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Large Surplus Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Morvik's Ranch Inc.
(Lester & Heather Morvik)

Eastend, Saskatchewan
(306) 295-7519

Monday, June 4, 2018

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:00 noon

2 miles East of Eastend on #13 Hwy., 1 1/2 miles Southeast on Flat Road (South side)
(GPS: N49.30.08; W108.45.48)



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* 2002 JD 7510 Diesel MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, left hand reverse, Grill Guard, 540-1000 pto, 3 hyd., 3 pt. hitch, 20.8 x 38 back tires, 16.9 x 26 front tires, PowerQuad Trans., buddy seat, 135 eng hp., 9424 hrs. showing w/JD 740 Quick Detach FEL, joystick, 8' Quick Detach Bucket w/grapple, S/N 70763

02JD7510Tractor01.jpg  02JD7510Tractor02.jpg  02JD7510Tractor03.jpg  02JD7510Tractor04.jpg  02JD7510Tractor05.jpg  02JD7510Tractor06.jpg  02JD7510Tractor07.jpg  02JD7510Tractor08.jpg  02JD7510Tractor09.jpg  02JD7510Tractor10.jpg  02JD7510Tractor11.jpg  02JD7510Tractor12.jpg  02JD7510Tractor13.jpg  02JD7510Tractor14.jpg  02JD7510Tractor15.jpg  02JD7510Tractor16.jpg  02JD7510Tractor17.jpg  02JD7510Tractor18.jpg  02JD7510Tractor19.jpg  02JD7510Tractor20.jpg  

* Bale Spear for FEL


* JD Pallet Fork

* 1981 Versatile 935 4WD Tractor, CAHR, 4 hyd., 24.5 x 32 tires, standard shift, S/N 072548 w/rebuilt 6 cyl. Diesel motor, 3600 hrs. (motor needs to be installed) (3859 hrs. on tractor)

04VersatileTractor01.jpg  04VersatileTractor02.jpg  04VersatileTractor03.jpg  04VersatileTractor04.jpg  04VersatileTractor05.jpg  04VersatileTractor06.jpg  04VersatileTractor07.jpg  04VersatileTractor08.jpg  04VersatileTractor09.jpg  04VersatileTractor10.jpg  04VersatileTractor11.jpg  


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* Case 460 Ditcher Backhoe, 4 wheel steering, front blade w/angle, 4x4, hydrostatic, 5 1/2' ditcher, 8' backhoe, 14" bucket, Kubota Diesel motor, 700 hrs., S/N JA0198549

05Backhoe01.jpg  05Backhoe02.jpg  05Backhoe03.jpg  05Backhoe04.jpg  05Backhoe05.jpg  05Backhoe06.jpg  05Backhoe07.jpg  05Backhoe08.jpg  05Backhoe09.jpg  05Backhoe10.jpg  05Backhoe11.jpg  05Backhoe12.jpg  05Backhoe13.jpg  05Backhoe14.jpg  

Collectible Tractors & Equipment

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* 1958 Fordson Super Dexta Diesel Tractor, 3 cyl. diesel, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, 39 engine hp. (rebuilt motor; Runs)

06FordsonTractor01.jpg  06FordsonTractor02.jpg  06FordsonTractor03.jpg  

* 1946 Farmall H Row Crop Gas Tractor, 26 engine hp., S/N 236189 (Runs)

07FarmallTractor01.jpg  07FarmallTractor02.jpg  07FarmallTractor03.jpg  

* 1950 Oliver 77 Standard Gas Tractor, 37 engine hp., S/N 271698C (Runs)

08OliverTractor01.jpg  08OliverTractor02.jpg  08OliverTractor03.jpg  

* 1954 McCormick Super W6-TA Standard Gas Tractor, live hyd., live pto, torque amplifier, 51 engine hp. w/11' sickle mower (This tractor has only run a mower) S/N 11200S

09McCormickTractor01.jpg  09McCormickTractor02.jpg  09McCormickTractor03.jpg  09McCormickTractor04.jpg  

* JD Tractor pull Dump Rake

10DumpRake01.jpg  10DumpRake02.jpg  

* McCormick Sickle Mower

11McCormickMower01.jpg  11McCormickMower02.jpg  

* 2-Bottom Plow


* IH 2-Bottom Plow


Trucks & Trailers

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* 1974 Ford F700 4-Ton Truck, 5x2, 1000 x 20 tires, pto, plumbed for drill fill, S/N F70EVW25545 (Yellow)

14Ford1974YellowTruck01.jpg  14Ford1974YellowTruck02.jpg  14Ford1974YellowTruck03.jpg  14Ford1974YellowTruck04.jpg  14Ford1974YellowTruck05.jpg  

* 1976 Ford 700 Louisville 4-Ton Truck, 8' x 18' wooden box & hoist, 360 motor, 5x2, 1000 x 20 tires, S/N N70EVA88428 (Blue)

15Ford1976BlueTruck01.jpg  15Ford1976BlueTruck02.jpg  15Ford1976BlueTruck03.jpg  15Ford1976BlueTruck04.jpg  15Ford1976BlueTruck05.jpg  15Ford1976BlueTruck06.jpg  

* 1978 IH 1850 Loadstar 4-Ton Truck, 8' x 16' Steel Box & hoist, 5x2, 466 motor, 9' x 22' bale deck, amber light, S/N D0535HCA28647 (Grey)

16IH1978GreyTruck01.jpg  16IH1978GreyTruck02.jpg  16IH1978GreyTruck03.jpg  16IH1978GreyTruck04.jpg  16IH1978GreyTruck05.jpg  16IH1978GreyTruck06.jpg  

* 1974 Chev 3/4 Ton Service Truck, 120 gal. fuel tank w/12V pump, air tank, tool boxes, Grill Guard, new tires & wheels, 4 sp., 20,000 kms. on rebuilt motor, S/N CCY2441140231 (Green)

17Chev1974GreenTruck01.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck02.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck03.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck04.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck05.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck06.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck07.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck08.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck09.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck10.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck11.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck12.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck13.jpg  17Chev1974GreenTruck14.jpg  

* 2012 7 1/2' x 16' All Pro Bumper Pull Dump Trailer, 4' high metal sides, elec. over hyd. hoist, 8 bolt rims, 16" tires, spare tire, loading ramps, metal floor, S/N 1Z9DT1765AJ213929 (Black)

18AllPro2012DumpTrailer01.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer02.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer03.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer04.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer05.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer06.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer07.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer08.jpg  18AllPro2012DumpTrailer09.jpg  

* 2005 7' x 24' Southland 5th Wheel Aluminium Stock Trailer, 2 divider gates, 2-way gate on back, tri-axle, 8 bolt rims, 16" tires, Aluminium floor, rubber mats, outside ties, escape gate, spare tire S/N 2S9LP545X41013349 (Grey)

19SouthlandStockTrailer01.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer02.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer03.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer04.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer05.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer06.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer07.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer08.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer09.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer10.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer11.jpg  19SouthlandStockTrailer12.jpg  

* 14' Haulmark Portable Fish Shack, single axle, window, propane heater, chairs, 5 holes, S/N 16HCB10195H133538 (White)

20FishingShack01.jpg  20FishingShack02.jpg  20FishingShack03.jpg  20FishingShack04.jpg  20FishingShack05.jpg  

* 8 1/2' x 24' Metal Stock Racks, divider gate

21StockRack01.jpg  21StockRack02.jpg  21StockRack03.jpg  21StockRack04.jpg  

Truck Service Deck, 150 gal. fuel tank, tool boxes

18' Monarch Aluminium Boat w/115 hp. Mercury Motor w/Monarch Trailer, fish & depth finder

* 13' Vanguard Fibreglass Boat & Trailer, 7 hp. Mercury motor

22VanguardBoat01.jpg  22VanguardBoat02.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 45' Case IH 8500 Air Hoe Drill, 7" spacings, metal packers, 5 plex, 230 bu. in-frame grain tank, single chute, blockage monitor on each run, lrg. cups, depth control wheels on front, hyd. fan, S/N 138096 (Excellent for seeding grass)

23CaseHoeDrill01.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill02.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill03.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill04.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill05.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill06.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill07.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill08.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill09.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill10.jpg  23CaseHoeDrill11.jpg  

* 19' Wishek 612 Breaking Disc, notch blades on front, straight blades on back, disc scrapers, S/N N02418313

24WishekDisc01.jpg  24WishekDisc02.jpg  24WishekDisc03.jpg  24WishekDisc04.jpg  24WishekDisc05.jpg  24WishekDisc06.jpg  24WishekDisc07.jpg  24WishekDisc08.jpg  24WishekDisc09.jpg  

* Degelman Rotary Rockpicker, hyd. dr., 3 bats


* 2 - Friggstad Fork Type Rockpickers

26FriggstadRockpicker01.jpg  26FriggstadRockpicker02.jpg  26FriggstadRockpicker03.jpg  


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* Thomas 1700 Skid Steer, needs motor

27Skidsteer01.jpg  27Skidsteer02.jpg  27Skidsteer03.jpg  

Haying & Livestock

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* 30' JD 4895 Diesel SP Swather, CAHR, 18.4R26 front tires, dual tires on back, rad sweep, hydrostatic, buddy seat, back weights, 1102 eng. hrs. showing, 800 cutting hrs. showing, S/N 340044 w/30' Honey Bee Draper Header, db. hay knife, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, rubber canvass, fore & aft. S/N 30WS065489

28Swather01.jpg  28Swather02.jpg  28Swather03.jpg  28Swather04.jpg  28Swather05.jpg  28Swather06.jpg  28Swather07.jpg  28Swather08.jpg  28Swather09.jpg  28Swather10.jpg  28Swather11.jpg  28Swather12.jpg  28Swather13.jpg  28Swather14.jpg  28Swather15.jpg  28Swather16.jpg  28Swather17.jpg  28Swather18.jpg  28Swather19.jpg  28Swather20.jpg  28Swather21.jpg  

* 1984 16' Hesston 6650 SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, hydrostatic, 21.5 x 16.5 front tires, dual tires on back, Perkins Diesel, 3779 hrs. showing S/N 2499 w/16' Hesston 6655 Header, Honey Bee db. hay knife, crimper, pushbar

55HesstonSwather01.jpg  55HesstonSwather02.jpg  55HesstonSwather03.jpg  55HesstonSwather04.jpg  55HesstonSwather05.jpg  55HesstonSwather06.jpg  55HesstonSwather07.jpg  55HesstonSwather08.jpg  55HesstonSwather09.jpg  55HesstonSwather10.jpg  55HesstonSwather11.jpg  55HesstonSwather12.jpg  55HesstonSwather13.jpg  55HesstonSwather14.jpg  

* Highline Bale Pro 6600 Bale Shredder, 1000 pto, left side discharge, S/N 24527

56HighlineBalePro01.jpg  56HighlineBalePro02.jpg  56HighlineBalePro03.jpg  56HighlineBalePro04.jpg  

* Knight Big Auggie 12 Feed Wagon, hyd. chute, 540 pto, scale, tandem axle

57BigAugie01.jpg  57BigAugie02.jpg  57BigAugie03.jpg  57BigAugie04.jpg  57BigAugie05.jpg  57BigAugie06.jpg  57BigAugie07.jpg  

* NH 791 Manure Spreader, 1000 x 20 tires, tandem axle, db. beaters, 540 pto, wood floor, single chain, S/N 533779

29ManureSpreader01.jpg  29ManureSpreader02.jpg  29ManureSpreader03.jpg  29ManureSpreader04.jpg  29ManureSpreader05.jpg  29ManureSpreader06.jpg  29ManureSpreader07.jpg  29ManureSpreader08.jpg  

* NH 1044 pto Stackliner, tandem axle, kickout feet, 540 pto, hauls 120 bales, S/N 16641

30Stackliner01.jpg  30Stackliner02.jpg  30Stackliner03.jpg  30Stackliner04.jpg  30Stackliner05.jpg  

800 Bushel Feed Body for 5-Ton Truck, auger, 5 comp.

Davis Roller Mill & Chopper, feed wagon & mixer, pto dr., on own trailer

Homebuilt Swath Turner

* 8' x 16' Chaff Box


Rem Chaff Wagon


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* 2005 36' Prairie Star 4620 pto Swather, 1000 pto, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, tractor hyd., hyd. transport, rubber canvass, S/N 166057

32Swather01.jpg  32Swather02.jpg  32Swather03.jpg  32Swather04.jpg  32Swather05.jpg  32Swather06.jpg  32Swather07.jpg  

* 45' x 8" Sakundiak pto Grain Auger

33Auger45ft01.jpg  33Auger45ft02.jpg  

* 37' x 6" Sakundiak Grain Auger, 12 hp. motor, bin sweep

34Auger37ft01.jpg  34Auger37ft02.jpg  34Auger37ft03.jpg  

* Canola Hyd. Sheer for Header



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* 2001 Bombardier 7461 Traxter ATV, 4x4, auto or manual, front & back racks, 3026 kms. showing, S/N 2BVADHA161V000302

36BombardierATV01.jpg  36BombardierATV02.jpg  36BombardierATV03.jpg  36BombardierATV04.jpg  36BombardierATV05.jpg  36BombardierATV06.jpg  36BombardierATV07.jpg  36BombardierATV08.jpg  36BombardierATV09.jpg  36BombardierATV10.jpg  

Meat Cutting Equip.

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* Toledo Rail Scale w/rollers & hooks


* 200' Meat Track w/corners

38Tracks01.jpg  38Tracks02.jpg  

* Refrigeration Coolers & Compressors

39Coolers01.jpg  39Coolers02.jpg  39Coolers03.jpg  39Coolers04.jpg  

* 2 hp. Splitting Saw


* Beam Scale


* Meat Grinder w/15 hp. motor


* Rail Hooks

43RailHook01.jpg  43RailHook02.jpg  

* Elec. Stun Gun


* Patty Maker


* 3 Lrg. Coolers

46LrgCoolers01.jpg  46LrgCoolers02.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* Various 5 gal. Pails of New Engine Oil, Hyd. Oil, Diesel Antifreeze

47NewOil01.jpg  47NewOil02.jpg  47NewOil03.jpg  47NewOil04.jpg  47NewOil05.jpg  

* Lincoln 225 Portable Welder & Generator, 2 cyl. Onan motor

48Welder01.jpg  48Welder02.jpg  48Welder03.jpg  

* Aaladin Pressure Washer


* Motor home A/C


* Elec. 5-Ton Chain Hoist


* Elec. 2-Ton Chain Hoist


* 2 Hotsy’s, need repairs


* Pro Heat Generator


* 5 Hyd. Drill Fills * Lrg. Fuel Tank for back of Tandem Truck. Plus Other Articles Too Numerous To Mention.


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Lester (306) 295-7519.


Morvik Surplus Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Eastend, SK.

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