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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: The Estate of Rod Bakus

Morse, Saskatchewan
(306) 741-7927 or (306) 629-7815

Monday, October 19, 2020

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm
No Lunch Available

1/2 mile East of Morse on #1 Hwy. (South Side)
(GPS: N50.24.39; W107.01.13)


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* 1986 Case IH 4694 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 20.8 x 34 factory duals, 5 hyd., 1000 pto, 261 eng. hp., powershift, 7,822 hrs. showing, S/N 8867124

01IH4694Tractor01.jpg  01IH4694Tractor02.jpg  01IH4694Tractor03.jpg  01IH4694Tractor04.jpg  01IH4694Tractor05.jpg  01IH4694Tractor06.jpg  01IH4694Tractor07.jpg  01IH4694Tractor08.jpg  01IH4694Tractor09.jpg  01IH4694Tractor10.jpg  01IH4694Tractor11.jpg  01IH4694Tractor12.jpg  

* 1981 IH 1086 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 38 factory duals, frt. wheel weights, 3 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 146 eng. hp., torque option, 7235 hrs. showing, S/N 53138

02IH1086Tractor01.jpg  02IH1086Tractor02.jpg  02IH1086Tractor03.jpg  02IH1086Tractor04.jpg  02IH1086Tractor05.jpg  02IH1086Tractor06.jpg  02IH1086Tractor07.jpg  02IH1086Tractor08.jpg  02IH1086Tractor09.jpg  02IH1086Tractor10.jpg  02IH1086Tractor11.jpg  02IH1086Tractor12.jpg  02IH1086Tractor13.jpg  

* 1977 Case 1570 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 20.8 x 38 factory duals, 4 rib frt. tires, 2 hyd., return line, 1000 pto, 200 eng. hp., powershift, 9130 hrs. showing, S/N 8820155

03CaseTractor01.jpg  03CaseTractor02.jpg  03CaseTractor03.jpg  03CaseTractor04.jpg  03CaseTractor05.jpg  03CaseTractor06.jpg  03CaseTractor08.jpg  03CaseTractor09.jpg  03CaseTractor10.jpg  03CaseTractor11.jpg  03CaseTractor12.jpg  

* 1977 MF 1135 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 38 factory duals, 4 rib frt. tires, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 134 eng. hp., 6935 hrs. showing, S/N 9B73115

04MFTractor01.jpg  04MFTractor02.jpg  04MFTractor03.jpg  04MFTractor04.jpg  04MFTractor05.jpg  04MFTractor06.jpg  04MFTractor07.jpg  04MFTractor08.jpg  04MFTractor09.jpg  04MFTractor10.jpg  04MFTractor11.jpg  04MFTractor12.jpg  04MFTractor13.jpg  

* 9' Leon Front Mount Dozer Blade, manual angle

05Dozer01.jpg  05Dozer02.jpg  

Highway Tractors & Grain Trailers

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* 2001 Volvo Highway Tractor, sleeper, 11R24.5 tires, air ride, DDS60 Diesel 470 hp. motor, 13 sp. Eaton Fuhler Trans., PW, PS, 523,874 miles showing, grill guard, S/N 4V4NC9RH21N312050 (Blue)

06Volvo01.jpg  06Volvo02.jpg  06Volvo03.jpg  06Volvo04.jpg  06Volvo05.jpg  06Volvo06.jpg  06Volvo07.jpg  06Volvo08.jpg  06Volvo09.jpg  06Volvo10.jpg  06Volvo11.jpg  06Volvo12.jpg  06Volvo13.jpg  06Volvo14.jpg  06Volvo15.jpg  06Volvo16.jpg  06Volvo17.jpg  06Volvo18.jpg  06Volvo19.jpg  

* 1994 Peterbuilt 379 Highway Tractor, sleeper, headache rack, 11R25.5 tires, air ride, grill guard, 13 sp. Fuhler Trans., Detroit Diesel motor, 1,391,021 kms. showing, S/N 1XP-5DR9X-2-RD347963 (Yellow)

07Peterbuilt01.jpg  07Peterbuilt02.jpg  07Peterbuilt03.jpg  07Peterbuilt04.jpg  07Peterbuilt05.jpg  07Peterbuilt06.jpg  07Peterbuilt07.jpg  07Peterbuilt08.jpg  07Peterbuilt09.jpg  07Peterbuilt10.jpg  07Peterbuilt11.jpg  07Peterbuilt12.jpg  07Peterbuilt13.jpg  07Peterbuilt14.jpg  07Peterbuilt15.jpg  07Peterbuilt16.jpg  07Peterbuilt17.jpg  07Peterbuilt18.jpg  07Peterbuilt19.jpg  07Peterbuilt20.jpg  07Peterbuilt21.jpg  07Peterbuilt22.jpg  

* 2014 Wilson 8' x 53' DWH550 Aluminium Grain Trailer, 68,000 lbs. GVW, 21" hopper clearance, 11R22.5 tires, scales, roll tarp, ladders, air ride, tandem axle, db. side crank openers, S/N 1W14452A6E2263085 (White)

08Wilson2013Trailer01.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer02.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer03.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer04.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer05.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer06.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer07.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer08.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer09.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer10.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer20.jpg  08Wilson2013Trailer21.jpg  

* 2006 8' x 42' Wilson DWH550 Aluminium Grain Trailer, roll tarp, 11R22.5 tires, 19" hopper clearance, crank openers, air dump, air ride, tandem axle, ladders, 65,000 lbs. GVW, S/N 1W1MCFYA26A242757 (White)

09Wilson2005Trailer01.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer02.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer03.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer04.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer05.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer06.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer07.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer08.jpg  09Wilson2005Trailer09.jpg  

* 2005 Lode King 8 1/2' x 40' Grain Trailer, 11R24.5 tires, air ride, scales, 22" hopper clearance, box height extension, air ride, tandem axle, db. crank openers, roll tarp, 33,000 kg. GVW, S/N 2LDHG40275F042137 (White)

10LodeKingTrailer01.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer02.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer03.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer04.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer05.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer06.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer07.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer08.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer09.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer10.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer11.jpg  10LodeKingTrailer12.jpg  

* Doepker Super B Highboy Trailers w/winches (1994 8 1/2' x 40' Lead Doepker Highboy Trailer, 11R24.5 tires, spring ride, 35,000 kg. GVW, triaxle, S/N 2D9HBFA36R1016159 (Yellow) w/1994 8 1/2' x 30' Pup Doepker Highboy Trailer, 11R24.5 tires, spring ride, 35,000 lbs. GVW, tandem axle, S/N 2D9HBFZ28R1016160 (Yellow) (Sells as a unit)

11DoepkerTrailer01.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer02.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer03.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer04.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer05.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer06.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer07.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer08.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer09.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer10.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer11.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer12.jpg  11DoepkerTrailer13.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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* 2012 Ford F150 XLT Crew Cab Truck, 18" tires, running boards, keypad entry, 4x4, auto, hidden ht., 5thWh. hitch, PW, PL, PM, 135,545 kms. showing, S/N 1FTFW1EF6CFA62144 (Green)

12FordTruck01.jpg  12FordTruck02.jpg  12FordTruck03.jpg  12FordTruck04.jpg  12FordTruck05.jpg  12FordTruck06.jpg  12FordTruck07.jpg  12FordTruck08.jpg  12FordTruck09.jpg  12FordTruck10.jpg  12FordTruck11.jpg  

* 2005 Chev Z71 1/2 Ton Ext. Cab Truck, 4x4, running boards, 5thWh. hook-up, hidden ht., leather seats, PW, PS, PM, 17" tires, auto, 109,473 miles, S/N 1GCEK19B05Z337183 (Blue)

13Chev2005Truck01.jpg  13Chev2005Truck02.jpg  13Chev2005Truck03.jpg  13Chev2005Truck04.jpg  13Chev2005Truck05.jpg  13Chev2005Truck06.jpg  13Chev2005Truck07.jpg  13Chev2005Truck08.jpg  13Chev2005Truck09.jpg  13Chev2005Truck10.jpg  13Chev2005Truck11.jpg  13Chev2005Truck12.jpg  13Chev2005Truck13.jpg  

* 1987 GMC 1/2 Ton Truck, 4x4, auto, grill guard, 15” tires, hidden ht., 321,696 kms. showing, 1GTEV14K3HF708650 (White)

14GMC1987Truck01.jpg  14GMC1987Truck02.jpg  14GMC1987Truck03.jpg  14GMC1987Truck04.jpg  14GMC1987Truck05.jpg  14GMC1987Truck06.jpg  14GMC1987Truck07.jpg  14GMC1987Truck08.jpg  14GMC1987Truck09.jpg  

* 1993 Lift Off 7' x 18' 5thWh. Stocktrailer, adj. divider gate, escape, 2-way gate on back, 16” tires, 8 bolt rims, wood floor, S/N 2LSS1G6G7NP000307 (Grey)

15LiftOff01.jpg  15LiftOff02.jpg  15LiftOff03.jpg  15LiftOff04.jpg  15LiftOff05.jpg  15LiftOff06.jpg  15LiftOff07.jpg  15LiftOff08.jpg  15LiftOff09.jpg  15LiftOff10.jpg  15LiftOff11.jpg  15LiftOff12.jpg  

* 1973 5' x 9' WW 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer, 15" tires, S/N 007460 (Black)

16BumperPull01.jpg  16BumperPull02.jpg  16BumperPull03.jpg  16BumperPull04.jpg  16BumperPull05.jpg  16BumperPull06.jpg  16BumperPull07.jpg  16BumperPull08.jpg  

* 1985 Prowler Regal 5thWh. Holiday Trailer, A/C, sleeps 6, storage compartments, 2 doors, awning, 15" tires, fridge, stove, microwave, bath, S/N 2EC5J2929S65F6529668 (White)

17HolidayTrailer01.jpg  17HolidayTrailer02.jpg  17HolidayTrailer03.jpg  17HolidayTrailer04.jpg  17HolidayTrailer05.jpg  17HolidayTrailer06.jpg  17HolidayTrailer07.jpg  17HolidayTrailer08.jpg  17HolidayTrailer09.jpg  17HolidayTrailer10.jpg  17HolidayTrailer11.jpg  

* 1977 15' Chrysler 328 V Haul Fibreglass Boat, 280 hp. Volvo Penta inboard motor, open bow, humming bird fish finder w/shore station trailer, S/N 3224106 (White)

18Boat01.jpg  18Boat02.jpg  18Boat03.jpg  18Boat04.jpg  18Boat05.jpg  18Boat06.jpg  18Boat07.jpg  18Boat08.jpg  18Boat09.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 50' Flexicoil System 95 Harrow Packer Drawbar w/coil packers, tine harrows, fully hyd., lrg. tires, S/N S95B0001026635

19Harrow01.jpg  19Harrow02.jpg  19Harrow03.jpg  19Harrow04.jpg  

* 35' Morris Cultivator, 3 plex, tine harrows

20Cult35ft01.jpg  20Cult35ft02.jpg  

* 25' Morris Cultivator, 3 plex, tine harrows

21SmCult01.jpg  21SmCult02.jpg  

* 2 - 20' Morris MH310 Hoe Drills, metal packers, factory transport, (S/N 4741, 4741, 4828, 4836)

22HoeDrills01.jpg  22HoeDrills02.jpg  22HoeDrills03.jpg  22HoeDrills10.jpg  22HoeDrills11.jpg  22HoeDrills12.jpg  

* 54' MF 360 Discers, Martin hitch, 17” discs, grey rims, big boxes

23Discers54ft01.jpg  23Discers54ft02.jpg  23Discers54ft03.jpg  23Discers54ft04.jpg  

* 36' MF 360 Discers, martin hitch, avadex boxes, grey rims, 17” discs, big boxes

24Discers01.jpg  24Discers02.jpg  24Discers03.jpg  

* 100' Flexicoil 62 Field Sprayer, markers, 1000 pto, hyd. pump, 800 gal. poly tank, db. nozzles

25Sprayer01.jpg  25Sprayer02.jpg  25Sprayer03.jpg  

* Crown Rotary Rockpicker, 3 bats, hyd. dr.

26Rockpicker01.jpg  26Rockpicker02.jpg  

* Haul-Al Fertilizer Tank w/drill fills, on metal skids

47HaulAl01.jpg  47HaulAl02.jpg  

Haying & Livestock

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* 1992 16' NH 116 Hydroswing Haybine, pushbar, rubber rollers, 1000 pto, S/N 559513

27Haybine01.jpg  27Haybine02.jpg  27Haybine03.jpg  27Haybine04.jpg  

* 1998 NH 664 Round Baler, bale command monitor, 540 pto, bale kicker, S/N 977899

31Baler01.jpg  31Baler02.jpg  31Baler03.jpg  31Baler04.jpg  31Baler05.jpg  31Baler06.jpg  31Baler07.jpg  31Baler08.jpg  

* Matador 7900 Swath Turner

28SwathTurner01.jpg  28SwathTurner02.jpg  28SwathTurner03.jpg  


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* 72' x 10" Sakundiak SLMD 10-72 pto Grain Auger, scissors lift, drop spout, power swing hopper w/db. augers, 540 pto, reverser, grey frame

29SakundiakSlMDAuger01.jpg  29SakundiakSlMDAuger02.jpg  29SakundiakSlMDAuger03.jpg  29SakundiakSlMDAuger04.jpg  29SakundiakSlMDAuger05.jpg  29SakundiakSlMDAuger06.jpg  29SakundiakSlMDAuger07.jpg  29SakundiakSlMDAuger08.jpg  

* 72' x 10" Sakundiak HD10-2200 pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper w/db. auger, 540 pto, reverser, grey frame

30SakundiakHD10Auger01.jpg  30SakundiakHD10Auger02.jpg  30SakundiakHD10Auger03.jpg  30SakundiakHD10Auger04.jpg  30SakundiakHD10Auger05.jpg  30SakundiakHD10Auger06.jpg  30SakundiakHD10Auger07.jpg  

Grain Bins

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* 3200 Bu. Westeel Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, on skids, ladder, slide opener

32Westeel3200Bin01.jpg  32Westeel3200Bin02.jpg  

* 3 - 2000 Bu. Westeel Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, on skids, aeration, slide openers, ladders

33Westeel2000BuBin01.jpg  33Westeel2000BuBin02.jpg  33Westeel2000BuBin03.jpg  33Westeel2000BuBin04.jpg  33Westeel2000BuBin05.jpg  33Westeel2000BuBin06.jpg  

* 2 - 3300 Bu. Westeel Flat Bottom Bins, metal floors


* 2 - 3300 Bu. Westeel Flat Bottom Bins, wood floors


* 5 hp. Grain Guard Squirrel Aeration Fan


* 5 hp. Pool Squirrel Aeration Fan


* Grain Guard Heater


Shop & Yard

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* Lincoln Ranger 305G Portable Generator & Welder, 110V & 220V, 160 hrs. showing

38LincolnWelder01.jpg  38LincolnWelder02.jpg  38LincolnWelder03.jpg  38LincolnWelder04.jpg  

* 6" Berkeley pto Irrigation Pump, primer, 540 pto


* 5' Rotary Mower, 540 pto

40RotaryMower01.jpg  40RotaryMower02.jpg  

* 4 Mr. Heater Shop Heaters, 175,000 BTU


* 3 Poly Turtle Water Tanks

42TurtleTanks01.jpg  42TurtleTanks02.jpg  42TurtleTanks03.jpg  

* 1250 gal. Upright Poly Water Tank

43PolyTank01.jpg  43PolyTank02.jpg  

* Hyd. Power Pack w/5.5 hp. motor


* 100 gal. Slip Tank w/12V pump


* Poly Truck Box Tool Box *Auger Hoppers *Discer Spouts *Bearings *Garden Hose *Lights *Tie Down Straps *Grain Monitor *Pickup Teeth *Flash Welding Helmet *Wrenches *Hand Tools *Socket Set *Acetylene Welder *Roller Chain *C-Foam *Gas Cans *Filters *Filter Wrenches *Various New Oil *Various Used Vehicle & Implement Tires *Tire Tubes *Cult. Shovels *Amber Lights *Baler Parts *Discer Parts *Logging Chains *Cement Tubes *Water Pump *Trough Heater *Various Chain *Tie Down Straps *Swather Guards *8' Yard Sprayer *Extreme Power Washer w/Honda Motor *Banjo Water Pump *9 hp. Honda Motor *Seed Treater *Hyd. Pumps *Hyd. Hose *Crescent Wrenches *Chop Saw *Funnels *Grease *Tarps *Diesel Fuel Additive *Air Hose *Kenworth Truck Seat *Road Flares *Mud Flaps *A/C Refrigerant 225 & Gauges *Hyd. Jacks *Tarps *Filters *New Yard Light *Ext. Cords *Trough Heaters *Battery Chargers *Combine Monitors *2 BBQ's *Propane Tanks *Elec. Fans *Grease Guns *Makita Chop Saw *Semco Air Nailer w/nails *1/2" Air Impact *Skill Saw *Hammers *Hard Hat *Shovels *Rakes *Brooms *Hose *Chain Boomers *Receiver Hitch *Booster Cables *Torque Wrench *Drill Press & Stand *Lrg. Grinder & Stand *Aklands Migpac AK135 Welder *Power Hacksaw *Homemade Air Compressor *Sm. Aeration Duct *300 gal. Fuel Tank

46Shop01.jpg  46Shop02.jpg  46Shop03.jpg  46Shop04.jpg  46Shop05.jpg  46Shop06.jpg  46Shop07.jpg  46Shop08.jpg  46Shop09.jpg  46Shop10.jpg  46Shop11.jpg  46Shop12.jpg  46Shop13.jpg  46Shop14.jpg  46Shop15.jpg  46Shop16.jpg  46Shop17.jpg  46Shop18.jpg  46Shop19.jpg  46Shop20.jpg  46Shop21.jpg  46Shop22.jpg  46Shop24.jpg  46Shop25.jpg  46Shop26.jpg  46Shop27.jpg  46Shop28.jpg  46Shop29.jpg  46Shop30.jpg  46Shop31.jpg  46Shop32.jpg  46Shop33.jpg  46Shop34.jpg  46Shop35.jpg  46Shop36.jpg  46Shop37.jpg  46Shop38.jpg  46Shop39.jpg  46Shop40.jpg  46Shop41.jpg  46Shop42.jpg  46Shop43.jpg  46Shop44.jpg  46Shop45.jpg  46Shop46.jpg  46Shop47.jpg  46Shop48.jpg  46Shop49.jpg  46Shop50.jpg  46Shop51.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: Prior Viewing by appointment only. Call (306) 741-7927 or (306) 629-7815. All machinery will be started and demonstrated one hour before machinery sale time. Items to be removed in 14 days after the auction.


Rod Bakus Estate Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Morse, SK.

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