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Large Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Withage Farms Ltd.
(Don & Kathy Withage)

Eston, Saskatchewan
(403) 382-5051

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Bins sell at 12 noon
Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm

On the West side of Eston at the Emerge Ag Solutions Fertilizer Plant, 1 1/2 miles North on gravel road. (East Side)
(GPS: N51.25.18.64; W107.29.31.64)


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* 1995 JD 8770 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 4 hyd., return line, 520/85R38 duals, rear wheel weights, quad range, Starfire ITC GPS, 300 eng. hp., 5446 hrs. showing, S/N 003557

01JD8770Tractor01.jpg  01JD8770Tractor02.jpg  01JD8770Tractor03.jpg  01JD8770Tractor04.jpg  01JD8770Tractor05.jpg  01JD8770Tractor06.jpg  01JD8770Tractor07.jpg  01JD8770Tractor08.jpg  01JD8770Tractor09.jpg  01JD8770Tractor10.jpg  01JD8770Tractor11.jpg  01JD8770Tractor12.jpg  01JD8770Tractor13.jpg  01JD8770Tractor14.jpg  01JD8770Tractor15.jpg  01JD8770Tractor16.jpg  01JD8770Tractor17.jpg  01JD8770Tractor18.jpg  

* 1981 JD 4440 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, quad range, 18.4 x 38 factory duals, 4 rib front tires, 540-1000 pto, 2 hyd., Outback S GPS, 8850 hrs., 144 eng. hrs. S/N 055411RW w/JD 260 FEL, 7' bucket

02JD4440Tractor01.jpg  02JD4440Tractor02.jpg  02JD4440Tractor03.jpg  02JD4440Tractor04.jpg  02JD4440Tractor05.jpg  02JD4440Tractor06.jpg  02JD4440Tractor07.jpg  02JD4440Tractor08.jpg  02JD4440Tractor09.jpg  02JD4440Tractor10.jpg  02JD4440Tractor11.jpg  02JD4440Tractor12.jpg  02JD4440Tractor13.jpg  02JD4440Tractor14.jpg  02JD4440Tractor15.jpg  02JD4440Tractor16.jpg  02JD4440Tractor17.jpg  02JD4440Tractor18.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 2009 IH Pro Star Ltd. Highway Tractor, day cab, 11R22.5 tires, air ride, 13 sp., Cummins ISX485 diesel motor, 1,344,160 kms. showing, S/N 2HSCWAPR19C122546 (White)

03Semi01.jpg  03Semi02.jpg  03Semi03.jpg  03Semi04.jpg  03Semi05.jpg  03Semi06.jpg  03Semi07.jpg  03Semi08.jpg  03Semi09.jpg  03Semi10.jpg  03Semi11.jpg  03Semi12.jpg  03Semi13.jpg  03Semi14.jpg  03Semi15.jpg  

* 2004 Wilson 42' Aluminium Grain Trailer, 11R22.5 Tires, 2 compartments, 18" high hoppers, elec. roll tarp, air ride, 2 axles, ladders front & back, S/N 1W1MCFYA24A237894 (White)

04GrainTrailer01.jpg  04GrainTrailer02.jpg  04GrainTrailer03.jpg  04GrainTrailer04.jpg  04GrainTrailer05.jpg  04GrainTrailer06.jpg  04GrainTrailer07.jpg  04GrainTrailer08.jpg  04GrainTrailer09.jpg  

* 2 - Michel's Hopper Augers



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* Mack R600 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 19' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, elec. roll tarp, 5x4 trans., diesel motor, step saddle tanks, New 11R22.5 Tires & Rims, full tandem, 584,631 kms. showing, S/N R685ST46170 (White)

06MackTruck01.jpg  06MackTruck02.jpg  06MackTruck03.jpg  06MackTruck04.jpg  06MackTruck10.jpg  06MackTruck11.jpg  06MackTruck12.jpg  06MackTruck13.jpg  

* IH Loadstar 1700 4-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, 404 V8, 5x2 trans., 1000 x 20 tires, roll tarp, 55,927 miles showing, S/N 10672ECA11173 (White)

07IH4TonTruck01.jpg  07IH4TonTruck02.jpg  07IH4TonTruck03.jpg  07IH4TonTruck04.jpg  07IH4TonTruck05.jpg  07IH4TonTruck06.jpg  07IH4TonTruck07.jpg  07IH4TonTruck08.jpg  07IH4TonTruck09.jpg  07IH4TonTruck10.jpg  07IH4TonTruck11.jpg  

* IH 1600 3-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 15' steel box & db. hoist, wood floor, metal stock racks, 825 x 20 front tires, 900 x 20 back tires, 4 x 2 trans., S/N 416060C040621 (Green)

08IH3TonTruck01.jpg  08IH3TonTruck02.jpg  08IH3TonTruck03.jpg  08IH3TonTruck04.jpg  08IH3TonTruck05.jpg  08IH3TonTruck06.jpg  08IH3TonTruck07.jpg  

* 1984 Ford F-250 3/4 Ton Truck, Diesel motor, 4x4, turn in hubs, 4 sp. w/100 gal. slip tank w/12V pump, 156,060 kms., S/N 2FTHF261FCB57370 (Blue)

09FordTruck01.jpg  09FordTruck02.jpg  09FordTruck03.jpg  09FordTruck04.jpg  09FordTruck05.jpg  09FordTruck06.jpg  09FordTruck07.jpg  09FordTruck08.jpg  09FordTruck09.jpg  09FordTruck10.jpg  09FordTruck11.jpg  

High Clearance Sprayer

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* 2008 100' Apache AS1210 SP High Clearance Sprayer, CAHR, 380/80R38 front tires, 380/90R46 dual tires on back, crop dividers for front & back tires, poly tank, Raven GPS w/auto steer, auto height, auto rate, 3 body nozzles, ground level quick fill, 1000 gal. poly tank, hydrostatic, diesel motor, air ride seat, 1326 hrs. showing, S/N 9094299

10ApacheSprayer01.jpg  10ApacheSprayer02.jpg  10ApacheSprayer03.jpg  10ApacheSprayer04.jpg  10ApacheSprayer05.jpg  10ApacheSprayer06.jpg  10ApacheSprayer07.jpg  10ApacheSprayer08.jpg  10ApacheSprayer09.jpg  10ApacheSprayer10.jpg  10ApacheSprayer11.jpg  10ApacheSprayer12.jpg  10ApacheSprayer13.jpg  10ApacheSprayer14.jpg  10ApacheSprayer15.jpg  10ApacheSprayer16.jpg  10ApacheSprayer17.jpg  10ApacheSprayer18.jpg  10ApacheSprayer19.jpg  10ApacheSprayer20.jpg  10ApacheSprayer21.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 40' JD 1830 Air Drill, single chute, blockage monitors, depth control wheels on front, 3 plex, 10" spacings, 3" rubber packers, dutch narrow openers w/carbide tips, S/N A01830X730305 w/JD 1910 Tow Behind Tank, 3 comp., swing out conveyor auger, hyd. fan, 710/70R38 back tires, 21.5L16.1SL front tires, S/N A01910H730781

11AirDrill01.jpg  11AirDrill02.jpg  11AirDrill03.jpg  11AirDrill04.jpg  11AirDrill05.jpg  11AirDrill06.jpg  11AirDrill07.jpg  11AirDrill09.jpg  11AirDrill10.jpg  11AirDrill11.jpg  11AirDrill12.jpg  11AirDrill13.jpg  11AirDrill14.jpg  11AirDrill15.jpg  11AirDrill16.jpg  11AirDrill17.jpg  11AirDrill18.jpg  11AirDrill19.jpg  11AirDrill20.jpg  11AirDrill21.jpg  11AirDrill22.jpg  11AirDrill23.jpg  

* 120' Flexicoil 65XLT Field Sprayer, hyd pump, sep. chem tank, db. poly tank


* 80' Flexicoil Field Sprayer, poly tank, wind screens

* Mobility Tote 5-Ton Fert. Spreader on own trailer, 540 pto


* 50' Truck Mount Field Sprayer, poly tank


Grain Bins (Noon)

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* 7 - 3500 Bu. Butler Flat Bottom Bins, wood floors (Bins #1, #2, #5, #6, #7, #10, #11)

16Bins1to10Pic01.jpg  16Bins1to10Pic02.jpg  

* 2 - 3300 Bu. Butler Flat Bottom Bins, wood floors (Bins #3 & #4)


* 1000 Butler Hopper Bottom Grain Bin (Bin #8)


* 3 -5000 Bu. Twister Flat Bottom Grain Bins, wood floors, ladders (Bin #9, #13, #14)

19Bin9and13Pic01.jpg  19Bin9and13Pic02.jpg  

* 4000 Bu. Butler Flat Bottom Grain Bin, wood floor (Bin #10)


* 4000 Bu. Flat Bottom Grain Bin, wood floor (Bin #11)


* 1300 Bu. Butler Flat Bottom Grain Bin, wood floor (Bin #12)


* 3300 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Grain Bin, wood floor (Bin #15)


* 2 - 6000 Bu. Darmani Flat Bottom Grain Bins, metal floors, ladders, lrg. openers, (Bins #22 & #23)


* 5 - 5000 Bu. Darmani Flat Bottom Grain Bins, metal floors, ladders, lrg. openers, (Bins #24 - #28)

25Bins24t028Pic01.jpg  25Bins24t028Pic02.jpg  

* 1500 Bushel Hopper Bottom Bin


Please Note: Bins to be Removed By July 1, 2020


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* 2011 JD 9770 STS SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, bullet rotor, 800/70R38 front tires, 480/70R30 back tires, lrg. swing out hopper, hopper ext. w/cover, straw chopper, light package, buddy seat, 1663 sep hrs., 2407 eng. hrs. S/N 0742239 single point hook-up w/14' JD 615P Pickup Table w/JD pickup

26Combine01.jpg  26Combine02.jpg  26Combine03.jpg  26Combine04.jpg  26Combine05.jpg  26Combine06.jpg  26Combine07.jpg  26Combine08.jpg  26Combine09.jpg  26Combine10.jpg  26Combine11.jpg  26Combine12.jpg  26Combine13.jpg  26Combine14.jpg  26Combine15.jpg  26Combine16.jpg  26Combine17.jpg  26Combine18.jpg  26Combine19.jpg  26Combine20.jpg  

* 35' JD 635F Flex Header, fore & aft, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, AWS-2000 air reel, S/N JF0775161 w/Bergen 3600-HT Transport Trailer

27JDHeader01.jpg  27JDHeader02.jpg  27JDHeader03.jpg  27JDHeader04.jpg  27JDHeader05.jpg  27JDHeader06.jpg  27JDHeader07.jpg  

* 36' Honey Bee Draper Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, crop lifters, JD adapter, S/N 436021985

28HoneyBeeHeader01.jpg  28HoneyBeeHeader02.jpg  28HoneyBeeHeader03.jpg  28HoneyBeeHeader04.jpg  

* 2008 Westward M150 SP Diesel Swather, dual direction, CAHR, db entry cab, air ride seat, 16.5L16.1 dual tires on back, 600/65R28 front tires, hydrostatic, header height control, 1110 cutting hrs., 1392 eng. hrs. showing, S/N 181165 w/30' MacDon D60-S Draper Header, fore & aft, pickup reel w/plastic fingers

29Swather01.jpg  29Swather02.jpg  29Swather03.jpg  29Swather04.jpg  29Swather05.jpg  29Swather06.jpg  29Swather07.jpg  29Swather08.jpg  29Swather09.jpg  29Swather10.jpg  29Swather11.jpg  29Swather12.jpg  29Swather13.jpg  29Swather14.jpg  29Swather15.jpg  29Swather16.jpg  29Swather17.jpg  29Swather18.jpg  29Swather19.jpg  29Swather20.jpg  

* Rem 2700 Grain Vac, 1000 pto, on own trailer, only 7.2 hrs., S/N 2300 (Like New)

30GrainVac01.jpg  30GrainVac02.jpg  30GrainVac03.jpg  30GrainVac04.jpg  30GrainVac05.jpg  30GrainVac06.jpg  30GrainVac07.jpg  30GrainVac08.jpg  

* 70' x 13' Brandt 1370-HP pto Grain Auger, 1000 pto, power swing out hopper w/db. augers, hyd. lift

31Brandt70ftAuger01.jpg  31Brandt70ftAuger02.jpg  31Brandt70ftAuger03.jpg  31Brandt70ftAuger04.jpg  31Brandt70ftAuger05.jpg  31Brandt70ftAuger06.jpg  31Brandt70ftAuger07.jpg  

* 62' x 8" Brandt Super Charged Grain Auger w/auger mover, 35 hp. Koehler elec. start motor

32Brandt62ftAuger01.jpg  32Brandt62ftAuger02.jpg  32Brandt62ftAuger03.jpg  32Brandt62ftAuger04.jpg  32Brandt62ftAuger05.jpg  32Brandt62ftAuger06.jpg  

* 52' x 8” Brandt Super Charged Grain Auger w/auger mover, 38 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, hyd. winch lift

33Brandt52ftAuger01.jpg  33Brandt52ftAuger02.jpg  33Brandt52ftAuger03.jpg  33Brandt52ftAuger04.jpg  33Brandt52ftAuger05.jpg  33Brandt52ftAuger06.jpg  

* 35' x 7" Sakundiak Grain Auger, gas motor

34Sakundiak35ftAuger01.jpg  34Sakundiak35ftAuger02.jpg  

* 41' x 7" Sakundiak Grain Auger w/auger mover, hyd winch lift, 25 hp. Koehler elec. start motor

35Sakundiak41ftAuger01.jpg  35Sakundiak41ftAuger02.jpg  35Sakundiak41ftAuger03.jpg  

* Johnson Transfer auger, elec. motor w/seed treater

36Transferauger01.jpg  36Transferauger02.jpg  

* 10' Canola Swath Roller w/tapered center


* Flax Straw Buncher or Hay Sweep


Antique Tractors & Equip

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* 1959 JD 830 Diesel Tractor, 2 hyd., 540 pto, pup engine, 18.4 x 34 tires, 84 eng. hp., belt pulley 2978 hrs. showing, S/N 8303173

39JD830Tractor01.jpg  39JD830Tractor02.jpg  39JD830Tractor03.jpg  39JD830Tractor04.jpg  39JD830Tractor05.jpg  

* JD R Diesel Tractor, pup engine, 540 pto, 1 hyd., 47 eng. hp.

40JDRTractor01.jpg  40JDRTractor02.jpg  40JDRTractor03.jpg  

* 12' Discer


* 8' Case 1-Way


Shop & Yard

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* 48' JD 1900 Discers * 30' JD 1900 Discers

13JDDiscers01.jpg  13JDDiscers02.jpg  

* Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

43GolfCart01.jpg  43GolfCart02.jpg  

* JD 125 Ride-On Lawn Mower, belly mower

44JDRideOn01.jpg  44JDRideOn02.jpg  

* MF 2720H Ride-On Lawn Mower, rear rotor tiller

45MFRideOn01.jpg  45MFRideOn02.jpg  

* 6' Yard Sprayer w/wand


* Slide in Truck Racks


* Slide in Fert. Tank


* IH 4000 SP Swather for parts

49Swather01.jpg  49Swather02.jpg  

* 1200 gal. Kyle Metal Water Tank


* IH Loadstar 1800 5-Ton Tandem Truck, for parts


* New Rubber Canvass for headers


* Hyd. Press w/dies, elec. over hyd.

53Press01.jpg  53Press02.jpg  

* Busy Bee Band Saw


* 6" Belt Sander


* Table Saw


* 10" Radial Arm Saw


* Makita Miter Saw


* King Sliding Mitre Saw


* Special Built Metal Cutting Table


* Metal Chop Saw on Stand


* Acklands 1200 Mig Welder


* Thermal Ark Pak 3 Cutting System


* Dominion Platform Scale w/weights


* Belt Driven Drill & Press


* ISL Metal Lathe, power bed, 48" V-Bed

67Lather01.jpg  67Lather02.jpg  67Lather03.jpg  

* Antique Victor Mangle


* Sm. Wood Heater


* Butter Churn


* Canadian Forge w/blower, tools


* Adjarbine & Co. Trip Hammer

72TripHammer01.jpg  72TripHammer02.jpg  

* Various Scrap Iron* Side Delivery Rake * Fuel Pump w/gauge * Wheatheart Bin Sweep * Shovels * Metal Saw * Leg Vice * Anvil * Sm. Anvil * Acetylene Cart * Shop Lights * Power Washer * Shop Crane w/3-Ton Chain Hoist * Saw Horses * Makita Angle Grinders * Elec. Drills * Hammers * C-Clamps * Elec. Impact * Cordless Drills * Elec. Sanders * Skill Saws. Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

73Shop02.jpg  73Shop03.jpg  73Shop04.jpg  73Shop05.jpg  73Shop06.jpg  73Shop07.jpg  73Shop08.jpg  73Shop09.jpg  73Shop10.jpg  73Shop11.jpg  73Shop12.jpg  73Shop13.jpg  73Shop14.jpg  73Shop15.jpg  73Shop16.jpg  73Shop17.jpg  73Shop18.jpg  73Shop19.jpg  73Shop20.jpg  73Shop21.jpg  73Shop22.jpg  73Shop23.jpg  73Shop24.jpg  73Shop25.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time. For Further Info Call Don at (403) 382-5051.


Withage Farm Equipment Auction - Eston, SK.

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