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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Lester & Linda Zeller

Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan
(306) 662-8142; (306) 662-3372

Monday, June 8, 2020

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:00 noon

7 miles East of Golden Prairie on #728 paved road to Junction of #21 Hwy., 1 mile North on #21 Hwy., East Side /Or From the Junction of #1 Hwy. & #21 Hwy. North of Maple Creek go 17 1/2 miles North on #21 Hwy., (East Side)
(GPS: N50.14.06; W109.27.50)



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* 1995 Case IH 7240 Magnum MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, New 20.8 x 42 back dual tires, New 16.9 x 28 front tires, 18 front wheel weights, 4 hyd., lrg. shaft 1000 pto, 18 sp. powershift, air ride seat, 216 eng. hp., 4070 hrs. showing, S/N JJA0054823

02Case7120Tractor01.jpg  02Case7120Tractor02.jpg  01Case7240Tractor01.jpg  01Case7240Tractor02.jpg  01Case7240Tractor03.jpg  01Case7240Tractor04.jpg  01Case7240Tractor05.jpg  01Case7240Tractor06.jpg  01Case7240Tractor07.jpg  01Case7240Tractor08.jpg  01Case7240Tractor09.jpg  01Case7240Tractor10.jpg  01Case7240Tractor11.jpg  01Case7240Tractor12.jpg  01Case7240Tractor13.jpg  01Case7240Tractor14.jpg  01Case7240Tractor15.jpg  01Case7240Tractor16.jpg  01Case7240Tractor17.jpg  

* 1991 Case IH 7120 Magnum MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 20.8 x 38 back tires, 18.4 x 26 front tires, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 18 sp. powershift, 166 eng. hp., 5836 hrs. showing, S/N JJA0038124 (Tractor has been repainted like new)

02Case7120Tractor03.jpg  02Case7120Tractor04.jpg  02Case7120Tractor18.jpg  02Case7120Tractor05.jpg  02Case7120Tractor06.jpg  02Case7120Tractor07.jpg  02Case7120Tractor08.jpg  02Case7120Tractor09.jpg  02Case7120Tractor10.jpg  02Case7120Tractor11.jpg  02Case7120Tractor12.jpg  02Case7120Tractor13.jpg  02Case7120Tractor14.jpg  02Case7120Tractor15.jpg  02Case7120Tractor16.jpg  02Case7120Tractor17.jpg  

* 1983 Case 2090 Diesel Tractor w/ Leon 707 FEL, 6' bucket, CAHR, 4 hyd., 20.8 x 38 back tires, 4 rib front tires, 540-1000 pto, side exhaust, rear wheel weights, 120 eng. hp., powershift, 9218 hrs. showing, S/N 09923115

03Case2090Tractor01.jpg  03Case2090Tractor02.jpg  03Case2090Tractor03.jpg  03Case2090Tractor04.jpg  03Case2090Tractor05.jpg  03Case2090Tractor06.jpg  03Case2090Tractor07.jpg  03Case2090Tractor08.jpg  03Case2090Tractor09.jpg  03Case2090Tractor10.jpg  03Case2090Tractor11.jpg  03Case2090Tractor12.jpg  03Case2090Tractor13.jpg  03Case2090Tractor14.jpg  03Case2090Tractor15.jpg  03Case2090Tractor16.jpg  03Case2090Tractor17.jpg  

* 1989 Case IH 685 Diesel Tractor, 16.9 x 30 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 1 hyd., 540 pto, 3 pt. hitch, 73 eng. hp., 8 sp. Hi-Low shift, roll bar, 2112 hrs. showing, S/N 027453

04Case685Tractor01.jpg  04Case685Tractor02.jpg  04Case685Tractor03.jpg  04Case685Tractor04.jpg  04Case685Tractor05.jpg  04Case685Tractor06.jpg  04Case685Tractor07.jpg  04Case685Tractor08.jpg  04Case685Tractor09.jpg  04Case685Tractor10.jpg  04Case685Tractor11.jpg  04Case685Tractor12.jpg  04Case685Tractor13.jpg  04Case685Tractor14.jpg  

* 2003 McCormick CX105 MFWA Diesel Tractor, Xtrashift 24 sp. power shift w/Buhler Allied 2595 FEL, 7' Quick Detach bucket, sep. joystick, has button for grapple fork, CAHR, 2 hyd., 3 pt. hitch, 540-1000 pto, 18.4R34 back tires, 13.6R25 front tires, front fenders, back wheel weights, db. entry cab,, left hand reverse, 102 eng. hp., 5793 hrs. showing S/N JJE2052011

05McCormickTractor01.jpg  05McCormickTractor02.jpg  05McCormickTractor03.jpg  05McCormickTractor04.jpg  05McCormickTractor05.jpg  05McCormickTractor06.jpg  05McCormickTractor07.jpg  05McCormickTractor08.jpg  05McCormickTractor09.jpg  05McCormickTractor10.jpg  05McCormickTractor11.jpg  05McCormickTractor12.jpg  05McCormickTractor13.jpg  05McCormickTractor14.jpg  05McCormickTractor15.jpg  05McCormickTractor16.jpg  05McCormickTractor17.jpg  05McCormickTractor18.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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* 1996 GMC TopKick 4-Ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 16' steel box, db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, PW, PL, 11R22.5 tires, gas fuel injected motor, step side fuel tanks, roof mount A/C, rear hyd. control for hoist, 5x2 trans., throttle lock control, 55,451 kms. showing, S/N 1GDL7H1P4TJ515161 (White)

06GMCTopkickTruck01.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck02.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck03.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck04.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck05.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck06.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck07.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck08.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck09.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck10.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck11.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck12.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck13.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck14.jpg  06GMCTopkickTruck15.jpg  

* 1983 GMC 7000 4-Ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 16' metal box, db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, rear hyd. for drill fill, 366 motor, throttle lock control, 1000 x 20 tires, 5x2 trans., 74,117 kms. S/N 1GDL7D1B8DV500489 (Grey)

07GMC1983Truck01.jpg  07GMC1983Truck02.jpg  07GMC1983Truck03.jpg  07GMC1983Truck04.jpg  07GMC1983Truck05.jpg  07GMC1983Truck06.jpg  07GMC1983Truck07.jpg  07GMC1983Truck08.jpg  07GMC1983Truck09.jpg  07GMC1983Truck10.jpg  07GMC1983Truck11.jpg  

* 1996 Chev 1500 Reg. Cab Truck, 4x4, hidden hitch, 16' tires, auto, A/C, 340,317 kms. showing, S/N 1GCEK14R9TZ205119 (Grey)

08Chev1996Truck01.jpg  08Chev1996Truck02.jpg  08Chev1996Truck03.jpg  08Chev1996Truck04.jpg  08Chev1996Truck05.jpg  08Chev1996Truck06.jpg  08Chev1996Truck07.jpg  

* 1997 Keifer Built 16' Bumper Pull Stock Trailer, 2-way gate on back, divider gate, escape gate, 16" tires, 8 bolt rims, spare tires, S/N 1DVMP1621VK032896 (Grey)

09KeiferTrailer01.jpg  09KeiferTrailer02.jpg  09KeiferTrailer03.jpg  09KeiferTrailer04.jpg  09KeiferTrailer05.jpg  

* 1986 16' Keen Bumper Pull Stock Trailer, 2-way gate on back, divider gate, escape gate, 16" tires, 6 bolt rims, spare tire, S/N 115AA38C7912KT597 (Blue)

10KeenTrailer01.jpg  10KeenTrailer02.jpg  10KeenTrailer03.jpg  10KeenTrailer04.jpg  10KeenTrailer05.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 28' Case IH 7200 Hoe Drills, factory trans., metal packers

11HoeDrills01.jpg  11HoeDrills02.jpg  11HoeDrills03.jpg  

* 30' MF 360 Discers, martin hitch, packer hitch, packers, grey rims

12Discers01.jpg  12Discers02.jpg  12Discers03.jpg  

* Wilmar 500 Fertilizer Spreader, 540 pto

13FertilizerSpreader01.jpg  13FertilizerSpreader02.jpg  13FertilizerSpreader03.jpg  13FertilizerSpreader04.jpg  13FertilizerSpreader05.jpg  13FertilizerSpreader06.jpg  

* 45' Case IH 5800 Cultivator, walking axles, 5 plex

14CaseCult01.jpg  14CaseCult02.jpg  14CaseCult03.jpg  14CaseCult04.jpg  

* 32' Friggstad Cultivator, 3 plex (Yellow)

15Friggstadcult01.jpg  15Friggstadcult02.jpg  

* 36' Morris B3 Rodweeder w/multiplex

16Rodweeder01.jpg  16Rodweeder02.jpg  

* 60' Flexicoil System 82 Harrow Drawbar, tine harrows

17Harrow01.jpg  17Harrow02.jpg  17Harrow03.jpg  

* 72' Flexicoil 50 Field Sprayer, new pto pump, 500 gal. poly tank

18Sprayerr01.jpg  18Sprayerr02.jpg  18Sprayerr03.jpg  18Sprayerr04.jpg  18Sprayerr05.jpg  18Sprayerr06.jpg  

* 18' Morris Seedrite 80-18 Hoe Drills, deadrod, coil packers

19SeedRite01.jpg  19SeedRite02.jpg  

* Degelman Rotary Rock Picker, 3 bats, 540 pto

20DegelmanRockpicer01.jpg  20DegelmanRockpicer02.jpg  

* Degelman Rotary Rock Picker, 540 pto

21OldDegelman01.jpg  21OldDegelman02.jpg  

* 50 Bu. Hopper For Treating Seed


* 20 Run Drill


* 36" Link Arrow Metal Grain Cleaner


* Hyd. Pencil Drill Fill


Haying & Livestock

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* 16' JD 1600A MoCo Hydroswing Haybine, skid plates, rubber rollers, 540 pto, new knives, S/N 992629

26Haybine01.jpg  26Haybine02.jpg  26Haybine03.jpg  26Haybine04.jpg  26Haybine05.jpg  26Haybine06.jpg  26Haybine07.jpg  26Haybine08.jpg  

* 1995 Case IH 8480 Soft Core Round Baler, floatation tires, 1000 pto, bale kicker, S/N CFH0114060

27RoundBaler01.jpg  27RoundBaler02.jpg  27RoundBaler03.jpg  27RoundBaler04.jpg  27RoundBaler05.jpg  27RoundBaler06.jpg  27RoundBaler07.jpg  

* NH 358 Mix Mill, bale feeder, 1000 pto, screens, S/N 633593

28MixMill01.jpg  28MixMill02.jpg  28MixMill03.jpg  28MixMill04.jpg  

* MF 228 Square Baler, 540 pto, bale turner, S/N F000537

29MF228Baler01.jpg  29MF228Baler02.jpg  29MF228Baler03.jpg  29MF228Baler04.jpg  

* MF 124 Square Baler, 540 pto, bale turner, S/N 163123

30MF124Baler01.jpg  30MF124Baler02.jpg  30MF124Baler03.jpg  30MF124Baler04.jpg  

* NH 1037 pto Stackliner, hauls 104 bales, kickout feet, auto tie, 540 pto

31Stackliner01.jpg  31Stackliner02.jpg  31Stackliner03.jpg  31Stackliner04.jpg  31Stackliner05.jpg  

* 10' x 28' Friggstad Bale Wagon, tilt deck, hyd. winch, tandem axle, dual wheels, metal floor

32FriggstadWagon01.jpg  32FriggstadWagon02.jpg  32FriggstadWagon03.jpg  32FriggstadWagon04.jpg  32FriggstadWagon05.jpg  32FriggstadWagon06.jpg  

* Trailer Type Hyd. Post Pounder

33PostPounder01.jpg  33PostPounder02.jpg  

* 3 Pt. Hitch Side Delivery Rake, new teeth, new back tires, pto dr.

34Rake01.jpg  34Rake02.jpg  

* Calf Catcher

35CalfCatcher01.jpg  35CalfCatcher02.jpg  

* Rubber Tired Wagon Running Gear


* Rubber Tired Wagon Running Gear w/wooden trough


* Tipping Table


* 3 Prong Bale Spear


Grain Bins

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* 2000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bin, wood floor, metal grain skirt, ladder



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* 1994 JD 9500 SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, conventional combine, swing out hopper, 30.5L-32 front tires, 14.9 x 24 back tires, straw chopper, buddy seat, 2427 sep. hrs. showing, 3010 eng. hrs. showing, S/N 655481 w/JD 914 pickup table w/14' JD pickup

41Combine01.jpg  41Combine02.jpg  41Combine03.jpg  41Combine04.jpg  41Combine05.jpg  41Combine06.jpg  41Combine07.jpg  41Combine08.jpg  41Combine09.jpg  41Combine10.jpg  41Combine11.jpg  41Combine12.jpg  41Combine13.jpg  41Combine14.jpg  41Combine15.jpg  41Combine16.jpg  

* 70' x 10" Brandt pto Hydro Swing Grain Auger, reverser, 540 pto, hyd. swing out hopper w/db. auger

42Brandt70ftAuger01.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger02.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger03.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger04.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger05.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger06.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger07.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger08.jpg  42Brandt70ftAuger09.jpg  

* 52' x 8" Brandt Super Charged Grain pto Grain Auger, 540 pto

43Brandt52ftAuger01.jpg  43Brandt52ftAuger02.jpg  43Brandt52ftAuger03.jpg  43Brandt52ftAuger04.jpg  43Brandt52ftAuger05.jpg  43Brandt52ftAuger06.jpg  

* 46' x 8" Meridian HD8-46 Grain Auger w/auger transport, 26.5 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, elec. winch, super edge flighting, 2 shutoff switches

44MeridianAuger01.jpg  44MeridianAuger02.jpg  44MeridianAuger03.jpg  44MeridianAuger04.jpg  44MeridianAuger05.jpg  44MeridianAuger06.jpg  44MeridianAuger07.jpg  44MeridianAuger08.jpg  44MeridianAuger09.jpg  

* 37' x 7" Sakundiak HD7-1200 Grain Auger, 20 hp. Koehler elec. start motor

45SakundiakAuger01.jpg  45SakundiakAuger02.jpg  45SakundiakAuger03.jpg  

* 30' Case IH 730 pto Swather, metal bats, hyd. transport, rubber canvas, 1000 pto, S/N 3756

46Case30Swather01.jpg  46Case30Swather02.jpg  46Case30Swather03.jpg  46Case30Swather04.jpg  

* 30' JD 590 pto Swather, metal bats, rubber canvas, 1000 pto, hyd. transport

47JDSwather01.jpg  47JDSwather02.jpg  47JDSwather03.jpg  47JDSwather04.jpg  

* 25' MF pto Swather, metal bats, rubber canvas, 540 pto, stabilizer hitch

48MF25ftSwather01.jpg  48MF25ftSwather02.jpg  48MF25ftSwather03.jpg  

* 1975 20' Versatile 400 SP Swather, metal bats, cab, cooler, db. swath, single tire on back, Ford ind. motor, hydrostatic, 11.2 x 24 front tires, S/N 4003011540

49SPSwather01.jpg  49SPSwather02.jpg  49SPSwather03.jpg  49SPSwather04.jpg  49SPSwather05.jpg  49SPSwather06.jpg  49SPSwather07.jpg  

* SP Swather Transport



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* 2005 Suzuki 250 Quad Runner ATV, 2 wheel dr., front & back racks, elec. start, reverse, S/N 762103672

51SuzukiATV01.jpg  51SuzukiATV02.jpg  51SuzukiATV03.jpg  51SuzukiATV04.jpg  51SuzukiATV05.jpg  51SuzukiATV06.jpg  

* 1997 Honda Fourtrax ATV, 2 wheel dr., front & back racks, elec. start, reverse, S/N 478TE2127VA000050

52HondaATV01.jpg  52HondaATV02.jpg  52HondaATV03.jpg  52HondaATV04.jpg  52HondaATV05.jpg  52HondaATV06.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* JD LA145 Ride-on Lawn Mower, 48" belly mower w/grass bagger on back, hydrostatic, 22 hp. motor, turf tires, 187 hrs. showing, S/N GXA145A304553

53JDMower01.jpg  53JDMower02.jpg  53JDMower03.jpg  53JDMower04.jpg  53JDMower05.jpg  53JDMower06.jpg  53JDMower07.jpg  53JDMower08.jpg  

* MF Dump Yard Wagon

54Wagon01.jpg  54Wagon02.jpg  54Wagon03.jpg  

* 4' 3 Pt. Hitch Roto Tiller


* 6' 3 Pt. Hitch Blade


* 9’ Frount Mount Dozer Blade


* 1600 gal. Upright Poly Water Tank


* 100 gal. Slip Tank w/12V pump

59SlipTank01.jpg  59SlipTank02.jpg  

* Floatation Pump w/hose


* Seed Treater


* Wagon Axle


* 16 hp. Koehler Motor


* Yard Machine Garden Tiller

64GardenTiller01.jpg  64GardenTiller02.jpg  

* 4' Chem Roller


* 6200 Watt Champion Generator, 110V & 220V


* 3 Auger Hoppers


* Banjo Water Pump


* Yardman 21" Push Lawnmower


* Single Bottom Plow


* Dump Rake


* Coal Wood Stove


* Telephone Poles * Railroad Ties * 250 gal. Galvanized Water Tank * 300 gal. Fuel Tank* 2-1000 gal. Upright Water Tanks * Wheatheart Bin Sweep. Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention…


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time. For more info call Lester at (306) 662-8142.


Zeller Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Golden Prairie, SK.

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