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Large Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Good Earth Farm Ltd.
(Norma Horvey
& The Late Levern Horvey)

Cabri, Saskatchewan

Monday, June 10, 2019

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm

6 miles East of Cabri on #738 Super Grid Road, 1/2 mile North on Cabri Regional Park gravel road. (West side)
(GPS: N50.37.10.89; W108.18.52.31)



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* 2013 NH T8.275 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18 sp. powershift, 600/70R30 Radial Front Tires, 800/70R38 Radial back tires, NH FPT Diesel Motor, 4 hyd., return line, 540-1000 pto, rear cast weights, 12 front wheel weights, PLM Intellisteer III Autosteer & GPS, left hand reverse, 235 eng. hp., 723 hrs. showing, S/N ZCRC06378

01NHTractor01.jpg  01NHTractor02.jpg  01NHTractor03.jpg  01NHTractor04.jpg  01NHTractor05.jpg  01NHTractor06.jpg  01NHTractor07.jpg  01NHTractor08.jpg  01NHTractor09.jpg  01NHTractor10.jpg  01NHTractor11.jpg  01NHTractor12.jpg  01NHTractor13.jpg  01NHTractor14.jpg  01NHTractor15.jpg  01NHTractor16.jpg  01NHTractor17.jpg  01NHTractor18.jpg  01NHTractor19.jpg  01NHTractor20.jpg  01NHTractor21.jpg  

* Deutz D10006 Diesel Tractor, cab, cooler, 20.8 x 38 tires, 3 rib front tires, 540-1000 pto, 2 hyd., standard shift, 100 eng. hp., 6368 hrs. showing, S/N 7927-2058

02DeutzTractor01.jpg  02DeutzTractor02.jpg  02DeutzTractor03.jpg  02DeutzTractor04.jpg  02DeutzTractor06.jpg  02DeutzTractor07.jpg  02DeutzTractor08.jpg  02DeutzTractor09.jpg  02DeutzTractor10.jpg  02DeutzTractor11.jpg  02DeutzTractor12.jpg  02DeutzTractor13.jpg  02DeutzTractor14.jpg  02DeutzTractor15.jpg  


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* 1998 Freightliner FL80 5-Ton Tandem Grain Truck, 7.2L Cat Diesel Motor, Allison Auto. Trans., air ride seat, A/C, PW, PL, Cab Cam Backup Camera, 8 1/2' x 20' steel box & db. acting hoist, roll tarp, metal floor, silage end gate, rear controls for hoist, 137, 279 kms. showing, S/N 1FVXJJBB7WH951844 (White)

03FreightlinerTruck01.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck02.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck03.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck04.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck05.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck06.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck07.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck08.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck09.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck10.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck11.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck12.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck13.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck14.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck15.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck16.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck17.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck18.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck19.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck20.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck21.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck22.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck23.jpg  03FreightlinerTruck24.jpg  

* 1987 Ford F700 4-Ton Grain Truck, 5x2 trans., 1100 x 20 tires, step saddle tanks, 429 V8 motor, 8 1/2' x 16' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 80,113 kms. showing, S/N 1FDNF70H5HVA21732 (Red)

04Ford1987Truck01.jpg  04Ford1987Truck02.jpg  04Ford1987Truck03.jpg  04Ford1987Truck04.jpg  04Ford1987Truck05.jpg  04Ford1987Truck06.jpg  04Ford1987Truck07.jpg  04Ford1987Truck08.jpg  04Ford1987Truck09.jpg  04Ford1987Truck10.jpg  04Ford1987Truck11.jpg  

* 1975 GMC 6500 3-Ton Grain Truck, 5x2, 900 x 20 tires, 8 1/2' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, 54,270 miles showing, S/N TCE665V599122 (White)

05GMC1975Truck01.jpg  05GMC1975Truck02.jpg  05GMC1975Truck03.jpg  05GMC1975Truck04.jpg  05GMC1975Truck05.jpg  05GMC1975Truck06.jpg  05GMC1975Truck07.jpg  05GMC1975Truck08.jpg  05GMC1975Truck09.jpg  05GMC1975Truck10.jpg  

* 1969 Chev C/40 3-Ton Grain Truck, 825 x 20 tires, 4 sp., 8' x 13 1/2' steel box & hoist, metal floor, 82,364 miles showing, S/N CE439P826114 (Blue & White)

06Chev1969Truck01.jpg  06Chev1969Truck02.jpg  06Chev1969Truck03.jpg  06Chev1969Truck04.jpg  06Chev1969Truck05.jpg  06Chev1969Truck06.jpg  

* 2004 Chev Silverado 1/2 Ton Ext. Cab 4x4 Truck, Z71 Off Road package, chrome package, running boards, hidden hitch, PL, PW, Power Slide Out Mirrors, leather interior, heated seats, memory seats, command start, metal tool box, 17" tires, 122,051 kms. showing, S/N 1GCEK19T64E173176 (Black)

07Chev2004Truck01.jpg  07Chev2004Truck02.jpg  07Chev2004Truck03.jpg  07Chev2004Truck04.jpg  07Chev2004Truck05.jpg  07Chev2004Truck06.jpg  07Chev2004Truck07.jpg  07Chev2004Truck08.jpg  07Chev2004Truck09.jpg  

* 1974 Chev 1/2 Ton Truck, 4sp., metal tool box, tow bar, 350 motor, S/N CCY1441177458 (Brown)

08Chev1974Truck01.jpg  08Chev1974Truck02.jpg  08Chev1974Truck03.jpg  08Chev1974Truck04.jpg  08Chev1974Truck05.jpg  08Chev1974Truck06.jpg  08Chev1974Truck07.jpg  08Chev1974Truck08.jpg  08Chev1974Truck09.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* Morris 130S Grain Tank, 3 wheels, hyd. fan, S/N 1309701472

09MorrisTank01.jpg  09MorrisTank02.jpg  09MorrisTank03.jpg  

* Hyd. Drill Fill * Chem Handler


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* 2006 NH CR960 SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, 900/60R32 front tires, 600/65R28 back tires, twin spreaders, straw chopper, NH Diesel motor, hydrostatic, buddy seat, NH FM-750 Monitor, EZ-Steer Autosteer, 4335 eng. hrs., 3366 sep. hrs., S/N HAJ103708 w/14' NH 76C Pickup Table w/swathmaster pickup, S/N PPP004275

10Combine01.jpg  10Combine02.jpg  10Combine03.jpg  10Combine04.jpg  10Combine05.jpg  10Combine06.jpg  10Combine07.jpg  10Combine09.jpg  10Combine10.jpg  10Combine11.jpg  10Combine12.jpg  10Combine13.jpg  10Combine14.jpg  10Combine15.jpg  10Combine16.jpg  10Combine17.jpg  10Combine18.jpg  10Combine19.jpg  10Combine20.jpg  10Combine21.jpg  10Combine22.jpg  10Combine23.jpg  10Combine24.jpg  10Combine25.jpg  

* 2006 30' NH 94C Rigid Draper Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, pea auger, lights, own transport, S/N 300600736

11NHHeader01.jpg  11NHHeader02.jpg  11NHHeader03.jpg  11NHHeader04.jpg  11NHHeader05.jpg  11NHHeader06.jpg  11NHHeader07.jpg  

* 2015 45’ x 15” Batco FX1545 Conveyor Auger, auger mover,, 32 1/2 hp. Kohler Command Pro Elec. start motor, S/N 15-00085 (Like New)

12Batco45ftAuger01.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger02.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger03.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger04.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger05.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger06.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger07.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger08.jpg  12Batco45ftAuger09.jpg  

* 61' x 10" Westfield MK 100-61 Pto Grain Auger, hyd. lift, swing out hopper, 540 pto, reverser

13Westfield61ftAuger01.jpg  13Westfield61ftAuger02.jpg  13Westfield61ftAuger03.jpg  13Westfield61ftAuger04.jpg  13Westfield61ftAuger05.jpg  

* 65' x 13" Batco 1365 Conveyor Auger, hyd. lift, 540 pto, S/N 12358

14BatcoAuger01.jpg  14BatcoAuger02.jpg  14BatcoAuger03.jpg  14BatcoAuger04.jpg  14BatcoAuger05.jpg  

* 40' x 7" Brandt 740 Grain Auger, 16 hp. Kohler elec. start motor, hyd. auger mover, plumbed for bin sweep

15Brandt40ftAuger01.jpg  15Brandt40ftAuger02.jpg  15Brandt40ftAuger03.jpg  15Brandt40ftAuger04.jpg  15Brandt40ftAuger05.jpg  15Brandt40ftAuger06.jpg  

* 14’ x 13” Batco 1314 Conveyor Transfer Auger, Honda 200 GX motor, S/N 42812

40BatcoTransfer01.jpg  40BatcoTransfer02.jpg  40BatcoTransfer03.jpg  40BatcoTransfer04.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 1000 Gal. Westeel Ground Level Diesel Fuel Tank, MR 5-30 Fuel Meter, quick release nozzle, 1/3 hp.

16FuelTank01.jpg  16FuelTank02.jpg  16FuelTank03.jpg  

* Coleman Fibreglass Canoe w/paddels

18Canoe01.jpg  18Canoe02.jpg  

* 8' 3 Pt. Hitch Cultivator


* Campbell Hausfed Upright Air Compressor, 220V


* 1000 Gal. Metal Water Tank

21WaterTank01.jpg  21WaterTank02.jpg  

* 225 Amp Forney Welder


* 2 - 135 Gal. Slip Tanks, 1 w/12V pump

23SlipTank01.jpg  23SlipTank02.jpg  

* 4-205/55R16 Tires


* 24" Sno-Power 5/24 Snowblower, 5 hp. motor

25Snowblower01.jpg  25Snowblower02.jpg  

* 6" Bench Grinder & Stand


* Jepson Chop Saw


* Homemade Hyd. Press


* Nu-Way Drill Press


* Goodwill Drill Press w/stand & vice


* Cast Iron Scalding Pot


* Jackal * Air Impacts * Reciprocating Saw * Various Oil * Paving Stones * Kids Go Kart, needs motor * Shovels * Bikes * Lumber * Yard Wagon * Various Wrenches, Sockets, Hand Tools * Hyd. Jacks * Angle Grinders * Drill Bits * Bolt Bin w/bolts * Elec. Supplies * CB Radios * Acetylene Welder * Puller Set * Metal Welding Table on wheel s* Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

32Shop01.jpg  32Shop02.jpg  32Shop03.jpg  32Shop04.jpg  32Shop05.jpg  32Shop06.jpg  32Shop07.jpg  

Woodworking Equipment

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* Delta 13" x 6" Wood Planer & Stand

33Planer01.jpg  33Planer02.jpg  33Planer03.jpg  

* King 1 Hp Dust Collector

34DustCollector01.jpg  34DustCollector02.jpg  

* Delta 10" Compound Mitre Saw


* 10" Trademaster Table Saw


* Delta 10 Scroll Saw


* Dewalt Radial Arm Saw


* Palm Sander


* Skil Router Table w/router* Makita Belt Sander w/case * B&D Jig Saw * Carpenters Tool Box


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info. call Glenn (306) 741-2066.


Horvey Farm Equipment Auction - Cabri, SK.

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