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Inventory Reduction Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Pioneer Co-op

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
(306) 778-8864

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm
Selling w/ 2 Rings

To be held at 2284 South Service Road West in the City of Swift Current (Agronomy Centre)

Vehicles & Trailers

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Picture01 - 2004 Freightliner Tandem Fuel Truck, Business Class M2 Cab, Mercedes-Benz Diesel Motor, Meritor Trans., 425/65R22.5 Front Tires, 1100 x 22.5 Back Tires, 5 compartment 18,190 Litre Tank, (Tank 1-2270L, Tank 2-4090L, Tank 3-3640L, Tank 4-3640L, Tank 5-4550L) 582,654 kms. S/N 1FVHC5CU84HM48884 (White) (Has a Current Safety) (Hazlet)

01Freightline2004FuelTruck01.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck02.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck03.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck04.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck05.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck06.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck07.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck08.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck09.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck10.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck11.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck12.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck13.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck14.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck15.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck16.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck17.jpg  01Freightline2004FuelTruck18.jpg  

* 2002 Freightliner FL70 2-Ton Truck, flat deck, Diesel motor, 22.5” tires, 229,581 kms. showing, S/N 1FVABTAL32HJ64683 (White), (Unite #351)

02Freightliner2001Truck01.jpg  02Freightliner2001Truck02.jpg  02Freightliner2001Truck03.jpg  02Freightliner2001Truck04.jpg  02Freightliner2001Truck05.jpg  

* 2006 Chev LS Reg Cab Diesel Truck, Duramax diesel, auto., running boards, hidden hitch, elec. brake, 16” tires, S/N 1GCHK34206E106907 (White)

80Chev2006Truck01.jpg  80Chev2006Truck02.jpg  80Chev2006Truck03.jpg  80Chev2006Truck04.jpg  80Chev2006Truck05.jpg  80Chev2006Truck06.jpg  80Chev2006Truck07.jpg  80Chev2006Truck08.jpg  

* 1998 Chev 3500 HD 1-Ton Truck, dually, 19.5” tires, 5 sp., gas motor, dual tanks, metal deck w/headache rack, amber light, hidden hitch, side tool boxes, 201,550 kms. showing, S/N 1GBKC34J7WF068391 (White) (Unit #326)

* 1990 Dodge Ram 1-Ton Truck w/metal flat deck, 4 sp., S/N 1V6ME59LS706209 (White)

51DodgeTruck01.jpg  51DodgeTruck02.jpg  51DodgeTruck03.jpg  51DodgeTruck04.jpg  

* 2011 Norstar Bin Trailer, S/N 11792810, (Unit #146) (Black)

53BlackTrailer01.jpg  53BlackTrailer02.jpg  53BlackTrailer03.jpg  

Farm Equipment

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* 2012 51’ Degelman 7651 Landroller, fully hyd., lights, S/N 5088 (Unit #137)

03DegelmanUnit137Roller01.jpg  03DegelmanUnit137Roller02.jpg  

* New 84’ x 13” Westfield MKX 130-84 Pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper, (Bracken)

07Westfield84ftAuger01.jpg  07Westfield84ftAuger02.jpg  07Westfield84ftAuger03.jpg  

Livestock Equipment

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* Wheatheart High & Heavy Hitter Post Pounder, Honda motor, post hugger, (Consul)

10PostPounder01.jpg  10PostPounder02.jpg  10PostPounder03.jpg  10PostPounder04.jpg  

* Various High Hog Coral Panels * High Hog Auto Headgate

11HighHog01.jpg  11HighHog02.jpg  11HighHog03.jpg  11HighHog04.jpg  

* Gallagher SmartReader HR3


* Watering Bowl


* Mineral Feeder


* 6” - 8” Treated Fence Posts * Paige Wire

Shop & Yard

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* 2 - Used Gas Station Fuel Pumps

15GasPumps01.jpg  15GasPumps02.jpg  15GasPumps03.jpg  

* 1000 Gal. Fuel Tank & Pump

16fueltank1000Gal01.jpg  16fueltank1000Gal02.jpg  16fueltank1000Gal03.jpg  16fueltank1000Gal04.jpg  

* Porter Cable Upright Air Compressor, needs motor

17PorterCableCompressor01.jpg  17PorterCableCompressor02.jpg  

* BE Workshop Upright Air Compressor

18BECompressor01.jpg  18BECompressor02.jpg  18BECompressor03.jpg  

* Used Pro Air Upright Air Compressor


* 3 Used Oil Storage Containers

20UsedOilContainers01.jpg  20UsedOilContainers02.jpg  

* 2 New Campbell 13 Gal. Air Compressors


* Various New Tires

22Tires01.jpg  22Tires02.jpg  22Tires03.jpg  

* Pull Behind Garden Tiller w/900 Series B&S motor

23Tiller01.jpg  23Tiller02.jpg  

* Co-op Petroleum Sign


* Upright Table Saw, needs repairs

25UprightTableSaw01.jpg  25UprightTableSaw02.jpg  

* Table Saws

26TableSaws01.jpg  26TableSaws02.jpg  

* Dewalt Radial Arm Saw

27RadialArmSaw01.jpg  27RadialArmSaw02.jpg  27RadialArmSaw03.jpg  

* Hofmann Geodyna 2400 Tire Balancer


* Parts Washer


* Headlight Aiming Tool


* Diagnostics Auto Meter, Model BVA-6


* 2 Cappuccino Machines

32CappuccinoMachines01.jpg  32CappuccinoMachines02.jpg  

* Upright Pop Cooler, Single Door


* Corner Shower Unit


* Bath Tub


* Various Cabinets


* Corner Desk


* Shop Exhaust System w/fan & tubes


* 2 Swordfish Home Air Purification Systems


* 5’ x 6’ Overhead Shed Door


* 2-5000 Gal. Upright Poly Water Tank, (White)


* Various Store Display Racks

42DisplayRacks01.jpg  42DisplayRacks02.jpg  42DisplayRacks03.jpg  42DisplayRacks04.jpg  42DisplayRacks05.jpg  42DisplayRacks06.jpg  42DisplayRacks07.jpg  42DisplayRacks08.jpg  42DisplayRacks09.jpg  

* New Oil

43Oil01.jpg  43Oil02.jpg  43Oil03.jpg  

* ATV Sprayer


* Chairs * Various Hardware Supplies * Screws * Bolts * Soffit & Facia * Swather Guards * Sickles * Various New Oil * Storage Shelves * Lumber * Wire * Storm Doors * 122 Pieces of Hardy Board * Various New Rafters * Siding * 10 Ton Floor Jack * Hyd. Jacks* Bead Blaster * Lrg. HD Air Compressor * Lawn Chairs * Metal Bolt Bins * Pedestal Sink * Roller Chain * Work Bench * Various Brass Fittings * 2 Sheets of Plexiglass, 4’x8’ * Air Seeder Hose * 3 Tractor Cab Air Filters * Plastic Roof Vents * Corrugated Metal Roofing * Press Board * Paint Supplies * Spice Rack * 1/2 Pellet of Top & Bond * BBQ * King 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer* Sewage Pump* Various Chemical * Vet Supplies * Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

50Shop01.jpg  50Shop02.jpg  50Shop03.jpg  50Shop04.jpg  50Shop05.jpg  50Shop06.jpg  50Shop07.jpg  50Shop09.jpg  50Shop10.jpg  50Shop11.jpg  50Shop12.jpg  50Shop13.jpg  50Shop14.jpg  50Shop15.jpg  50Shop16.jpg  50Shop17.jpg  50Shop18.jpg  50Shop19.jpg  50Shop20.jpg  50Shop21.jpg  50Shop22.jpg  50Shop24.jpg  50Shop25.jpg  50Shop26.jpg  50Shop27.jpg  50Shop28.jpg  50Shop29.jpg  50Shop30.jpg  50Shop31.jpg  50Shop32.jpg  50Shop33.jpg  50Shop34.jpg  50Shop35.jpg  50Shop36.jpg  50Shop37.jpg  50Shop38.jpg  50Shop39.jpg  50Shop40.jpg  50Shop41.jpg  50Shop42.jpg  50Shop43.jpg  50Shop44.jpg  50Shop45.jpg  50Shop46.jpg  50Shop47.jpg  50Shop48.jpg  50Shop49.jpg  50Shop50.jpg  50Shop51.jpg  50Shop52.jpg  50Shop53.jpg  50Shop54.jpg  50Shop55.jpg  50Shop56.jpg  50Shop57.jpg  50Shop58.jpg  50Shop59.jpg  50Shop60.jpg  50Shop61.jpg  50Shop62.jpg  50Shop63.jpg  50Shop64.jpg  50Shop65.jpg  50Shop66.jpg  50Shop67.jpg  50Shop68.jpg  50Shop69.jpg  50Shop70.jpg  50Shop71.jpg  50Shop72.jpg  50Shop73.jpg  50Shop74.jpg  50Shop75.jpg  50Shop76.jpg  50Shop77.jpg  50Shop78.jpg  50Shop79.jpg  50Shop80.jpg  50Shop81.jpg  50Shop82.jpg  50Shop83.jpg  50Shop84.jpg  50Shop85.jpg  50Shop86.jpg  50Shop87.jpg  50Shop88.jpg  50Shop89.jpg  50Shop90.jpg  50Shop91.jpg  50Shop92.jpg  50Shop93.jpg  50Shop94.jpg  50Shop95.jpg  50Shop96.jpg  50Shop97.jpg  50Shop98.jpg  50Shop99.jpg  50Shop100.jpg  50Shop101.jpg  50Shop102.jpg  50Shop103.jpg  50Shop104.jpg  50Shop105.jpg  50Shop106.jpg  50Shop107.jpg  50Shop108.jpg  50Shop109.jpg  50Shop110.jpg  50Shop111.jpg  50Shop112.jpg  50Shop113.jpg  50Shop114.jpg  50Shop115.jpg  50Shop116.jpg  50Shop117.jpg  50Shop118.jpg  50Shop119.jpg  50Shop120.jpg  50Shop121.jpg  50Shop122.jpg  50Shop123.jpg  50Shop124.jpg  50Shop125.jpg  50Shop126.jpg  50Shop127.jpg  50Shop128.jpg  50Shop129.jpg  50Shop130.jpg  50Shop131.jpg  50Shop132.jpg  50Shop133.jpg  50Shop134.jpg  50Shop135.jpg  


For more info call Chris at (306) 778-8864

Switzer Auction
(306) 773-4200

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* 1995 17’ Bumper Pull Office Trailer, oak cupboards, 110 volt, elec. source 110 volt or 220 volt plus stand by power, 6000 watt Onan gas power plant, metal storage compartment in front, 15” tires, spare tire, side windows for servicing customers on either side, front & back windows with covers, awnings both sides, 2 5/8” ball hook up, electric jack, roof air conditioning & heat, 2 roof vents, cell booster, laminate flooring. Formally used as our auction office trailer.

70Trailer01.jpg  70Trailer02.jpg  70Trailer03.jpg  70Trailer04.jpg  70Trailer05.jpg  70Trailer06.jpg  70Trailer07.jpg  70Trailer08.jpg  70Trailer09.jpg  70Trailer10.jpg  70Trailer11.jpg  70Trailer12.jpg  70Trailer13.jpg  

Larry Wightman
(306) 741-6414

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* 14” Kenway #6501 Western Saddle, db. rigging, quick change stirrups

71Saddle01.jpg  71Saddle02.jpg  71Saddle03.jpg  71Saddle04.jpg  71Saddle05.jpg  

* Headstall w/curved bit


* Curved Bit


Pete Fehr
(306) 741-2443

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* 2 - Rocket Aeration Systems for 19’ bins



Auctioneer's Note: There will be more items added to this auction. Be sure to check our website for updates and follow us on Facebook. Bruce & Glenn


Pioneer Co-op Inventory Reduction Auction - Swift Current, SK.

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