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Antique & Collectable Car, Tractor & Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: E-Transfer or Wire Transfer

Letter of Guarantee to Register

For: Morris Anderson Estate

Kyle, Saskatchewan
(306) 491-7622

Monday, June 6, 2022

Starting at 11:00 am CST

4 miles South of Kyle on #4 Hwy., 9 miles West on Zion Lutheran Church Road (South Side) (GPS: N50.46.30; W108.14.37)

Prior viewing will be Friday June 3, 2022 from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 pm. & Saturday, June 4, 2022 from 9 am. to 4 pm. Phone Monica at (306) 491-7622 to book an appointment. There will be no attendance sale day or machinery pick-up. This auction will be “Online Bidding Only”. No items will be released until paid in full. You will need to have a paid invoice to pick up your purchases. There will be a tractor on site to load items from Friday, June 10, 2022 to Sunday, June 12, 2022. Items to be removed by June 20, 2022.

Click here to register in advance in order to bid at this auction. Bidding will open on May 30, 2022 and be a soft close on June 6, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. local time. There will be a 3.5% Buyer's Premium plus taxes added to your invoice.

Collectible Trucks

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1970 Dodge 200 Powerwagon Truck, S/N E24BE0S135447 (Tan) (No motor) (not running)

Lot01Pic01.jpg  Lot01Pic02.jpg  

1953 Ford F-600 Grain Truck, flat head 8 motor, S/N MCC83BHQ16718 (Blue) (not running)

Lot16Pic01.jpg  Lot16Pic02.jpg  

Ford 3-Ton Grain Truck, wood box (Red) (not running)

Lot24Pic01.jpg  Lot24Pic02.jpg  

1969 IH Loadstar 1700 Grain Truck, 8’ x 16’ box & hoist, S/N 416070C042163 (Red) (not running)

Lot13Pic01.jpg  Lot13Pic02.jpg  

1967 IH 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, tag axle, 8’ x 18’ steel box, S/N 456800C006650 (Yellow) (not running)

Lot02Pic01.jpg  Lot02Pic02.jpg  Lot02Pic03.jpg  

1975 IH 150 Truck, S/N E0130EHB25566 (Tan) (not running)

Lot06Pic01.jpg  Lot06Pic02.jpg  Lot06Pic03.jpg  

1972 IH 1110 Truck, S/N 133108H105508 (not running)

Lot32Pic01.jpg  Lot32Pic02.jpg  

1967 IH 1200 Truck, S/N 613250C011314 (Blue) (not running)

Lot04Pic01.jpg  Lot04Pic02.jpg  

1967 IH Truck, 6 cyl. motor, S/N 71310BC021714 (Red) (not running)

Lot12Pic01.jpg  Lot12Pic02.jpg  Lot12Pic03.jpg  

1966 IH 1100 Truck S/N CW6399748 (Red) (not running)

Lot07Pic01.jpg  Lot07Pic02.jpg  

1965 IH 1100 Truck, 6 cyl. motor, S/N CW40920A6 (Silver) (not running)

Lot03Pic01.jpg  Lot03Pic02.jpg  

1965 IH Truck, 6 cyl. motor, S/N CW5474946 (Red) (not running)

Lot11Pic01.jpg  Lot11Pic02.jpg  Lot11Pic03.jpg  

1952 IH L-110 Step Side Truck (Blue & White) (not running)

Lot31Pic01.jpg  Lot31Pic02.jpg  

1951 IH L10 Truck (Green) (not running)


IH 110 Truck, has motor, S/N CW11757A6 (Brown & White) (not running)

Lot19Pic01.jpg  Lot19Pic02.jpg  

IH 110 Truck, S/N CW8064A8 (Red) (not running)

Lot20Pic01.jpg  Lot20Pic02.jpg  Lot20Pic03.jpg  

1977 Ford F250 Custom Truck, has motor S/N F25HCZ07760 (Blue) (not running)

Lot10Pic01.jpg  Lot10Pic02.jpg  Lot10Pic03.jpg  

1950 Ford F68 1-Ton Truck, S/N DF3H5071715 (Black) (not running)

Lot14Pic01.jpg  Lot14Pic02.jpg  

1949 Ford M-58 Truck (not running)


1949 Mercury M-155 Truck, S/N SM81H4914295 (Red) (not running)

Lot15Pic01.jpg  Lot15Pic02.jpg  

1949 Mercury M47 Truck, no motor, S/N MD83115013983 (Red)

Lot27Pic01.jpg  Lot27Pic02.jpg  

Mercury M-47 Truck, no motor (Brown)

Lot41Pic01.jpg  Lot41Pic02.jpg  

Gravel Box


Collectible Cars & Vans

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1932 Pontiac 224 Car, suicide doors, split back window (Black) (not running)

Lot42Pic01.jpg  Lot42Pic02.jpg  Lot42Pic03.jpg  

1956 IH Travelall Van (not running) (Blue & White)


1974 Chev 20 Van, S/N CG42544101122 (Blue) (not running)

Lot08Pic01.jpg  Lot08Pic02.jpg  

Vandura Van, no motor, S/N GE205U156696 (Red)

Lot18Pic01.jpg  Lot18Pic02.jpg  

1977 Toyota Corolla 4 door car, S/N TE31243561 (Blue) (not running)

Lot05Pic01.jpg  Lot05Pic02.jpg  

1974 Buick Lasabre Lumus 4-Door Car (Brown) (not running)

Lot34Pic01.jpg  Lot34Pic02.jpg  

1971 Buick Lasabre 4-Door Car (Blue) (not running)

Lot35Pic01.jpg  Lot35Pic02.jpg  

1954 Buick Special 4-Door Car (Blue) (not running)

Lot33Pic01.jpg  Lot33Pic02.jpg  

1953 Buick Special 2-Door Car, V8, (Green) (not running)

Lot17Pic01.jpg  Lot17Pic02.jpg  Lot17Pic03.jpg  Lot17Pic04.jpg  

1953 Buick 4-Door Car, no motor (Blue)


1953 Buick Special 4-Door Car (Green) (not running)

Lot36Pic01.jpg  Lot36Pic02.jpg  

1953 Ford Mainline 4-Door Car, (not running) (Blue)

Lot37Pic01.jpg  Lot37Pic02.jpg  

1967 Chrysler Newport 4-Door Car, (Blue) (not running)


1960 Pontiac Laurentian 4-Door Car (Brown) (not running)


Volkswagon 2-Door Car, has motor, S/N 1773429140 (Yellow) (not running)

Lot23Pic01.jpg  Lot23Pic02.jpg  Lot23Pic03.jpg  Lot23Pic04.jpg  

1961 Pontiac Strato Chief 4-Door Car, S/N 1716918005 (Black) (not running)

Lot26Pic01.jpg  Lot26Pic02.jpg  

Chev Biscayne 4-Door Car, no motor, (Brown & White)

Lot30Pic01.jpg  Lot30Pic02.jpg  


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1973 24’ Linden 5th Wheel Flat Deck Trailer, sliding deck, tilts, tandem axle (Red) (No visible S/N)

Lot09Pic01.jpg  Lot09Pic02.jpg  Lot09Pic03.jpg  

IH Truck Box Trailer w/endgate (No visible S/N)

Lot153Pic01.jpg  Lot153Pic02.jpg  

Homebuilt Horse Trailer, single axle (No Visible S/N)

Lot156Pic01.jpg  Lot156Pic02.jpg  


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CCIL D13006-S Tractor, 2 hyd., pto, 20.8 x 38 back tires, 4 rib front tires, 130 eng. hp. (not running)

Lot68Pic01.jpg  Lot68Pic02.jpg  Lot68Pic03.jpg  

CCIL Volvo 800 Tractor, 2 hyd., 540 pto, 106 eng. hp. w/8’ Ford Front Mount Blade (Sells as a unit) (not running)

Lot71Pic01.jpg  Lot71Pic02.jpg  Lot71Pic03.jpg  Lot71Pic04.jpg  Lot71Pic05.jpg  

Antique Tractors

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Oliver 88 Tractor, belt pulley, 46 eng. hp., S/N 4-827534 (not running)

Lot61Pic01.jpg  Lot61Pic02.jpg  Lot61Pic03.jpg  Lot61Pic04.jpg  

Field Marshall Diesel Tractor, air cooled, belt pulley, S/N 12111 (not running)

Lot62Pic01.jpg  Lot62Pic02.jpg  Lot62Pic03.jpg  

Fordson Major Type 6 Tractor, 42 eng. hp., S/N 1141189 (not running)

Lot63Pic01.jpg  Lot63Pic02.jpg  Lot63Pic03.jpg  

1950 McCormick Deering WD9 Tractor, 46 eng. hp., S/N WDCB51674W12B (not running)

Lot64Pic01.jpg  Lot64Pic02.jpg  Lot64Pic03.jpg  Lot64Pic04.jpg  

1952 JD R Diesel Tractor, pup engine, 47 eng. hp. S/N 14900 (not running)

Lot65Pic01.jpg  Lot65Pic02.jpg  Lot65Pic03.jpg  Lot65Pic04.jpg  

IH Tractor for parts

Lot66Pic01.jpg  Lot66Pic02.jpg  

McCormick WD9 Diesel Tractor (not running)

Lot72Pic01.jpg  Lot72Pic02.jpg  Lot72Pic03.jpg  

Fordson Major Tractor (not running)

Lot75Pic01.jpg  Lot75Pic02.jpg  

Oliver Tractor w/FEL, (not running)

Lot76Pic01.jpg  Lot76Pic02.jpg  Lot76Pic03.jpg  

McCormick Deering WD9 Diesel Tractor (not running)

Lot77Pic01.jpg  Lot77Pic02.jpg  

Farm & Livestock Equipment

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JD 896 Side Delivery Rake

Lot152Pic01.jpg  Lot152Pic02.jpg  

Allied Bale Stooker

Lot154Pic01.jpg  Lot154Pic02.jpg  

Ezee On FEL w/5’ bucket

Lot155Pic01.jpg  Lot155Pic02.jpg  

MF 124 Square Baler

Lot157Pic01.jpg  Lot157Pic02.jpg  

MF 124 Square Baler

Lot158Pic01.jpg  Lot158Pic02.jpg  

MF Square Baler

Lot160Pic01.jpg  Lot160Pic02.jpg  

Straw Buncher

Lot159Pic01.jpg  Lot159Pic02.jpg  

14’ Cockshutt 247 Cultivator

Lot163Pic01.jpg  Lot163Pic02.jpg  

20’ CCIL Cultivator

Lot164Pic01.jpg  Lot164Pic02.jpg  

JD 2-Bottom Plow

Lot165Pic01.jpg  Lot165Pic02.jpg  

20’ JD Rodweeder


16’ IH Discer

Lot168Pic01.jpg  Lot168Pic02.jpg  

35’ x 6” Brandt Grain Auger w/Koehler motor (not running)


45’ Harrow Drawbar


Shop & Yard

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Antique Coca Cola Water Cooler

Lot161Pic01.jpg  Lot161Pic02.jpg  

500 Gal. Metal Water Tank on metal skids


Buzz Saw



Auctioneer's Note: For further info. call Monica at (306) 491-7622.


Anderson Collectable Car, Tractor & Farm Equipment Auction - Kyle. SK.

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