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Large Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Picray Farms Ltd.
(Claude & Shirley Picray)

Ponteix, Saskatchewan
(306) 625-7540; (306) 625-7260

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles Sell at: 1:00 pm.
Bins Sell at: 12:30 pm.
Selling w/2 Rings

1 mile East of Ponteix on #13 Hwy., 1 mile North on gravel road to curve, go North over Bridge & Train Tracks 2 1/2 miles. (East Side)
(GPS: N49.46.44; W107.27.52)


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* 1993 Agco White Workhorse 6175 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, side exhaust, 20.8R38 factory duals, 18.4R26 front tires, front fenders, full vision cab, 3 hyd., return line for air drill, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 15 front wheel weights, 18 sp. power shift, Cummins diesel motor, 194 eng. hp., 8285 hrs. showing S/N 660067

01White1993Tractor01.jpg  01White1993Tractor02.jpg  01White1993Tractor03.jpg  01White1993Tractor04.jpg  01White1993Tractor05.jpg  01White1993Tractor06.jpg  01White1993Tractor07.jpg  01White1993Tractor08.jpg  01White1993Tractor09.jpg  01White1993Tractor10.jpg  01White1993Tractor11.jpg  01White1993Tractor12.jpg  01White1993Tractor13.jpg  01White1993Tractor14.jpg  01White1993Tractor15.jpg  01White1993Tractor16.jpg  01White1993Tractor17.jpg  01White1993Tractor18.jpg  01White1993Tractor19.jpg  01White1993Tractor20.jpg  01White1993Tractor21.jpg  

* 1980 White 2-135 Field Boss Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 38 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 150 eng. hp., back wheel weights, 6 sp. Over Under Trans., Murphy switch, 16,022 hrs. (Approx. 7000 hrs. on rebuilt motor) S/N 295968

02White1980Tractor01.jpg  02White1980Tractor02.jpg  02White1980Tractor03.jpg  02White1980Tractor04.jpg  02White1980Tractor05.jpg  02White1980Tractor06.jpg  02White1980Tractor07.jpg  02White1980Tractor08.jpg  02White1980Tractor09.jpg  02White1980Tractor10.jpg  02White1980Tractor11.jpg  02White1980Tractor12.jpg  02White1980Tractor13.jpg  02White1980Tractor14.jpg  02White1980Tractor15.jpg  02White1980Tractor16.jpg  02White1980Tractor17.jpg  02White1980Tractor18.jpg  02White1980Tractor19.jpg  02White1980Tractor20.jpg  02White1980Tractor21.jpg  02White1980Tractor22.jpg  02White1980Tractor23.jpg  

* JD 1120 Diesel Tractor, 16.9 x 30 back tires, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, 2 hyd., 8 sp., 51 eng. hp., JD 145 FEL w/5' bucket, sep. control for FEL, manure tines, roll bar, approx. 6000 hrs., S/N 109502

03JDTractor01.jpg  03JDTractor02.jpg  03JDTractor03.jpg  03JDTractor04.jpg  03JDTractor05.jpg  03JDTractor06.jpg  03JDTractor07.jpg  03JDTractor08.jpg  03JDTractor09.jpg  03JDTractor10.jpg  03JDTractor11.jpg  03JDTractor12.jpg  03JDTractor13.jpg  

* Bale Spear for FEL


Trucks & Trailer

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* 1982 GMC 7000 4-Ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, steel floor, roll tarp, new hyd. pump, 900 x 20 tires, step saddle tank, 5x2 trans., 366 V8 motor, 49,207 kms. showing S/N 1GDL7D1BXCV561891 (Red)

05GMC1982Truck01.jpg  05GMC1982Truck02.jpg  05GMC1982Truck03.jpg  05GMC1982Truck04.jpg  05GMC1982Truck05.jpg  05GMC1982Truck06.jpg  05GMC1982Truck07.jpg  05GMC1982Truck08.jpg  05GMC1982Truck09.jpg  05GMC1982Truck10.jpg  05GMC1982Truck11.jpg  05GMC1982Truck12.jpg  05GMC1982Truck13.jpg  05GMC1982Truck14.jpg  

* 1974 GMC 6000 3-Ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 14' steel box & db. acting, wood floor, 900 x 20 tires on back, 825 x 20 tires on front, plumbed for drill fill, 4x2 trans., 350 V8 motor, 71,429 miles showing, S/N TCE614V579028 (Red)

06GMC1974Truck01.jpg  06GMC1974Truck02.jpg  06GMC1974Truck03.jpg  06GMC1974Truck04.jpg  06GMC1974Truck05.jpg  06GMC1974Truck06.jpg  06GMC1974Truck07.jpg  06GMC1974Truck08.jpg  06GMC1974Truck09.jpg  

* 1996 GMC 1500 1/2 Ton SLE Ext. Cab Truck, 4x4, auto, hidden hitch, V8, PW, PL, A/C, tailgate cover, 283,766 kms. showing, S/N 2GTEK19R9T1523789 (Green)

08GMC1996Truck01.jpg  08GMC1996Truck02.jpg  08GMC1996Truck03.jpg  08GMC1996Truck04.jpg  08GMC1996Truck05.jpg  08GMC1996Truck06.jpg  08GMC1996Truck07.jpg  08GMC1996Truck08.jpg  08GMC1996Truck09.jpg  08GMC1996Truck10.jpg  08GMC1996Truck11.jpg  

* 8' x 16' Trailtech Bumper Pull Flat Deck Trailer, 5 bolt rims, 15" tires, (Grey)

09BumperPullTrailer01.jpg  09BumperPullTrailer02.jpg  09BumperPullTrailer03.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 29' Morris Maxim II Air Drill, 10" spacings, single chute, metal packers, blockage monitors, depth control wheels on front, point & shovel openers, S/N 2902003388 w/Morris 7180 Tow behind tank, 2 comp., hyd. fan, 3-21.5L16.1 wheels, auger, S/N 71800201137

10AirDrill01.jpg  10AirDrill02.jpg  10AirDrill03.jpg  10AirDrill04.jpg  10AirDrill05.jpg  10AirDrill06.jpg  10AirDrill07.jpg  10AirDrill08.jpg  10AirDrill09.jpg  10AirDrill10.jpg  10AirDrill11.jpg  10AirDrill12.jpg  10AirDrill13.jpg  10AirDrill14.jpg  10AirDrill15.jpg  10AirDrill16.jpg  10AirDrill17.jpg  10AirDrill18.jpg  

* 100' Flexicoil 65XL Field Sprayer, 1200 Gal. poly tank, sep. chem. tank, hyd. pump, wind screens, single body nozzles, 18.4 x 26 tires, auto fold, S/N A0-P060544

11Sprayer01.jpg  11Sprayer02.jpg  11Sprayer03.jpg  11Sprayer04.jpg  11Sprayer05.jpg  11Sprayer06.jpg  11Sprayer07.jpg  11Sprayer08.jpg  11Sprayer09.jpg  11Sprayer10.jpg  

* 65' Flexicoil Harrow Drawbar, tine harrows, fully hyd.

12Harrow01.jpg  12Harrow02.jpg  12Harrow03.jpg  

* 38' Flexicoil 340 Cultivator, 3 plex, walking axles, tine harrows, 4 front weights on hitch (Grey Frame)

13FlexiCult01.jpg  13FlexiCult02.jpg  13FlexiCult03.jpg  13FlexiCult04.jpg  13FlexiCult05.jpg  13FlexiCult06.jpg  13FlexiCult07.jpg  

* 27' Morris Cultivator, 3 plex, tine harrows

14MorrisCult01.jpg  14MorrisCult02.jpg  14MorrisCult03.jpg  

* Degelman Rotary Rockpicker, 4 bats, gr. drive

15Rockpicker01.jpg  15Rockpicker02.jpg  

* 8' Noble Blade



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* Mr. Squeeze Auto Squeeze, auto headgate

17Squeeze01.jpg  17Squeeze02.jpg  

* Various Fence Posts

18FencePosts01.jpg  18FencePosts02.jpg  

* Wind Break Slats


* Fence Wire


* Front Mount Shaver Post Pounder


* Gandy Applicator for Round Bales


* Elec. Fencers * Manual Head Gate * Calf Puller * Tubs * 2-10 ft. Corral Panels * 12 ft. Corral Panel. Plus other smaller livestock items.

Grain BIns 1230 pm

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* 50 Ton Westco Fertilizer Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, ladder, slide opener, metal skid (Holds approx. 2000 bu.) (Bin #P3)

23Bin03Pic01.jpg  23Bin03Pic02.jpg  

* 800 Bu. Hopper Bottom Feed Bin, ladder, crank opener, on skid (Bin #P4)


* 1600 Bu. Westland Flat Bottom Grain Bin w/wood floor (Bin #P5)


* 2 - 2600 Bu. Westland Flat Bottom Grain Bins w/wood floors (Bins #P6 & #P7)


* 4 - 3300 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Grain Bins w/wood floors, new style doors (Bins #P8 - #P11)


* 4000 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Grain Bin w/wood floor, new style door (Bin #P12)



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* 1990 JD 9500 SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, 30.5L32 front tires, 14.9 x 24 back tires, straw chopper w/Kirby chaff spreader w/flow control, Big Top tank ext., swing out auger, 2 sp. cyl., buddy seat, 4810 eng. hrs. showing, 3348 sep. hrs. showing w/JD 212 Pickup Table w/JD pickup S/N 635911

29Combine01.jpg  29Combine02.jpg  29Combine03.jpg  29Combine04.jpg  29Combine05.jpg  29Combine06.jpg  29Combine07.jpg  29Combine08.jpg  29Combine09.jpg  29Combine10.jpg  29Combine11.jpg  29Combine12.jpg  29Combine13.jpg  29Combine14.jpg  29Combine15.jpg  29Combine16.jpg  29Combine17.jpg  29Combine18.jpg  29Combine19.jpg  

* 2006 30' Honeybee Draper Header, U2 pickup reel w/plastic fingers, pea auger, rubber canvasses, JD hook-up, light package S/N 300500866

30Header01.jpg  30Header02.jpg  30Header03.jpg  30Header04.jpg  30Header05.jpg  30Header06.jpg  30Header07.jpg  30Header08.jpg  

* 1984 25' MF 885 SP Swather, CAHR, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, bat reel, rubber canvass, Chrysler gas motor, 18.4 x 16.1 front tires, dual tires on back, hydrostatic S/N 2943

31SPSwather01.jpg  31SPSwather02.jpg  31SPSwather03.jpg  31SPSwather04.jpg  31SPSwather05.jpg  31SPSwather06.jpg  31SPSwather07.jpg  31SPSwather08.jpg  31SPSwather09.jpg  31SPSwather10.jpg  31SPSwather11.jpg  31SPSwather12.jpg  31SPSwather13.jpg  

* 51' x 8" Wheatheart BH 851 Grain Auger, hyd. bin sweep, auger mover, Koehler elec. start motor, elec. clutch, drop spout

32WheatheartAuger01.jpg  32WheatheartAuger02.jpg  32WheatheartAuger03.jpg  32WheatheartAuger04.jpg  32WheatheartAuger05.jpg  32WheatheartAuger06.jpg  32WheatheartAuger07.jpg  32WheatheartAuger08.jpg  32WheatheartAuger09.jpg32WheatheartAuger11.jpg  

* 45' x 10" Sakundiak HD10-1400 Pto Grain Auger, hyd. lift, 540 pto

33SakundiakAuger01.jpg  33SakundiakAuger02.jpg  33SakundiakAuger03.jpg  33SakundiakAuger04.jpg  33SakundiakAuger05.jpg  

* 40' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger, 18 hp. Koehler elec. start engine, flow control, drop spout

34BrandtAuger01.jpg  34BrandtAuger02.jpg  34BrandtAuger03.jpg  34BrandtAuger04.jpg  34BrandtAuger05.jpg  

* 8' Poly Swath Roller w/tapered centre


* Rem Chaff Wagon


Shop & Yard

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* JD LA175 Ride On Yard Tractor, 54" belly mower, rear bagger, hydrostatic, turf tires, 527 hrs. showing S/N GXA175A24537

38JDMower01.jpg  38JDMower02.jpg  38JDMower03.jpg  38JDMower04.jpg  38JDMower05.jpg  38JDMower06.jpg  38JDMower07.jpg  38JDMower08.jpg  

* 3 Pt. Hitch Post Hole Auger w/10" bit, 540 pto


* 3 Pt. Hitch 5' JD 506 Rotary Mower, 540 pto

40Mower01.jpg  40Mower02.jpg  

* 3 Pt. Hitch 7' Leon 350 Blade

41Blade01.jpg  41Blade02.jpg  

* Truck Box Fuel Trailer (Yellow)

42FuelWagon01.jpg  42FuelWagon02.jpg  

* 2 - Slip Tanks w/12V pumps

43SlipTanks01.jpg  43SlipTanks02.jpg  

* 8' Field King Yard Sprayer, poly tank, 12V pump, hand wand

44YardSprayer01.jpg  44YardSprayer02.jpg  44YardSprayer03.jpg  

* 5 Hp. 4 Stage Water Pump, 2" Discharge, 220V

45WaterPump5Hp01.jpg  45WaterPump5Hp02.jpg  

* Acetylene Welder w/Cart


* 60 Amp Battery Charger


* Koenders Aerator for dugout, 110V, 1/4 hp.


* 2" Honda Water Pump, 4 hp.


* Air Compressor


* Table Saw


* Push Lawnmower


* Snap On Puller Set


* Red Fox Drill Press w/vice


* Tool Boxes


* Metal Chop Saw


* Bench Grinder


* Bench Vice


* Anvil


* 60 Gal. Upright Air compressor, 5 hp., 220V


* 225 Amp Lincoln Welder


* Metal Yard Wagon

63MetalWagon01.jpg  63MetalWagon02.jpg  

* Air Hose * Shovels * Brooms * Bars * Bolt Bin w/bolts * Elec. Drills * Elec. Angle Grinders * Tap & Die Set * Gas Cans * Shop Vac * Goose Decoys * Racoon Trap & Various Other Traps * 1200 Gal. Poly Water Tank * Poly Turtle Water Tank * Wrenches * Socket Sets * Levels * Lincoln 18V Grease Gun * Hyd. Jacks. Plus Other Articles Too Numerous To Mention.

61Shop01.jpg  61Shop02.jpg  61Shop03.jpg  61Shop04.jpg  61Shop05.jpg  61Shop06.jpg  61Shop07.jpg  61Shop08.jpg  61Shop09.jpg  

Household & Antiques 11AM

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* 68" x 42" Oak Table, claw feet, 2 leaves, 4 chairs

64Table01.jpg  64Table02.jpg  64Table03.jpg  

* Leather Office Chair


* 4 Leather High back Chairs


* Painted Corner Table


* Tall Man’s Lazyboy Leather Recliner (Taupe)


* 7 1/2' Couch & 6' Loveseat (Beige)

69BeigeCouchAndLoveseat01.jpg  69BeigeCouchAndLoveseat02.jpg  

* 7 1/2' Lazyboy Leather Couch w/2 recliners (Brown)


* 5' Lazyboy Leather Loveseat w/2 recliners (Brown)


* Oak Magazine Rack


* Oak End Table


* Oak Corner Cabinet


* Etched Living room Mirror


* 40" Samsung TV w/Sony Sound Bar

77SamsungTV01.jpg  77SamsungTV02.jpg  

* Oak Entertainment Cabinet


* Wall Clock


* Oak Plant Stand


* 2 Living room Chairs

82LivingroomChairs01.jpg  82LivingroomChairs02.jpg  

* 2 Oak Desks w/6 drawers

84Desk01.jpg  84Desk02.jpg  

* Queen Bed


* Queen Bed w/Oak Headboard & End Table


* 2 - 30" x 38" Bedroom Mirror


* Queen Bed w/headboard & footboard


* 4 Piece Bedroom Suite, Queen Bed w/Oak Headboard & footboard, 2 end tables, 6' dresser w/mirror

90BedroomSuite01.jpg  90BedroomSuite02.jpg  90BedroomSuite03.jpg  90BedroomSuite04.jpg  

* Oak Gun Cabinet, holds 8 guns


* Ping Pong Table Top * Apartment Size Deep Freeze * Boston Numbered Pool Balls * Pool Cues * 2-3 1/2' x 4' Folding Tables * 6' x 32" Folding Table * Various Dishes & Glassware * Linens * Night Quilts * Towels * Queen Size Bedding * 20” TV * Lrg. Deck Storage Box. * 2 Living room Lamps* DVD Player * Bell Receiver * Round Oak Coffee Table w/claw feet w/2 end tables * Various Living room Pictures* HP Printer * Water Cooler * 28” Mirror & Sm. Table. Plus other items.

92Household01.jpg  92Household02.jpg  92Household03.jpg  92Household04.jpg  92Household05.jpg  92Household06.jpg  92Household07.jpg  92Household08.jpg  92Household09.jpg  92Household10.jpg  92Household11.jpg  92Household12.jpg  92Household13.jpg  92Household15.jpg  92Household16.jpg  92Household17.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Claude (306) 625-7260.

Lost Valley Ranch Ltd. (Allen Godenir)
(306) 625-7712

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Combine & Header

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* 2004 JD 9760 STS SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, hydro., 800/65R/32 front tires, 18.4R26 back tires, Outback STS GPS w/auto steer, Michels hopper topper w/elec. tarp, single point hook-up, swing out auger, contour master auto tilt, fine cut chopper, buddy seat, new feeder chain, moisture & yield monitor, 3496 engine hrs., 2412 sep. hrs., S/N 707174

156JDCombine01.jpg  156JDCombine02.jpg  156JDCombine03.jpg  156JDCombine04.jpg  156JDCombine05.jpg  156JDCombine06.jpg  156JDCombine07.jpg  156JDCombine08.jpg  156JDCombine09.jpg  156JDCombine10.jpg  156JDCombine11.jpg  156JDCombine12.jpg  156JDCombine13.jpg  156JDCombine14.jpg  156JDCombine15.jpg  156JDCombine16.jpg  156JDCombine17.jpg  156JDCombine18.jpg  156JDCombine19.jpg  156JDCombine20.jpg  156JDCombine21.jpg  156JDCombine22.jpg  156JDCombine23.jpg  156JDCombine24.jpg  156JDCombine25.jpg  

* 2009 JD 35’ 635F Hydro Flex Header, crop dividers, flex finger crop lifters, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, new wabble box, S/N 730269

157JDHeader01.jpg  157JDHeader02.jpg  157JDHeader03.jpg  157JDHeader04.jpg  157JDHeader05.jpg  157JDHeader06.jpg  157JDHeader07.jpg  157JDHeader08.jpg  157JDHeader09.jpg  157JDHeader10.jpg  157JDHeader11.jpg  

* 35’ Extreme Air Reel, complete

158AirReel01.jpg  158AirReel02.jpg  


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* 2004 Kenworth W900 Tandem Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 20' New Berg Grain Box, metal floor, remote hoist & tailgate, air over hyd. hoist, 10 sp. Eaton Fuller quick shift standard trans., air ride suspension, 11R24.5 tires, Cat C12 Diesel motor, full tandem (Red) (10,000 kms. on new top end on motor, new turbo, new brakes, new radiator, new clutch, main dr. differential)

159KenworthTruck01.jpg  159KenworthTruck02.jpg  159KenworthTruck03.jpg  159KenworthTruck04.jpg  159KenworthTruck05.jpg  159KenworthTruck06.jpg  159KenworthTruck07.jpg  159KenworthTruck08.jpg  159KenworthTruck09.jpg  159KenworthTruck10.jpg  159KenworthTruck11.jpg  159KenworthTruck12.jpg  159KenworthTruck13.jpg  159KenworthTruck14.jpg  159KenworthTruck15.jpg  159KenworthTruck16.jpg  159KenworthTruck17.jpg  159KenworthTruck18.jpg  159KenworthTruck19.jpg  159KenworthTruck20.jpg  159KenworthTruck21.jpg  159KenworthTruck22.jpg  159KenworthTruck23.jpg  159KenworthTruck24.jpg  159KenworthTruck25.jpg  159KenworthTruck26.jpg  159KenworthTruck27.jpg  159KenworthTruck28.jpg  159KenworthTruck29.jpg  159KenworthTruck30.jpg  

Grain BIns 1230 pm

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* 4 - 4800 Bu. Viterra 1805 Seedstor Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, Westeel Elite Hoppers, crank openers, ladders, bin opener, Gatco Natural Aeration System, metal skids (Bins #L1-#L4)

150Bins1to4pic01.jpg  150Bins1to4pic02.jpg  150Bins1to4pic03.jpg  150Bins1to4pic04.jpg  150Bins1to4pic05.jpg  150Bins1to4pic06.jpg  150Bins1to4pic07.jpg  

* 135 Ton Westeel Magnum F Hopper Bottom Bin, ladder, sight glass, crank opener, bin opener, metal skid (Bin #L6)

151Bin6Pic01.jpg  151Bin6Pic02.jpg  151Bin6Pic03.jpg  

* 100 Ton Westeel Magnum F Hopper Bottom Bin, ladder, metal skid, bin opener, slide opener, metal skid (Bin #L8)

152Bin08Pic01.jpg  152Bin08Pic02.jpg  152Bin08Pic03.jpg  

* 3 - 4800 Bu. Westeel 1805 Seedstor Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, ladders, bin openers, metal skids, crank opener, (Bins #L9-#L11)

153Bins9to10Pic01.jpg  153Bins9to10Pic02.jpg  153Bins9to10Pic03.jpg  

* 4800 Bu. Westeel 1805 Seedstor Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, ladder, rocket aeration, bin opener, crank opener, metal skid (Bin #L12)

154Bin12Pic01.jpg  154Bin12Pic02.jpg  154Bin12Pic03.jpg  

* 5 - 4800 Bu. Westor 1805 Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, Westeel Elite Hoppers, metal skids, ladders, bin opener, crank opener (Bins #L14-#L18)

155Bin14TO18Pic01.jpg  155Bin14TO18Pic02.jpg  155Bin14TO18Pic03.jpg  155Bin14TO18Pic04.jpg  155Bin14TO18Pic05.jpg  155Bin14TO18Pic06.jpg  155Bin14TO18Pic07.jpg  155Bin14TO18Pic08.jpg  

Please note: These bins are located 5 miles North of Ponteix on #628 Grid Road, 2 miles East, 1 mile North (GPS: N49.49.44; W107.26.49). Please view bins prior to auction as they will be sold at the auction site.


Picray Farm Equipment Auction - Ponteix, SK.

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