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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Godenir's Spruce Grove Farm & Ranch Ltd.
(Rick & Solange Godenir)

Aneroid, Saskatchewan
(306) 264-7718; (306) 588-2636

Monday, April 16, 2018

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:30 pm
Selling w/ 2 Rings

From the West side of Aneroid, 9 miles South on RGE RD 3104, 1 mile East on TWP RD 74, 5 miles South on RGE RD 3103. (West Side)
(GPS: N49.30.24.0; W107.17.33.3)




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* 2015 Case IH Steiger 580 AFS Quadtrac Tractor, turtle weights on front, 36" tracs, tow cable, 6 hyd., return line for air drill, pto, oil site levels on side, buddy seat, GPS w/autosteer, 16 sp. powershift, 580 eng. hp., fully loaded, leather interior, 928 hrs. showing, S/N ZEF303595

03Case2015Tractor01.jpg  03Case2015Tractor02.jpg  03Case2015Tractor03.jpg  03Case2015Tractor04.jpg  03Case2015Tractor05.jpg  03Case2015Tractor06.jpg  03Case2015Tractor07.jpg  03Case2015Tractor08.jpg  03Case2015Tractor09.jpg  03Case2015Tractor10.jpg  03Case2015Tractor11.jpg  03Case2015Tractor12.jpg  03Case2015Tractor13.jpg  03Case2015Tractor14.jpg  03Case2015Tractor15.jpg  03Case2015Tractor16.jpg  03Case2015Tractor17.jpg  03Case2015Tractor18.jpg  03Case2015Tractor19.jpg  03Case2015Tractor20.jpg  03Case2015Tractor21.jpg  03Case2015Tractor22.jpg  03Case2015Tractor23.jpg  03Case2015Tractor24.jpg  03Case2015Tractor25.jpg  

* 1998 Case IH Steiger 9370 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 30.5 x 32 factory duals, Cummins N14 motor, 4 hyd., return line for air drill, 360 eng. hp., 12 sp. standard shift, Trimble GPS w/autosteer, 5823 hrs. showing, S/N JEE072917

04Case9370Tractor01.jpg  04Case9370Tractor02.jpg  04Case9370Tractor03.jpg  04Case9370Tractor04.jpg  04Case9370Tractor05.jpg  04Case9370Tractor06.jpg  04Case9370Tractor07.jpg  04Case9370Tractor08.jpg  04Case9370Tractor09.jpg  04Case9370Tractor10.jpg  04Case9370Tractor11.jpg  04Case9370Tractor12.jpg  04Case9370Tractor13.jpg  04Case9370Tractor14.jpg  04Case9370Tractor15.jpg  04Case9370Tractor16.jpg  04Case9370Tractor17.jpg  04Case9370Tractor18.jpg  04Case9370Tractor19.jpg  04Case9370Tractor20.jpg  

* 2014 JD 6150R MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, left hand reverse, 20.8 x 42 back tires, 16.9R30 front tires, front fenders, rear cast wheels, 3 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 3 pt. hitch, single point hook-up, JD StarFire 3000 GPS w/autosteer, powershift, buddy seat, 150 eng. hp., w/JD H360 Quick Detach FEL, 8' quick detach bucket, grapple fork, joystick, S/N 1561 hrs. showing, S/N 015776

05JDTractor01.jpg  05JDTractor02.jpg  05JDTractor03.jpg  05JDTractor04.jpg  05JDTractor05.jpg  05JDTractor06.jpg  05JDTractor07.jpg  05JDTractor08.jpg  05JDTractor09.jpg  05JDTractor10.jpg  05JDTractor11.jpg  05JDTractor12.jpg  05JDTractor13.jpg  05JDTractor14.jpg  05JDTractor16.jpg  05JDTractor17.jpg  05JDTractor18.jpg  05JDTractor19.jpg  05JDTractor20.jpg  05JDTractor21.jpg  05JDTractor22.jpg  05JDTractor23.jpg  05JDTractor24.jpg  05JDTractor25.jpg  05JDTractor26.jpg  05JDTractor27.jpg  05JDTractor28.jpg  

* 1991 Case IH 7120 Magnum Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 20.8R38 back tires, 4 rib front tires, 3 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 12 front wheel weights, side exhaust, 18 sp. power shift, 166 eng. hp., 10,188 hrs. showing S/N JJA0030264

06Case7120Tractor01.jpg  06Case7120Tractor02.jpg  06Case7120Tractor03.jpg  06Case7120Tractor04.jpg  06Case7120Tractor05.jpg  06Case7120Tractor06.jpg  06Case7120Tractor07.jpg  06Case7120Tractor08.jpg  06Case7120Tractor09.jpg  06Case7120Tractor10.jpg  06Case7120Tractor11.jpg  06Case7120Tractor12.jpg  06Case7120Tractor13.jpg  

* 1974 MF 135 Diesel Tractor, 3 pt. hitch, 14.9 x 21 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 45 eng. hp., S/N 9A197940

07MFTractor01.jpg  07MFTractor02.jpg  07MFTractor03.jpg  07MFTractor04.jpg  07MFTractor05.jpg  07MFTractor06.jpg  07MFTractor07.jpg  07MFTractor08.jpg  07MFTractor09.jpg  

* Frontier Pallet Fork, quick detach

08PelletFork01.jpg  08PelletFork02.jpg  08PelletFork03.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 2013 Mack Highway Tractor, MP8 Diesel 505 hp. Motor, M-Drive Auto Trans., Pinnacle Series Cab, leather seats, 11R24.5 tires, stainless steel saddle tanks, air ride cab, air ride seats, day sleeper, sunvisor, back fenders, corner door site glass, 40,947 kms, showing, S/N 1M1AN07Y0DM014965 (White) (Powertrain Warranty till June 2018)

09Semi01.jpg  09Semi02.jpg  09Semi03.jpg  09Semi04.jpg  09Semi05.jpg  09Semi06.jpg  09Semi07.jpg  09Semi08.jpg  09Semi09.jpg  09Semi10.jpg  09Semi11.jpg  09Semi12.jpg  09Semi13.jpg  09Semi14.jpg  09Semi15.jpg  09Semi16.jpg  09Semi17.jpg  09Semi18.jpg  09Semi19.jpg  09Semi20.jpg  09Semi21.jpg  09Semi22.jpg  09Semi23.jpg  09Semi24.jpg  09Semi25.jpg  09Semi26.jpg  

* 2011 Wilson 8 1/2' x 42' Aluminium Grain Trailer, 2 comp., air ride, air brakes, triple axle, crank openers, 11R24.5 tires, roll tarp, S/N 1W1S5FZT0BB256937 (White)

10GrainTrailer01.jpg  10GrainTrailer02.jpg  10GrainTrailer03.jpg  10GrainTrailer04.jpg  10GrainTrailer05.jpg  10GrainTrailer06.jpg  10GrainTrailer07.jpg  10GrainTrailer08.jpg  10GrainTrailer09.jpg  10GrainTrailer10.jpg  10GrainTrailer11.jpg  10GrainTrailer12.jpg  10GrainTrailer13.jpg  10GrainTrailer14.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers


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* 2004 GMC 2500 SLT Ext. Cab 3/4 Ton Diesel Truck, 4x4, Duramax diesel, Allison Auto, leather seats, running boards, hidden hitch, sliding mirrors, 283,725 kms. showing, S/N 1GTHK29174E155898 (White)

125GMC2004Truck01.jpg  125GMC2004Truck02.jpg  125GMC2004Truck03.jpg  125GMC2004Truck04.jpg  125GMC2004Truck05.jpg  125GMC2004Truck06.jpg  125GMC2004Truck07.jpg  125GMC2004Truck08.jpg  

* 1986 Chev Wrangler 1/2 Ton Truck, auto, 4x4, hidden hitch, S/N 2GCEK14H0G1193397 (White)

13Chev1986Truck01.jpg  13Chev1986Truck02.jpg  13Chev1986Truck03.jpg  

* 1982 S1954 IH 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 20' steel box, db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, step saddle tanks, auto, DT 466 diesel motor, full tandem, 1000 x 20 tires, air boost brakes, 131,997 kms. showing, S/N 2HTAF19E2CCA13021 (White)

14IHTruckWhite01.jpg  14IHTruckWhite02.jpg  14IHTruckWhite03.jpg  14IHTruckWhite04.jpg  14IHTruckWhite05.jpg  14IHTruckWhite06.jpg  14IHTruckWhite07.jpg  14IHTruckWhite08.jpg  14IHTruckWhite09.jpg  14IHTruckWhite10.jpg  14IHTruckWhite11.jpg  14IHTruckWhite12.jpg  14IHTruckWhite13.jpg  14IHTruckWhite14.jpg  14IHTruckWhite15.jpg  

* 1981 S1954 IH 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 20' steel box, db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, step saddle tanks, auto, DT 466 diesel motor, full tandem, 1000 x 20 tires, air boost brakes, 102,554 kms. showing, S/N 2HTAF19E8BCA17699 (Green)

15IHTruckGreen01.jpg  15IHTruckGreen02.jpg  15IHTruckGreen03.jpg  15IHTruckGreen04.jpg  15IHTruckGreen05.jpg  15IHTruckGreen06.jpg  15IHTruckGreen07.jpg  15IHTruckGreen08.jpg  15IHTruckGreen09.jpg  15IHTruckGreen10.jpg  15IHTruckGreen11.jpg  15IHTruckGreen12.jpg  15IHTruckGreen13.jpg  

* 1974 IH 1700 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, 1000 x 20 tires, 8 1/2' x 18' steel box, db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 5x2 transmission, tag axle, 103,715 miles showing, S/N 10672DCA19814 (Blue)

16IHTruckBlue01.jpg  16IHTruckBlue02.jpg  16IHTruckBlue03.jpg  16IHTruckBlue04.jpg  16IHTruckBlue05.jpg  16IHTruckBlue06.jpg  16IHTruckBlue07.jpg  16IHTruckBlue08.jpg  16IHTruckBlue09.jpg  

* 1994 Travalong 7' x 20' 5th Wheel Stocktrailer, 8 bolt rims, 16" tires, spare tire, 2-way gate on back, escape gate, backup lights, 1 divider gate, rubber mats, outside cargo door, S/N 4DYGS2024R1012102 (Red)

18StockTrailer01.jpg  18StockTrailer02.jpg  18StockTrailer03.jpg  18StockTrailer04.jpg  18StockTrailer05.jpg  18StockTrailer06.jpg  18StockTrailer07.jpg  18StockTrailer08.jpg  18StockTrailer09.jpg  18StockTrailer10.jpg  18StockTrailer11.jpg  18StockTrailer12.jpg  18StockTrailer13.jpg  18StockTrailer14.jpg  18StockTrailer15.jpg  

* 2009 Norbert 8 1/2' x 30' 5th Wheel Flatdeck Trailer, 4' beaver tails, loading ramps, 16” tires, wood floor, 8 bolt rims, tandem axle, dual wheels, S/N 2N9FASC249G017012 (Black)

126NorbertTrailer01.jpg  126NorbertTrailer02.jpg  126NorbertTrailer03.jpg  126NorbertTrailer04.jpg  126NorbertTrailer05.jpg  126NorbertTrailer06.jpg  126NorbertTrailer07.jpg  126NorbertTrailer08.jpg  126NorbertTrailer09.jpg  126NorbertTrailer10.jpg  126NorbertTrailer11.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage


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* 2012 66' Bourgault 3320 Paralink Hoe Drill, mid row banders, db. chute, 5 plex, 10" spacings, rubber packing wheels, Bourgault tips, dual depth control wheels on front, dual auto. sectional control, brakes, S/N 41022PH-10 w/2015 Bourgault 7700 Tow Behind Cart, 15" conveyor auger, 6 comp., in-cart camera's, 2 hyd. fans, 710/70R42 dual tires on back, 710/70R42 singles on front, light package, hyd. dr. metering system, S/N 41898AS-02

20BourgaultDrill01.jpg  20BourgaultDrill02.jpg  20BourgaultDrill03.jpg  20BourgaultDrill04.jpg  20BourgaultDrill05.jpg  20BourgaultDrill06.jpg  20BourgaultDrill07.jpg  20BourgaultDrill08.jpg  20BourgaultDrill09.jpg  20BourgaultDrill10.jpg  20BourgaultDrill11.jpg  20BourgaultDrill12.jpg  20BourgaultDrill13.jpg  20BourgaultDrill14.jpg  20BourgaultDrill15.jpg  20BourgaultDrill16.jpg  20BourgaultDrill17.jpg  20BourgaultDrill18.jpg  20BourgaultDrill19.jpg  20BourgaultDrill20.jpg  20BourgaultDrill21.jpg  20BourgaultDrill22.jpg  20BourgaultDrill24.jpg  20BourgaultDrill25.jpg  20BourgaultDrill26.jpg  20BourgaultDrill27.jpg  20BourgaultDrill28.jpg  20BourgaultDrill29.jpg  20BourgaultDrill30.jpg  20BourgaultDrill31.jpg  20BourgaultDrill32.jpg  20BourgaultDrill33.jpg  20BourgaultDrill34.jpg  20BourgaultDrill35.jpg  20BourgaultDrill36.jpg  20BourgaultDrill37.jpg  20BourgaultDrill38.jpg  20BourgaultDrill39.jpg  20BourgaultDrill40.jpg  20BourgaultDrill41.jpg  20BourgaultDrill42.jpg  20BourgaultDrill43.jpg  

* 51' Flexicoil 5000 Air Drill, depth control wheels on front, 9" spacing, 3 1/2" metal packers, single chute, light package, Stealth openers, 5 plex, S/N AD-100516-00 w/Flexicoil 3450 Tow Behind Cart, 3 comp., hyd. fan, 30.5L x 32 back tires, 22.5L x 16.1 front tires, auger, S/N G50-097600-00

21FlexiDrill01.jpg  21FlexiDrill02.jpg  21FlexiDrill03.jpg  21FlexiDrill04.jpg  21FlexiDrill05.jpg  21FlexiDrill06.jpg  21FlexiDrill07.jpg  21FlexiDrill08.jpg  21FlexiDrill09.jpg  21FlexiDrill10.jpg  21FlexiDrill11.jpg  21FlexiDrill12.jpg  21FlexiDrill13.jpg  21FlexiDrill14.jpg  21FlexiDrill15.jpg  21FlexiDrill16.jpg  21FlexiDrill17.jpg  21FlexiDrill18.jpg  21FlexiDrill19.jpg  21FlexiDrill20.jpg  21FlexiDrill21.jpg  21FlexiDrill22.jpg  21FlexiDrill23.jpg  

* 51' Degelman 7651 Landroller, fully hyd., light package, S/N LR5390

22Landroller01.jpg  22Landroller02.jpg  22Landroller03.jpg  22Landroller04.jpg  22Landroller05.jpg  22Landroller06.jpg  22Landroller07.jpg  

* 70' Degelman Strawmaster 7000 Harrow Drawbar, tine harrows, lrg. tires, w/Valmar 3255 Granular Applicator, hyd. fan, S/N 1758

23Harrow01.jpg  23Harrow02.jpg  23Harrow03.jpg  23Harrow04.jpg  23Harrow05.jpg  23Harrow06.jpg  23Harrow07.jpg  23Harrow08.jpg  23Harrow09.jpg  

* 60' Morris CP-760 Cultivator, 5 plex, tine harrows

24Morris60ftCult01.jpg  24Morris60ftCult02.jpg  

* 60' Morris Magnum Cultivator, 5 plex, tine harrows w/Valmar 320 granular applicator, hyd. fan

25MorrisCultWithValmar01.jpg  25MorrisCultWithValmar02.jpg  

* Degelman Signature 7200 HD Rotary Rockpicker, 3 bats, high lift, hyd. dr., apron, S/N 21637

26DegelmanRockpicker01.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker02.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker03.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker04.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker05.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker06.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker07.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker08.jpg  26DegelmanRockpicker09.jpg  

* 4 Ton Wilmar Trailer Type Fert. Spreader, tandem axle


* Anhydrous Ammonia 1000 Gal. Tank on own trailer

28AmmoniaTank01.jpg  28AmmoniaTank02.jpg  

* 8' JD Land Leveller

127LandLevller01.jpg  127LandLevller02.jpg  

* 60' Honeybee Deadrod


* 12' Yard Drag w/diamond harrows


* Crown Fork Type Rockpicker


* Chem. Handler


* 2" Honda Water Pump


* 2500 Gal. Black Hold-On Poly Water Tank

35BlackPolyTank01.jpg  35BlackPolyTank02.jpg  

* 32' IH 300 Discers, Martin hitch

36Discers01.jpg  36Discers02.jpg  

* 48' Morris Rodweeder w/multiplex

37Rodweeder01.jpg  37Rodweeder02.jpg  

* Hyd. Tailgate Drill Fill


* Hyd. Pencil Drill Fill


* Seed Inoculator


High Clearance Sprayer

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* 2015 120' Case IH Patriot 4440 High Clearance Sprayer, 380/90R46 dual tires, GPS w/autosteer, hyd. stair lift, 335 eng. hp., 1200 gal. aluminium tank, poly wash tank, 5 body nozzle, AIM command, SCS 5000 monitor, 907 hrs. S/N YFT041367 (Premier Warranty till April 20, 2019 or 3000 hrs. whichever comes first)

38Sprayer01.jpg  38Sprayer02.jpg  38Sprayer03.jpg  38Sprayer04.jpg  38Sprayer05.jpg  38Sprayer06.jpg  38Sprayer07.jpg  38Sprayer08.jpg  38Sprayer09.jpg  38Sprayer10.jpg  38Sprayer11.jpg  38Sprayer12.jpg  38Sprayer13.jpg  38Sprayer14.jpg  38Sprayer15.jpg  38Sprayer16.jpg  38Sprayer17.jpg  38Sprayer18.jpg  38Sprayer19.jpg  

Haying & Livestock

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* Morris Hay Hiker 1400 Round Bale Wagon, right side lift, tandem w/dual 11L-15 tires, hyd. winch, hauls 14 bales, S/N 140082566

128Hayhiker01.jpg  128Hayhiker02.jpg  128Hayhiker03.jpg  128Hayhiker04.jpg  128Hayhiker05.jpg  128Hayhiker06.jpg  128Hayhiker07.jpg  128Hayhiker08.jpg  128Hayhiker09.jpg  

* 18' NH 1475 Hydroswing Haybine, 2300 series table, pushbar, rubber rollers, 540 pto, skid plates, S/N 650424

40Haybine01.jpg  40Haybine02.jpg  40Haybine03.jpg  40Haybine04.jpg  40Haybine05.jpg  40Haybine06.jpg  

* 2015 JD 569 Round Baler, mega wide plus deluxe pickup, net wrap & twine tie, bale kicker, bale command monitor, 1000 pto, 2345 total number of bales S/N 411852

41Baler01.jpg  41Baler02.jpg  41Baler03.jpg  41Baler04.jpg  41Baler05.jpg  41Baler06.jpg  41Baler07.jpg  41Baler08.jpg  41Baler09.jpg  41Baler10.jpg  41Baler11.jpg  

* IH 580 Manure Spreader, tandem axle, single beater, db. chain, 1000 x 20 tires, 540 pto, S/N 190853C000925

42ManureSpreader01.jpg  42ManureSpreader02.jpg  42ManureSpreader03.jpg  42ManureSpreader04.jpg  42ManureSpreader05.jpg  42ManureSpreader06.jpg  42ManureSpreader07.jpg  

* Highline BalePro 6000 Plus Bale-Master Bale Processor, left side discharge, 1000 pto S/N 9BP4993

43BaleProcessor01.jpg  43BaleProcessor02.jpg  43BaleProcessor03.jpg  43BaleProcessor04.jpg  43BaleProcessor05.jpg  43BaleProcessor06.jpg  

* 450 Bu. Lewis Portable Creep Feeder, fold up panels, on own trailer

44CreepFeeder01.jpg  44CreepFeeder02.jpg  44CreepFeeder03.jpg  

* Calf Roper Tipping Table, right side open

45TippingTable01.jpg  45TippingTable02.jpg  45TippingTable03.jpg  

* Linden Trailer Type Post Pounder, pto pump, post rack

84LindenPostPounder01.jpg  84LindenPostPounder02.jpg  

* 4 - Metal Calf Shelters

98CalfShelters01.jpg  98CalfShelters02.jpg  98CalfShelters03.jpg  

* High Hog Maturnity Pen, auto headgate

120HighHogMaturnityPen01.jpg  120HighHogMaturnityPen02.jpg  120HighHogMaturnityPen03.jpg  120HighHogMaturnityPen04.jpg  

* Various Joints of Drill Stem


* Various Railroad Ties


* 400 Gal. Water Trough


* High Hog Round Bale Feeder


* Metal Round Bale Feeders

101RoundBaleFeeders01.jpg  101RoundBaleFeeders02.jpg  

* Lewis Cattle Oiler


* Pressure Treated Fence Posts

103FencePosts01.jpg  103FencePosts02.jpg  

* Mineral Feeders * Soft Wire * Elec. Fencers


92Combines01  92Combines02

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* 2014 Case IH 8230 AFS Axial-Flow SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, 450 eng. hp., lrg. fold back swing out auger, upgraded light package, hydrostatic, 20.8R42 Firestone deep tread front dual tires, 28L x 26 Firestone back tires, straw chopper, hyd. hopper ext., 350 bu., GPS w/autosteer, fully monitored, header height control, lateral tilt feeder house, rock trap, buddy seat, single hook-up, header hitch, 727 sep. hrs. showing, 923 eng. hrs. showing, S/N YDG222409 w/2011 Case IH 3016 Pickup Table, 15' Case pickup, S/N YBS026367

50Case2013Combine01.jpg  50Case2013Combine02.jpg  50Case2013Combine03.jpg  50Case2013Combine04.jpg  50Case2013Combine05.jpg  50Case2013Combine06.jpg  50Case2013Combine07.jpg  50Case2013Combine08.jpg  50Case2013Combine09.jpg  50Case2013Combine10.jpg  50Case2013Combine11.jpg  50Case2013Combine12.jpg  50Case2013Combine13.jpg  50Case2013Combine14.jpg  50Case2013Combine15.jpg  50Case2013Combine16.jpg  50Case2013Combine17.jpg  50Case2013Combine18.jpg  50Case2013Combine19.jpg  50Case2013Combine20.jpg  50Case2013Combine21.jpg  50Case2013Combine22.jpg  50Case2013Combine23.jpg  

* 2012 Case IH 8230 AFS Axial-Flow SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, 450 eng. hp., lrg. swing out auger, hydrostatic, 20.8R42 Firestone front dual tires, 600/65R28 Firestone back tires, straw chopper, 350 bu., hyd. hopper ext., GPS w/autosteer, fully monitored, header height control, lateral tilt feeder house, rock trap, buddy seat, single hook-up, 1177 sep. hrs. showing, 1445 eng. hrs. showing, S/N YCG216695 w/2010 Case IH 2016 Pickup Table, 14' Swathmaster pickup, S/N CCC0023704

51Case2012Combine01.jpg  51Case2012Combine02.jpg  51Case2012Combine03.jpg  51Case2012Combine04.jpg  51Case2012Combine05.jpg  51Case2012Combine06.jpg  51Case2012Combine07.jpg  51Case2012Combine08.jpg  51Case2012Combine09.jpg  51Case2012Combine10.jpg  51Case2012Combine11.jpg  51Case2012Combine12.jpg  51Case2012Combine13.jpg  51Case2012Combine14.jpg  51Case2012Combine15.jpg  51Case2012Combine16.jpg  51Case2012Combine17.jpg  51Case2012Combine18.jpg  51Case2012Combine19.jpg  51Case2012Combine20.jpg  51Case2012Combine21.jpg  51Case2012Combine22.jpg  51Case2012Combine23.jpg  51Case2012Combine24.jpg  51Case2012Combine25.jpg  51Case2012Combine26.jpg  51Case2012Combine27.jpg  

* 2015 40' MacDon FD75D Flex Draper Header, fore & aft, U2 Pickup Reel w/plastic fingers, light package, Case IH adapter, pea auger S/N 281771

52MacdonHeader281771Pic01.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic02.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic03.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic04.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic05.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic06.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic07.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic08.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic09.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic10.jpg  52MacdonHeader281771Pic11.jpg  

* 2015 40' MacDon FD75D Flex Draper Header, fore & aft, U2 Pickup Reel w/plastic fingers, light package, Case IH adapter, pea auger, S/N 278573

53MacdonHeader278573Pic01.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic02.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic03.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic04.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic05.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic06.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic07.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic08.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic09.jpg  53MacdonHeader278573Pic10.jpg  

* 30' IH 810 Straight Cut Header w/crary air reel, bat reel, on own transport

54IHHeader01.jpg  54IHHeader02.jpg  

* 2003 25' Premier 2952 SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, hst., Hi-Low range, Turbo Diesel motor, MacDon 972 Harvest Header, New skid plates, New Db. Knives, New Guards w/pickup reel w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, db. swath, 500/70R24.1 frt. tires, twin tires on back, rad sweeper, back wts., 1332 eng. hrs. showing, 845 cutting hrs. showing, S/N 151212

55SPSwather01.jpg  55SPSwather02.jpg  55SPSwather03.jpg  55SPSwather04.jpg  55SPSwather05.jpg  55SPSwather06.jpg  55SPSwather07.jpg  55SPSwather08.jpg  55SPSwather09.jpg  55SPSwather10.jpg  55SPSwather11.jpg  55SPSwather12.jpg  

* 85' x 15" Batco Conveyor Auger, 540 pto, hyd. lift, swing out Conveyor hopper, S/N 155741

56Batco85ftAuger01.jpg  56Batco85ftAuger02.jpg  56Batco85ftAuger03.jpg  56Batco85ftAuger04.jpg  56Batco85ftAuger05.jpg  56Batco85ftAuger06.jpg  56Batco85ftAuger07.jpg  56Batco85ftAuger08.jpg  

* 2012 90' x 13" Brandt 1390-HP Pto Grain Auger, swing out auger, 1000 pto., reverse, w/hyd. swing out hopper w/db augers, hyd. mover, drop spout, S/N 102032

57Brandt90ftAuger01.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger02.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger03.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger04.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger05.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger06.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger07.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger08.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger09.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger10.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger11.jpg  57Brandt90ftAuger12.jpg  

* 60' x 13" Batco Conveyor Auger, hyd. lift, 24 hp. Onan elec. start motor, auger mover, new belt

58Batco60ftAuger01.jpg  58Batco60ftAuger02.jpg  58Batco60ftAuger03.jpg  58Batco60ftAuger04.jpg  58Batco60ftAuger05.jpg  58Batco60ftAuger06.jpg  58Batco60ftAuger07.jpg  58Batco60ftAuger08.jpg  

* 60' x 10" Farm King Pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper w/single hopper, hyd. lift, 540 pto, drop spout, S/N 9101395

59FarmKing60ftAuger01.jpg  59FarmKing60ftAuger02.jpg  59FarmKing60ftAuger03.jpg  59FarmKing60ftAuger04.jpg  59FarmKing60ftAuger05.jpg  59FarmKing60ftAuger06.jpg  59FarmKing60ftAuger07.jpg  59FarmKing60ftAuger08.jpg  

* 46' x 7" Meridan HD7-46 Grain Auger, Super Edge flighting, 23 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, auger mover, drop spout (Grey Frame)

60MeridanAuger01.jpg  60MeridanAuger02.jpg  60MeridanAuger03.jpg  60MeridanAuger04.jpg  60MeridanAuger05.jpg  60MeridanAuger06.jpg  

* 40' x 7" Brandt 740 Grain Auger, drop spout, 20 hp. Onan elec. start motor

61Brandt40ftAuger01.jpg  61Brandt40ftAuger02.jpg  61Brandt40ftAuger03.jpg  61Brandt40ftAuger04.jpg  61Brandt40ftAuger05.jpg  61Brandt40ftAuger06.jpg  

* 40' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger, 16 hp. Koehler elec. start motor

104Brandt40ftAuger16hpmotor01.jpg  104Brandt40ftAuger16hpmotor02.jpg  104Brandt40ftAuger16hpmotor03.jpg  104Brandt40ftAuger16hpmotor04.jpg  

* 12' Johnson Transfer Auger w/220V elec. motor w/G3 Seed Treating Applicator

62TransferAuger01.jpg  62TransferAuger02.jpg  

* Westfield Transfer Auger


* 14' Hopper Bottom for a 1650 Bu. Bin


* Coarse Concaves for 8230 & 2588 Case Combines * Moisture Testers

105Concaves01.jpg  105Concaves02.jpg  


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* 2006 S220 Bobcat Skidsteer, 2 sp., A/C, 67" bucket, New tires, diesel motor, 4230 hrs., S/N 530711799

106Bobcat01.jpg  106Bobcat02.jpg  106Bobcat03.jpg  106Bobcat04.jpg  106Bobcat05.jpg  106Bobcat06.jpg  106Bobcat07.jpg  106Bobcat08.jpg  


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* 1999 Yamaha 400 Kodiak 4x4 ATV, manual shift, front & back racks, electric start, front winch, 2199 kms. showing, new U Joints on front shaft
SN JY4AH05W9XA008062

132ATV01  132ATV02  132ATV03  132ATV04  132ATV05  132ATV06  132ATV07  132ATV08  132ATV09  

3 Pt. Hitch Equipment

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* 8' Schulte 9600 Snowblower, hyd. chute, single stage, 540 pto, S/N B80101164110

64Snowblower01.jpg  64Snowblower02.jpg  64Snowblower03.jpg  64Snowblower04.jpg  64Snowblower05.jpg  64Snowblower06.jpg  

* 5 1/2' Rotary Mower, 540 pto

65RotaryMower01.jpg  65RotaryMower02.jpg  

* Lifting Boom


* Post Hole Auger w/14" bit


* 6' Blade


* 6 1/2' MF Cult


* 8' IH 510 Disc Drill for seeding grass

70GrassDrill01.jpg  70GrassDrill02.jpg  70GrassDrill03.jpg  

* MF Sickle Mower


Shop & Yard

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* Deines 1800KT Front Mount Mower, 982 hrs. showing, S/N 1059

71FrontMountMower01.jpg  71FrontMountMower02.jpg  71FrontMountMower03.jpg  71FrontMountMower04.jpg  71FrontMountMower05.jpg  

* IH Cub Cadet 1650 Hydrostatic Garden Tractor, mower & tiller

108CubCadet01.jpg  108CubCadet02.jpg  108CubCadet03.jpg  

* 9000 Watt Portable Generator


* Battery Charger * Table Saw

130BatteryCharger.jpg  131TableSaw.jpg  

* 1000 Gal. Metal Water Tank on skids


* 1 Bag Cement Mixer


* 135 Gal. Slip Tank w/12V pump


* 200 Gal. Magnum Rectangle Slip Tank w/12V pump


* Gophernator


* New 30' Joints of Tubing, 1" x 2"


* Manual Hyd. Press


* Lrg Hyd. Press, elec. over hyd.


* Portable Welder w/Wisconsin Motor

110PortableWelder01.jpg  110PortableWelder02.jpg  

* Stihl 270 Chainsaw


* Acetylene Welder


* Miller Matic 250 Mig Welder


* Westing House Arc Welder


* Welding Table w/6" Vice


* Snap On Puller Set


* 13 Hp. Honda 3500 PSI Portable Pressure Washer

118PressureWasher01.jpg  118PressureWasher02.jpg  

* 7 VHF Radio's

* 50 Ton Hyd Press, elec. over hyd. * 100 Gal. Slip Tank* Sm. Air Compressor * Booster Cables * Wrenches * Hyd Jacks * 2 Drill Press's * Saws * Hyd. Rams * Various Parts for Listed Machinery * MacDon Skid Plates * Smith Rolls Bench Grinder * Olson Metal Band Saw * Flat Iron * Angle Iron * New 16" Morris Cultivator Shovels * Various Chemical * Implement Tires * Truck Tires * Grain Hoppers * Air Hose * 6 Boxes of Rosenal Gopher Poison * Onan 20 Hp. Motor * JD Leaf Blower * Gas Cans * Chain * Various New Oil * Funnels * Socket Sets * Hand Tools * Shovels * Picks * Aluminium Step & Extension Ladders * Aluminium ATV Ramp * Grease * 2-12V Augers * Tow Strap * 2 Gauges Wheels for Swathers * Filter Wrenches * Pipe Wrenches * 12V Lincoln Grease Gun * Portable Air Tanks * Speed Wrenches * TCB Bolt Bins * Dewalt Cordless Drill * Deep Impact Sockets * 3/4" Socket Set * 8" Bench Grinder * Dewalt Chop Saw * O-Ring Sets * 2 Floor Jack * Shop Stands * Tool Cart * 10 Ton Long Reach Floor Jack * Parts Washer * Craftsman Mitre Saw * Metal Shop Table on Rollers * Brooms * Drill Bits * Master Craft Tool Boxes * Lrg. Open & Box End Wrenches, up to 2" * Water Pump Pliers * Bars * Tire Wrenches * Crescent Wrenches * Chisels * Punches * Snap Ring Pliers * Wire Brushes * Paint * C-Clamps * Elec. Impact * Air Chisel * Reciprocating Saw * Skill Saws * Angle Grinders * Various Air Tools * Brass Fittings & Valves * Various Elec. Supplies * 2 Base Stations * Plus other items too numerous to mention.

119Shop01.jpg  119Shop02.jpg  119Shop03.jpg  119Shop04.jpg  119Shop05.jpg  119Shop06.jpg  119Shop07.jpg  119Shop08.jpg  119Shop09.jpg  119Shop10.jpg  119Shop11.jpg  119Shop12.jpg  119Shop13.jpg  119Shop14.jpg  119Shop15.jpg  119Shop16.jpg  119Shop17.jpg  119Shop18.jpg  119Shop19.jpg  119Shop20.jpg  119Shop21.jpg  119Shop22.jpg  119Shop24.jpg  119Shop25.jpg  119Shop26.jpg  119Shop27.jpg  119Shop28.jpg  119Shop29.jpg  119Shop30.jpg  119Shop31.jpg  119Shop32.jpg  119Shop33.jpg  119Shop34.jpg  119Shop35.jpg  119Shop36.jpg  119Shop37.jpg  119Shop38.jpg  119Shop39.jpg  119Shop40.jpg  119Shop41.jpg  119Shop42.jpg  119Shop43.jpg  119Shop44.jpg  119Shop45.jpg  119Shop46.jpg  119Shop47.jpg  119Shop48.jpg  119Shop49.jpg  119Shop50.jpg  119Shop51.jpg  119Shop52.jpg  119Shop53.jpg  119Shop54.jpg  119Shop55.jpg  119Shop56.jpg  119Shop57.jpg  119Shop58.jpg  119Shop59.jpg  119Shop60.jpg  119Shop61.jpg  119Shop62.jpg  119Shop63.jpg  119Shop64.jpg  119Shop65.jpg  119Shop66.jpg  119Shop67.jpg  119Shop68.jpg  119Shop69.jpg  119Shop70.jpg  119Shop71.jpg  119Shop72.jpg  119Shop73.jpg  119Shop74.jpg  

Household & Antiques

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* Rubber Tired Wagon


* 5 Old Grain & Tank Wagons

80OldGrainWagons01.jpg  80OldGrainWagons02.jpg  

* Wagon Axles


* Cook Shack Metal Wheels


* Bob sleigh Running Gear


* Running Gear for Wagons * Old Cook Stove * Windmill w/wooden slates


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info. call Rick at (306) 264-7718.


Godenir Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Aneroid, SK.

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