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Internet Timed Only
Sports Memorabilia & Collectible Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

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For: Steve & Metanthi Koutsogiannis

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
(480) 868-3854

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Starting at 7:00 pm CST

Prior viewing by appointment only at 220 Battleford Trail on Thursday, December 2, 2021 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m & Saturday, December 4, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Phone Steve at (480) 868-3854 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. No items will be released until they’re paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pickup your purchases. Items to be removed by December 13, 2021. There will be PST & GST applied on each item. Owner is willing to ship items at cost. Buyers are to make arrangements with owner after the auction in regards to shipping. You will pay the owner separately for shipping.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. This auction will be a soft close on Sunday, December 5, 2021. There will be a 10% buyer's premium plus taxes added to your invoice.

Sports Jerseys

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Bobby Orr #4 Boston Bruins Game Worn Signed Jersey

Lot53Pic01.jpg  Lot53Pic02.jpg  Lot53Pic03.jpg  Lot53Pic04.jpg  

Dan Marino #13 Miami Dolphins Framed Signed Jersey w/Certificate of Authenticity

Lot31Pic01.jpg  Lot31Pic02.jpg  Lot31Pic03.jpg  

Todd Holt #13 Swift Current Broncos Game Worn Signed Jersey

Lot46Pic01.jpg  Lot46Pic02.jpg  Lot46Pic03.jpg  Lot46Pic04.jpg  Lot46Pic05.jpg  

Layne Ulmer #18 Swift Current Broncos Game Worn Signed Jersey

Lot54Pic01.jpg  Lot54Pic02.jpg  Lot54Pic03.jpg  Lot54Pic04.jpg  Lot54Pic05.jpg  

Bobbi-Jo Slusar #14 Team Canada Signed Jersey

Lot47Pic01.jpg  Lot47Pic02.jpg  Lot47Pic03.jpg  Lot47Pic04.jpg  

2002 Women’s Team Canada Framed Signed Jersey


Patrick Marleau #14 San Jose Sharks Sharks Signed Jersey

Lot50Pic01.jpg  Lot50Pic02.jpg  Lot50Pic03.jpg  Lot50Pic04.jpg  

Roger Clemens #22 New York Yankees Framed Signed Jersey

Lot42Pic01.jpg  Lot42Pic02.jpg  Lot42Pic03.jpg  

Larry Walker #33 Colorado Rockies Framed Signed Jersey

Lot32Pic01.jpg  Lot32Pic02.jpg  

Tiger Williams #22 Toronto Maple Leafs Signed Jersey

Lot43Pic01.jpg  Lot43Pic02.jpg  Lot43Pic03.jpg  Lot43Pic04.jpg  

Brian Trottier #19 New York Islanders Signed Jersey

Lot44Pic01.jpg  Lot44Pic02.jpg  Lot44Pic03.jpg  Lot44Pic04.jpg  

Brendan Shanahan #14 Detroit Red Wings Signed Jersey

Lot45Pic01.jpg  Lot45Pic02.jpg  Lot45Pic03.jpg  Lot45Pic04.jpg  

Mark Messier #11 Vancouver Canucks Signed Jersey

Lot48Pic01.jpg  Lot48Pic02.jpg  Lot48Pic03.jpg  Lot48Pic04.jpg  Lot48Pic05.jpg  

2006-2007 Women’s IIHF Team Canada Signed Jersey

Lot49Pic01.jpg  Lot49Pic02.jpg  Lot49Pic03.jpg  

Chris Chelios #7 Chicago Blackhawks Signed Jersey

Lot51Pic01.jpg  Lot51Pic02.jpg  Lot51Pic03.jpg  Lot51Pic04.jpg  

Al MacInnis #2 St. Louis Blues Signed Jersey

Lot52Pic01.jpg  Lot52Pic02.jpg  Lot52Pic03.jpg  Lot52Pic04.jpg  

Geoff Sanderson #8 Hartford Whalers Jersey, not signed

Lot55Pic01.jpg  Lot55Pic02.jpg  Lot55Pic03.jpg  

Patrick Roy #33 Montreal Canadiens Jersey, not signed

Lot56Pic01.jpg  Lot56Pic02.jpg  Lot56Pic03.jpg  

2005 Saskatoon Contacts National AAA Midget Champions Framed Signed Jersey

Lot33Pic01.jpg  Lot33Pic02.jpg  Lot33Pic03.jpg  

Mike Saunders #32 Saskatchewan Roughriders Framed Signed Jersey, small crack in glass

Lot36Pic01.jpg  Lot36Pic02.jpg  Lot36Pic03.jpg  

Pictures & Prints

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2001-2002 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Signed Picture


2002-2003 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Picture

Lot11Pic01.jpg  Lot11Pic02.jpg  

2003-2004 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Signed Picture


2004-2005 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Picture

Lot04Pic01.jpg  Lot04Pic02.jpg  Lot04Pic03.jpg  

2006-2007 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Picture

Lot06Pic01.jpg  Lot06Pic02.jpg  

2008-2009 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Signed Picture

Lot12Pic01.jpg  Lot12Pic02.jpg  

2010-2011 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Picture

Lot81Pic01.jpg  Lot81Pic02.jpg  

2015-2016 Swift Current AA Bantam Kabos Raiders Framed Signed Picture

Lot80Pic01.jpg  Lot80Pic02.jpg  

1950 S.C. Indians Ball Team Framed Picture

Lot09Pic01.jpg  Lot09Pic02.jpg  

1949 S.C. Indians Hockey League Champion Framed Picture

Lot10Pic01.jpg  Lot10Pic02.jpg  

Bryce Wandler #34 Swift Current Broncos Framed Picture


Tyler Wright #19 Edmonton Oilers Framed Signed Picture


Justin Dowling #14 Swift Current Broncos Framed Signed Picture


Maple Leaf Gardens “Memories and Dreams” Framed Pictures, Ron Ellis, Dave Keon, Tim Horton & Terry Sawchuk, w/Certificate of Authenticity (215/1999)

Lot38Pic01.jpg  Lot38Pic02.jpg  Lot38Pic03.jpg  

Maurice Richard Montreal Canadiens Framed Signed Print w/Certificate of Authenticity

Lot39Pic01.jpg  Lot39Pic02.jpg  Lot39Pic03.jpg  Lot39Pic04.jpg  

Guy Lafleur #10 Montreal Canadiens Framed Signed Picture w/Certificate of Authenticity

Lot14Pic01.jpg  Lot14Pic02.jpg  

Marcel Dionne Framed Signed Picture


Steve Shutt & Frank Mahovlich Framed Picture


Lot 19 Henri Richard #16 Montreal Canadiens Framed Picture


Ken Dryden Montreal Canadiens Framed Picture, some water damage in bottom right corner

Lot22Pic01.jpg  Lot22Pic02.jpg  

Guy Lapointe #5 Montreal Canadiens Framed Picture


Tim Horton Montreal Canadiens Framed Picture


Wayne Gretzky “Final Game” Framed Signed Picture w/Certificate of Authenticity (60/99)

Lot40Pic01.jpg  Lot40Pic02.jpg  Lot40Pic03.jpg  Lot40Pic04.jpg  

Wayne Gretzky “99” The Great One Framed Signed Pictures w/all 4 NHL team pins

Lot37Pic01.jpg  Lot37Pic02.jpg  Lot37Pic03.jpg  Lot37Pic04.jpg  

Ryan Smyth Edmonton Oilers Framed Signed Picture


Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers Framed Signed Picture


Joe Sakic Swift Current Broncos & Colorado Avalanche Signed Framed Picture


Brian Trottier New York Islanders Framed Picture


Mike Bossy & Montreal Canadiens Framed Picture


Joe Sakic Colorado Avalanche Framed Signed Picture


Gordie Howe Framed Signed Picture


Bobby Orr Boston Bruins Framed Pictures & Stats


2002 Mario Lemieux Gold Medal Framed Picture & Pin

Lot35Pic01.jpg  Lot35Pic02.jpg  

2002 Canada Women Gold Medal Framed Picture

Lot17.jpg  Lot17Pic02.jpg  

2000 Mackenzie World Cup Ski Team Framed Signed Picture

Lot26Pic01.jpg  Lot26Pic02.jpg  

2003 Mike Weir Master Champion Framed Signed Picture

Lot28Pic01.jpg  Lot28Pic02.jpg  

Johnny Bower Toronto Maple Leafs Framed Signed Picture w/Certificate of Authenticity

Lot29Pic01.jpg  Lot29Pic02.jpg  

Various Sports Memorabilia

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Muhammad Ali Signed Boxing Glove w/display case

Lot82Pic01.jpg  Lot82Pic02.jpg  Lot82Pic03.jpg  

1980 Official World Series Baseball Signed by Pete Rose

Lot83Pic01.jpg  Lot83Pic02.jpg  Lot83Pic03.jpg  Lot83Pic04.jpg  

3 Seats from Maple Leaf Gardens

Lot57Pic01.jpg  Lot57Pic02.jpg  Lot57Pic03.jpg  

Various Prints

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Bernie Brown “Future of the Herd” Print (580/695)


Larry Fanning Duck Print (69/180)

Lot58Pic01.jpg  Lot58Pic02.jpg  

Larry Fanning Wolf Print


Gail Adams “Gopher It” Print

Lot60Pic01.jpg  Lot60Pic02.jpg  

Yvette Lantz Pheasant Print

Lot61Pic01.jpg  Lot61Pic02.jpg  

Mark Hobson “Morning Shadows” Print

Lot62Pic01.jpg  Lot62Pic02.jpg  Lot62Pic03.jpg  

R. Garant Sailboat Painting

Lot63Pic01.jpg  Lot63Pic02.jpg  

Edouard Manet “Bunch of White Peonies” Print

Lot64Pic01.jpg  Lot64Pic02.jpg  

Cameron Dyck “Puppy Love” Print

Lot65Pic01.jpg  Lot65Pic02.jpg  Lot65Pic03.jpg  

Bernie Brown “Prairie Sky” Print (148/494)

Lot66Pic01.jpg  Lot66Pic02.jpg  Lot66Pic03.jpg  

Lady Golfer Print

Lot67Pic01.jpg  Lot67Pic02.jpg  

R. Billings “Canvasbacks on Tour” Print (1923/1950)

Lot68Pic01.jpg  Lot68Pic02.jpg  Lot68Pic03.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: Steve has spent most of his life putting this collection together. This will be a great opportunity to purchase some rare local and professional sports memorabilia.


Internet Timed Only Sports Memorabilia & Collectible Auction - Swift Current, SK.

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