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Large Acreage, Metal & Woodworking
Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Frank Rempel

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
(306) 741-7550

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Selling w/ 2 Rings
Machinery sells at 2:00 pm

From the South end of Swift Current (4th SE. & Marston Street), 1 mile South on Valley View Gravel Road (East Side)
(GPS: N50.14.57; W107.47.51)

Skid Steer & Attachments

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* 2014 Kubota SVL 90-2 Skid Steer, 90 hp., 18" tracks, high capacity 36 GPM pump, 80" bucket, air ride seat, 786 hrs. showing S/N 10937

01SkidSteer01.jpg  01SkidSteer02.jpg  01SkidSteer03.jpg  01SkidSteer04.jpg  01SkidSteer05.jpg  01SkidSteer06.jpg  01SkidSteer07.jpg  01SkidSteer08.jpg  01SkidSteer09.jpg  01SkidSteer10.jpg  01SkidSteer11.jpg  01SkidSteer12.jpg  01SkidSteer13.jpg  01SkidSteer14.jpg  

* 48" Pallet Fork


* 12' Extendible Boom for Skid Steer


* Erskine Hyd. Quick Detach Post Hole Auger w/9", 12", 16" bits

04Auger01.jpg  04Auger02.jpg  04Auger03.jpg  

* Attachable Rock Rake


* Single Disc Seeder

07SingleDisc01.jpg  07SingleDisc02.jpg  

* 6' Blade

08Blade01.jpg  08Blade02.jpg  

* 2 - New 20.0/90/16 Kubota Skid Steer Tires and rims



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* 1995 6 1/2' x 16" Triton Elite Aluminium Bumper Pull Flatdeck Trailer, 5 bolt rims, tandem axle, 13" tires, serge brake, loading ramps, turf axles, S/N 4TCSU2169SA005323 (Silver)

10TridonTrailer01.jpg  10TridonTrailer02.jpg  10TridonTrailer03.jpg  10TridonTrailer04.jpg  10TridonTrailer05.jpg  10TridonTrailer06.jpg  10TridonTrailer07.jpg  10TridonTrailer08.jpg  

* 7' x 16' Rubber Tired Wagon on heavy duty frame, canvass

11Wagon01.jpg  11Wagon02.jpg  11Wagon03.jpg  


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* 2014 Kubota RTV X1100C Side by Side ATV, 4x4, power steering, cab, A/C, heat, super suspension, grill guard, Diesel motor, tilt box, hidden hitch, 486 hrs. showing, S/N 13361

12ATV01.jpg  12ATV02.jpg  12ATV03.jpg  12ATV04.jpg  12ATV05.jpg  12ATV06.jpg  12ATV07.jpg  12ATV08.jpg  12ATV09.jpg  12ATV10.jpg  12ATV11.jpg  12ATV12.jpg  12ATV13.jpg  12ATV14.jpg  

Zero Turn Mower

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* JD Z950M Zero Turn Lawn Mower, roll bar, 7-Iron Pro 72" mower, 27 hp. motor, 142 hrs. showing

13Mower01.jpg  13Mower02.jpg  13Mower03.jpg  13Mower04.jpg  13Mower05.jpg  13Mower06.jpg  13Mower07.jpg  13Mower08.jpg  13Mower09.jpg  13Mower10.jpg  13Mower11.jpg  13Mower12.jpg  13Mower13.jpg  13Mower14.jpg  

Prototype Tractor & Accessories

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* Pre-Production Tractor, 38 hp. gas motor, hydrostatic, heater, A/C hook-ups & components, wheel weights, 2 person cab, 4 point hyd. lift, 2 remotes, 12-16.5 front tires, aluminium framed cab w/roll-over protection

14Tractor01.jpg  14Tractor02.jpg  14Tractor03.jpg  14Tractor04.jpg  14Tractor05.jpg  14Tractor06.jpg  14Tractor07.jpg  14Tractor08.jpg  14Tractor09.jpg  14Tractor10.jpg  14Tractor11.jpg  14Tractor12.jpg  14Tractor13.jpg  14Tractor14.jpg  14Tractor15.jpg  14Tractor16.jpg  

* 5' Cultivator w/depth control wheels


* 3 1/2' Side Mount Rototiller, hyd. dr.

16Tiller01.jpg  16Tiller02.jpg  

* Hyd. Side Mount Plot Harvester, hyd. dr.

17PlotHarvestor01.jpg  17PlotHarvestor02.jpg  

* Belly Weight


* Potato Digger


Antique Tractor

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* 1937 Case L Tractor on steel, belt pulley, 50 hp., S/N 330380

20CaseTractor01.jpg  20CaseTractor02.jpg  20CaseTractor03.jpg  20CaseTractor04.jpg  20CaseTractor05.jpg  20CaseTractor06.jpg  

3 Pt. Hitch Equipment

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* JD Quick Detach System


* Land Pride Quick Detach System


* 4' Field King Rototiller, 540 pto

23Tiller01.jpg  23Tiller02.jpg  

* 4' Land Pride Disc, notch blades front & back

24Disc01.jpg  24Disc02.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 14' Case IH 7200 Hoe Drill, metal packers, transport wheel

25HoeDrill01.jpg  25HoeDrill02.jpg  

* 24' Harrow, 39" tines

26Harrow01.jpg  26Harrow02.jpg  26Harrow03.jpg  

* 8' Prototype Drum Type Soil Conditioner w/hyd drum

27SoilConditioner01.jpg  27SoilConditioner02.jpg  27SoilConditioner03.jpg  


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* 2" Komet Twin 101 Plus Rem Irrigation Canons on own trailers

28Komet101Canon01.jpg  28Komet101Canon02.jpg  28Komet101Canon03.jpg  

* 2" Komet Twin 140 Plus Rem Irrigation Canons on own trailers

29Komet140Canon01.jpg  29Komet140Canon02.jpg  29Komet140Canon03.jpg  

* 3 - Irrigation Sprinklers on own stand


* 2" New Water Hose


* 7" Water Hose


* 2" Honda Water Pump


* Various Irrigation Fittings, 5" gate valve, 2" gate valve, end caps, sprinklers, elbows, etc.

34Irrigation01.jpg  34Irrigation02.jpg  34Irrigation03.jpg  34Irrigation04.jpg  34Irrigation05.jpg  34Irrigation06.jpg  34Irrigation07.jpg  

Milling Machine & Accessories

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* Modern Computerized Milling Machine w/vice, head can be turned vertically or horizontal, 220 volt (1 Year Old)

35MillingMachine01.jpg  35MillingMachine02.jpg  35MillingMachine03.jpg  35MillingMachine04.jpg  35MillingMachine05.jpg  35MillingMachine06.jpg  35MillingMachine07.jpg  35MillingMachine08.jpg  35MillingMachine09.jpg  

* Holdons * Collets * Various Key Way Cutters

36MillingAccessories01.jpg  36MillingAccessories02.jpg  36MillingAccessories03.jpg  36MillingAccessories04.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 50 Ton Metal Master Press System, brake, punch, sheer & tube bender

37MetalMasterPress01.jpg  37MetalMasterPress02.jpg  37MetalMasterPress03.jpg  37MetalMasterPress04.jpg  37MetalMasterPress05.jpg  37MetalMasterPress06.jpg  37MetalMasterPress07.jpg  37MetalMasterPress08.jpg  37MetalMasterPress09.jpg

* Miller Matic 252 Aluminium & Steel Mig Welder

38MigWelder01.jpg  38MigWelder02.jpg  38MigWelder03.jpg  

* 14" Milwaukee Aluminium Chop Saw


* 14" Metal Devil Steel Chop Saw


* 12' Aluminium A-Frame, 2 chain hoists, on wheels


* General International Belt Drive Drill Press Stand w/vice

42DrillPress01.jpg  42DrillPress02.jpg  

* 8" Dewalt Bench Grinder & Stand


* Axle Frame w/11.2/28/10-28 tires

44AxleFrame01.jpg  44AxleFrame02.jpg  44AxleFrame03.jpg  44AxleFrame04.jpg  

* 4' Trailer Type Chem. Roller


* Land Pride PTS500 Spreader

46Spreader01.jpg  46Spreader02.jpg  

* Oil Cans * Grease Guns * 2 1/4 Ton Floor Jack * Metric & Imperial T-Handle Hex Wrenches * Levels * 8" Bench Vice

* HD Wood Work Table


* 2" Tube Cutter


* Top & Bottom Tool Box


* Kubota Tool Chest


* Kubota Shop Stool & Creeper


* 4" Milwaukee M18 Portable Band Saw


* Maximum Stainless Steel Tool Cabinet w/56" wood top


* Fireproof Filing Cabinet

54FilingCabinet01.jpg  54FilingCabinet02.jpg  

* JB 100 lb. Anvil

55Anvil01.jpg  55Anvil02.jpg  55Anvil03.jpg  

* Cordless Milwaukee Skill Saw & Drill* Jig Saw * Belt Sander * Bolt Bins w/bolts * 12 Volt Drills * Air Riviter * 4" Bosch Elec. Grinder * Die Grinder * 6 Feather Light Aluminium Saw Horses * Used 23 hp. Koehler Gas Motor * Acetylene w/cart * New Iron * Fabricating Equip.* Grass Spreader * Rok Plumbing Crimper * Aluminium Pipe Wrench * Ext. Cords * Chain * Jackall * Various Iron & Steel

56Shop01.jpg  56Shop02.jpg  56Shop03.jpg  56Shop04.jpg  56Shop05.jpg  56Shop06.jpg  56Shop07.jpg  56Shop08.jpg  56Shop09.jpg  56Shop10.jpg  56Shop11.jpg  56Shop12.jpg  56Shop13.jpg  56Shop14.jpg  56Shop15.jpg  56Shop16.jpg  56Shop17.jpg  56Shop18.jpg  56Shop19.jpg  56Shop20.jpg  56Shop21.jpg  56Shop22.jpg  56Shop23.jpg  56Shop24.jpg  56Shop25.jpg  56Shop26.jpg  56Shop27.jpg  56Shop28.jpg  56Shop29.jpg  56Shop30.jpg  56Shop31.jpg  56Shop32.jpg  56Shop33.jpg  56Shop34.jpg  56Shop35.jpg  56Shop36.jpg  56Shop37.jpg  56Shop38.jpg  56Shop39.jpg  56Shop40.jpg  

Woodworking Equipment

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* 8" Laguva Wood Planer

57LaguvaPlaner01.jpg  57LaguvaPlaner02.jpg  

* Computerized General International Wood Lathe, 36" Bed

58Lathe01.jpg  58Lathe02.jpg  58Lathe03.jpg  

* 16" Dewalt Skroll Saw & Stand

59SkrollSaw01.jpg  59SkrollSaw02.jpg  

* 12" Bosch TS3000 Table Saw w/folding legs

60BoschTableSaw01.jpg  60BoschTableSaw02.jpg  

* Laguva Dust Collection System, 220 Volt

61DustCollector01.jpg  61DustCollector02.jpg  61DustCollector03.jpg  

* Bosch T4B Compound Mitre Saw, folding legs, slide table

62BoschMitreSaw01.jpg  62BoschMitreSaw02.jpg  62BoschMitreSaw03.jpg  

* Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Sharpening System


* Bosch Router & Case


* Router Bits * Dado Blade * Various Wood Blades * Squares * Craftsman Brad Nailer * Air Nailer * Wood Screws * Various Lumber * Spindles for Wheel Repairs * Wood Planer * Chisels * Clamps * Hand Saws

65WoodWorking01.jpg  65WoodWorking02.jpg  65WoodWorking03.jpg  65WoodWorking04.jpg  65WoodWorking05.jpg  65WoodWorking06.jpg  65WoodWorking07.jpg  65WoodWorking08.jpg  65WoodWorking09.jpg  65WoodWorking10.jpg  65WoodWorking11.jpg  65WoodWorking12.jpg  65WoodWorking13.jpg  65WoodWorking14.jpg  65WoodWorking15.jpg  65WoodWorking16.jpg  65WoodWorking17.jpg  65WoodWorking18.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: For further info call Frank at (306) 741-7550.

Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.


Rempel Acreage, Metal & Woodworking Equipment Auction - Swift Current, SK

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