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tel: (306)773-4200   Fax: (306)773-4241