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Large Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: GFG Farms Ltd.
(Gene & Gwen Frank)

Bateman, Saskatchewan
(306) 648-0050; (306) 648-2813

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Bins sell at 12 Noon
Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm
Selling w/ 2 Rings

6 miles South of Hodgeville on #19 Hwy., 9 miles East on Gravel Road, 1/4 mile South (West Side of the Town of Bateman) /OR 9 miles West of Gravelbourg on #43 Hwy., 9 miles North on Bateman Grid Road (West Side of the Town of Bateman)
(GPS: N50.0.38; W106.45.23)



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* 1995 JD 8970 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, Raven GPS w/autosteer, 12 sp. synchromesh, N14 Cummins Diesel motor, 20.8R42 factory duals, 2,000 lb. intercast weights on back, 4 hyd., return line, air ride seat, 400 eng. hp., 4700 hrs. showing, S/N 003269

02JD8970Tractor01.jpg  02JD8970Tractor02.jpg  02JD8970Tractor03.jpg  02JD8970Tractor04.jpg  02JD8970Tractor05.jpg  02JD8970Tractor06.jpg  02JD8970Tractor07.jpg  02JD8970Tractor08.jpg  02JD8970Tractor09.jpg  02JD8970Tractor10.jpg  02JD8970Tractor11.jpg  02JD8970Tractor12.jpg  02JD8970Tractor14.jpg  02JD8970Tractor15.jpg  02JD8970Tractor16.jpg  02JD8970Tractor17.jpg  02JD8970Tractor18.jpg  02JD8970Tractor19.jpg  02JD8970Tractor20.jpg  02JD8970Tractor21.jpg  

* 1993 JD 8570 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 250 eng. hp., 18.4R38 factory duals, 3 hyd., 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 12 sp. synchromesh, 6500 hrs. showing, S/N 001130

03JD8570Tractor01.jpg  03JD8570Tractor02.jpg  03JD8570Tractor03.jpg  03JD8570Tractor04.jpg  03JD8570Tractor05.jpg  03JD8570Tractor06.jpg  03JD8570Tractor07.jpg  03JD8570Tractor08.jpg  03JD8570Tractor09.jpg  03JD8570Tractor10.jpg  03JD8570Tractor11.jpg  03JD8570Tractor12.jpg  03JD8570Tractor13.jpg  03JD8570Tractor14.jpg  03JD8570Tractor15.jpg  03JD8570Tractor16.jpg  03JD8570Tractor17.jpg  

* 1977 White 2-135 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 38 duals, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 4 rib front tires, 150 eng. hp., 18 sp. Hydraul-Shift Trans., 5381 hrs. showing, S/N 273632-4 w/10' Degelman Blade, 2 way, metal skids (Sells as a unit)

04WhiteTractor01.jpg  04WhiteTractor02.jpg  04WhiteTractor03.jpg  04WhiteTractor04.jpg  04WhiteTractor05.jpg  04WhiteTractor06.jpg  04WhiteTractor07.jpg  04WhiteTractor08.jpg  04WhiteTractor09.jpg  04WhiteTractor10.jpg  04WhiteTractor11.jpg  04WhiteTractor12.jpg  04WhiteTractor13.jpg  04WhiteTractor14.jpg  

* 1972 JD 920 Diesel Tractor, 8 sp., 3 pt. ht., 14.9 x 28 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 540 pto, front weights, block heater, 44 eng. hp., 1926 hrs. showing, S/N 063129L

05JD920Tractor01.jpg  05JD920Tractor02.jpg  05JD920Tractor03.jpg  05JD920Tractor04.jpg  05JD920Tractor05.jpg  05JD920Tractor06.jpg  05JD920Tractor07.jpg  05JD920Tractor08.jpg  05JD920Tractor09.jpg  05JD920Tractor10.jpg  05JD920Tractor11.jpg  05JD920Tractor12.jpg  

* 2008 JD 4105 MFWA Diesel Tractor, 3 pt. ht., roll bar, 540 pto, 17.5L24 back tires, 10-16.5 front tires, 2 sp. hydrostatic, 41 eng. hp., 714 hrs. showing, S/N LV4105H111268 w/ JD 300 CX FEL, 73" bucket, sep. joystick

06JD4105Tractor01.jpg  06JD4105Tractor02.jpg  06JD4105Tractor03.jpg  06JD4105Tractor04.jpg  06JD4105Tractor05.jpg  06JD4105Tractor06.jpg  06JD4105Tractor07.jpg  06JD4105Tractor08.jpg  06JD4105Tractor09.jpg  06JD4105Tractor10.jpg  06JD4105Tractor11.jpg  06JD4105Tractor12.jpg  06JD4105Tractor13.jpg  06JD4105Tractor14.jpg  06JD4105Tractor15.jpg  06JD4105Tractor16.jpg  06JD4105Tractor17.jpg  06JD4105Tractor18.jpg  

* 3 1/2' Pallet Forks for JD 4105 Tractor, quick detach


GPS (sells after tractors)

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* 2 - T-Jet 220 Centre Line GPS w/lightbar

3 PT. Hitch

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* King Kutter Plow


* Speeco Quick Hitch

09QuickHitch01.jpg  09QuickHitch02.jpg  09QuickHitch03.jpg  

* 7' Allied Blade


* 6' Farm King Finishing Mower, 540 pto


* 6 1/2' King Kutter Box Scraper


* Agri-Ease Post Hole Auger, 540 pto, 9" bit

13PostHoleAuger01.jpg  13PostHoleAuger02.jpg  

* 12' Yard Sprayer, 25 gal., w/hand wand

14YardSprayer01.jpg  14YardSprayer02.jpg  

* Ballast Box

15BallastBox01.jpg  15BallastBox02.jpg  

* JD Quick Hitch (for 4105 Tractor)


* 6' King Kutter Rotary Mower, 540 pto

17KingMower01.jpg  17KingMower02.jpg  

* 7' Farm King 740 Snowblower, hyd. chute, 540 pto, 2 stage

18Snowblower01.jpg  18Snowblower02.jpg  

* 7' Homebuilt Tandem Disc


* 8' Homebuilt Cultivator



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* JD 510D Backhoe, JD FEL 7 1/2' bucket, 24" Hoe bucket, 18.4 x 28 back tires, 14.5/75-16.1SL front tires, powershift, left hand reverse (3699 hrs. unverified) S/N 292028T

21Backhoe01.jpg  21Backhoe02.jpg  21Backhoe03.jpg  21Backhoe04.jpg  21Backhoe05.jpg  21Backhoe06.jpg  21Backhoe07.jpg  21Backhoe08.jpg  21Backhoe09.jpg  21Backhoe10.jpg  21Backhoe11.jpg  21Backhoe12.jpg  21Backhoe13.jpg  21Backhoe14.jpg  21Backhoe15.jpg  21Backhoe16.jpg  21Backhoe17.jpg  21Backhoe18.jpg  

Trucks & Trailers

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* 1992 GMC HD2500 3/4 Ton SLT Reg Cab Truck, 4x4, 6.5L diesel, auto, running boards, poly tool box, 16" tires, hidden ht., 265,060 kms. showing, S/N 1GTGK24FXNE516606 (Red)

22GMC1992Truck01.jpg  22GMC1992Truck02.jpg  22GMC1992Truck03.jpg  22GMC1992Truck04.jpg  22GMC1992Truck05.jpg  22GMC1992Truck06.jpg  22GMC1992Truck07.jpg  22GMC1992Truck08.jpg  22GMC1992Truck09.jpg  22GMC1992Truck11.jpg  22GMC1992Truck12.jpg  22GMC1992Truck13.jpg  22GMC1992Truck14.jpg  22GMC1992Truck15.jpg  22GMC1992Truck16.jpg  

* 2000 Ford F350 Lariat Super Duty 1-Ton Ext. Cab Truck, 4x4, overload springs, leather seats, Triton V10 motor, 16" tires, hidden ht., auto, running boards, turn in hubs, PW, 268,169 kms. showing, S/N 1FTSX31S6YEE23170 (Black)

23Ford2000Truck01.jpg  23Ford2000Truck02.jpg  23Ford2000Truck03.jpg  23Ford2000Truck04.jpg  23Ford2000Truck05.jpg  23Ford2000Truck06.jpg  23Ford2000Truck07.jpg  23Ford2000Truck08.jpg  23Ford2000Truck09.jpg  23Ford2000Truck10.jpg  23Ford2000Truck11.jpg  23Ford2000Truck12.jpg  23Ford2000Truck13.jpg  23Ford2000Truck14.jpg  23Ford2000Truck15.jpg  

* 1981 GMC 7000 4-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 16' steel box, db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, plumbed for drill fill, 366 V8 motor, 5x2 trans., Bostrom seat, 1000 x 20 tires, back up lights, dual step saddle tanks, 67,636 kms. showing, S/N 1GDG7D1BXBV566993 (Blue)

24GMC1981Truck01.jpg  24GMC1981Truck02.jpg  24GMC1981Truck03.jpg  24GMC1981Truck04.jpg  24GMC1981Truck05.jpg  24GMC1981Truck06.jpg  24GMC1981Truck07.jpg  24GMC1981Truck08.jpg  24GMC1981Truck09.jpg  24GMC1981Truck10.jpg  24GMC1981Truck11.jpg  24GMC1981Truck12.jpg  24GMC1981Truck13.jpg  24GMC1981Truck14.jpg  24GMC1981Truck15.jpg  

* 1981 Ford LT9000 5-Ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 18' steel box, db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 371 Detroit Diesel motor, 13 sp. Fuhler trans., 11R22.5 tires, plumbed for drill fill, ext. leaf springs on back, A/C, 460,851 kms. showing, S/N 1FDYU90TXBVJ03270 (Red)

25Ford1981Truck01.jpg  25Ford1981Truck02.jpg  25Ford1981Truck03.jpg  25Ford1981Truck04.jpg  25Ford1981Truck05.jpg  25Ford1981Truck06.jpg  25Ford1981Truck07.jpg  25Ford1981Truck08.jpg  25Ford1981Truck09.jpg  25Ford1981Truck10.jpg  25Ford1981Truck11.jpg  25Ford1981Truck12.jpg  25Ford1981Truck13.jpg  25Ford1981Truck14.jpg  

* 1980 GMC Sierra Truck, 4x4, 4 sp., cast iron transfer case (for parts)

26GMC1980Truck01.jpg  26GMC1980Truck02.jpg  

* 1964 GMC 940 3-Ton Grain Truck, 292 motor, 4x2 trans., 900 x 20 tires, 8' x 15' steel box & hoist, plumbed for drill fill, S/N 4C965036133111 (Red)

27GMC1964Truck01.jpg  27GMC1964Truck02.jpg  27GMC1964Truck03.jpg  27GMC1964Truck04.jpg  27GMC1964Truck05.jpg  27GMC1964Truck06.jpg  27GMC1964Truck07.jpg  27GMC1964Truck08.jpg  27GMC1964Truck09.jpg  27GMC1964Truck10.jpg  

* 2002 7 1/2' x 18' Trailtech Bumper Pull Flat Deck Trailer, pindle ht., tandem axle, 16” tires, 8 bolt rims, loading ramps, GVW 13,933 lb. S/N 2CU138J98X2005530 (Black)

28Trailtech2002Trailer01.jpg  28Trailtech2002Trailer02.jpg  28Trailtech2002Trailer03.jpg  28Trailtech2002Trailer04.jpg  28Trailtech2002Trailer05.jpg  

* 2013 6' x 12' Trailtech Bumper Pull Flat Deck Trailer, single axle, 2CUBF2C18D2033324 (Black)

29Trailtech2013Trailer01.jpg  29Trailtech2013Trailer02.jpg  29Trailtech2013Trailer03.jpg  29Trailtech2013Trailer04.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Grain Trailer


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* 2011 Freightliner Coronado Hwy. Tractor, DD15 Detroit Diesel, 18 sp., 11R24.5 tires, sliding 5th wheel, back tire fenders, air rid seat, mid roof sleeper, 46,000 lb. axles, PW, 874,142 kms. showing, S/N 1FUJGPDR3BDAZ2021 (Silver) (Approx. 25,000 kms. on new factory rebuilt engine) (Will have current safety)

31Freightliner01.jpg  31Freightliner02.jpg  31Freightliner03.jpg  31Freightliner04.jpg  31Freightliner05.jpg  31Freightliner06.jpg  31Freightliner07.jpg  31Freightliner08.jpg  31Freightliner09.jpg  31Freightliner10.jpg  31Freightliner11.jpg  31Freightliner12.jpg  31Freightliner13.jpg  31Freightliner14.jpg  

* 2016 46' Wilson Aluminium Grain Trailer, 2 hoppers, crank openers, 11R24.5 tires, triaxle, scales, roll tarp, 30" high hoppers, front & back ladders, 19,000 lb. axles, S/N 1W14453A3G2267547 (Black)

32GrainTrailer01.jpg  32GrainTrailer02.jpg  32GrainTrailer03.jpg  32GrainTrailer04.jpg  32GrainTrailer05.jpg  32GrainTrailer06.jpg  32GrainTrailer07.jpg  32GrainTrailer08.jpg  32GrainTrailer09.jpg  32GrainTrailer10.jpg  32GrainTrailer11.jpg  32GrainTrailer12.jpg  32GrainTrailer13.jpg  32GrainTrailer14.jpg  32GrainTrailer15.jpg  32GrainTrailer16.jpg  32GrainTrailer17.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 2003 58' Flexicoil 5000 Air Drill, 12" spacings, db. chute, 4 1/2" metal packers, 2 1/2" Dutch openers w/3/4" fert. drop, Dutch Seed Brakes, 5 plex, S/N AD110289-03 w/1994 Flexicoil 2320 Tow Behind Tank, 2 comp., 23.1 x 26 back tires, 10.5L16 front tires, 1 hyd. fan, S/N GH2320AP060726

33AirDrill01.jpg  33AirDrill02.jpg  33AirDrill03.jpg  33AirDrill04.jpg  33AirDrill05.jpg  33AirDrill06.jpg  33AirDrill07.jpg  33AirDrill08.jpg  33AirDrill09.jpg  33AirDrill10.jpg  33AirDrill11.jpg  33AirDrill12.jpg  33AirDrill13.jpg  33AirDrill14.jpg  33AirDrill15.jpg  33AirDrill16.jpg  33AirDrill17.jpg  33AirDrill18.jpg  33AirDrill19.jpg  33AirDrill20.jpg  

* 58' of Mackay Seed Boots (liquid injection)


* 58' Used Atom Jet Db. chute Seed Boots


* 2007 100' Flexicoil S68 High Clearance Field Sprayer, 380/80R38 tires, 850 gal. poly tank, sep chem. tank, sep. rinse tank, Raven auto-boom, auto-rate, auto-height, auto rate, 2 body nozzles, hyd. pump, S/N Y7S005394

36Sprayer01.jpg  36Sprayer02.jpg  36Sprayer03.jpg  36Sprayer04.jpg  36Sprayer05.jpg  36Sprayer06.jpg  36Sprayer07.jpg  36Sprayer08.jpg  36Sprayer09.jpg  36Sprayer10.jpg  

* 49' Morris Cultivator, tine harrows, 5 plex w/Valmar 320 Granular Applicator, hyd. dr., 4 clutch conversion, (left, right, main & alternate rate)

37CultivatorwithValmar01.jpg  37CultivatorwithValmar02.jpg  37CultivatorwithValmar03.jpg  

* 40' Flexicoil 820 Cultivator, 3 plex, walking axles, tine harrows, plumbed for Valmar, db. chute package

38Cultivator01.jpg  38Cultivator02.jpg  38Cultivator03.jpg  38Cultivator04.jpg  

* 60' Flexicoil System 90 Harrow Packer Drawbar, 14" tine harrows, coil packers, lrg. tires on booms, fully hyd.

39Harrow01.jpg  39Harrow02.jpg  39Harrow03.jpg  39Harrow04.jpg  

* 52' Leon R79-52 Rodweeder, 5 plex

40Rodweeder01.jpg  40Rodweeder02.jpg  

* 50' Hardi Truck Sprayer, 400 gal. poly tank, converted to Banjo Ball Valves, 8 hp. B&S Motor

41Sprayer50ft01.jpg  41Sprayer50ft02.jpg  41Sprayer50ft03.jpg  41Sprayer50ft04.jpg  

* 40' Hardi Truck Sprayer, 250 gal. Poly tank, 5.5 hp. Honda motor


* 45' MF 360 Discers, packers, fert. boxes


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* 2007 NH CR9060 SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, 9L Cummins Diesel Motor, lrg. swing out auger, straw chopper, hopper extensions, 900/60R32 front tires, 600/65R28 back tires, light package, single point hook-up, 2380 eng. hrs., 1718 sep. hrs., S/N HAJ110156 w/14' NH 76C Pickup table w/swathmaster pickup (Combine has 0 hrs. on recent Blue Light) (Sells as a unit)

43Combine01.jpg  43Combine02.jpg  43Combine03.jpg  43Combine04.jpg  43Combine05.jpg  43Combine06.jpg  43Combine07.jpg  43Combine08.jpg  43Combine09.jpg  43Combine10.jpg  43Combine11.jpg  43Combine12.jpg  43Combine13.jpg  43Combine14.jpg  43Combine15.jpg  43Combine16.jpg  43Combine17.jpg  43Combine18.jpg  43Combine19.jpg  43Combine20.jpg  43Combine21.jpg  43Combine22.jpg  43Combine23.jpg  43Combine24.jpg  43Combine25.jpg  43Combine26.jpg  

* 36' NH 94C Straight Cut Header, U2 pickup reel, plastic fingers, rubber canvass, full pea auger, fore & aft, on own transport, single knife dr., gauge wheels, poly skids, NH CR adapter, S/N 36GB081238

44NHHeader01.jpg  44NHHeader02.jpg  44NHHeader03.jpg  44NHHeader04.jpg  44NHHeader05.jpg  44NHHeader06.jpg  44NHHeader07.jpg  44NHHeader08.jpg  44NHHeader09.jpg  44NHHeader10.jpg  44NHHeader11.jpg  

* Trailtech Header trailer for up to 36' header

45Trailer01.jpg  45Trailer02.jpg  

* 2006 30' JD 4895 SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, rad sweep, 18.4R26 front tires, dual tires on back, hydrostatic, 1577 eng. hrs., 1193 cutting hrs., S/N 320075 w/30' Honeybee header, U2 pickup reel w/plastic fingers, rubber canvass, S/N 300600492

46Swather01.jpg  46Swather02.jpg  46Swather03.jpg  46Swather04.jpg  46Swather05.jpg  46Swather06.jpg  46Swather07.jpg  46Swather08.jpg  46Swather09.jpg  46Swather10.jpg  46Swather11.jpg  46Swather12.jpg  46Swather13.jpg  46Swather14.jpg  46Swather15.jpg  46Swather16.jpg  46Swather17.jpg  46Swather18.jpg  46Swather19.jpg  46Swather20.jpg  

* 36' JD 590 pto Swather, auto transport, twin bats, 540-1000 pto, rubber canvass

47JDPtoSwather01.jpg  47JDPtoSwather02.jpg  

* 74' x 13" Wheatheart X130-74 pto Grain Auger, hyd. swing out hopper, db. augers w/remote, hyd. winch, reverser, 540 pto

48Wheatheart74ftAuger01.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger02.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger03.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger04.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger05.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger06.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger07.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger08.jpg  48Wheatheart74ftAuger09.jpg  

* 60' x 10" Sakundiak pto Grain Auger, new flighting, reverser, hyd. dr. swing, 540 pto

49SakundiakAuger01.jpg  49SakundiakAuger02.jpg  49SakundiakAuger03.jpg  49SakundiakAuger04.jpg  49SakundiakAuger05.jpg  

* 41' x 10" Wheatheart BH1041 Grain Auger, 35 hp. Vanguard elec. start motor, auger mover, elec. winch, HD elec. clutch

50Wheatheart41ftauger01.jpg  50Wheatheart41ftauger02.jpg  50Wheatheart41ftauger03.jpg  50Wheatheart41ftauger04.jpg  50Wheatheart41ftauger05.jpg  50Wheatheart41ftauger06.jpg  50Wheatheart41ftauger07.jpg  

* 39' x 8" Sakundiak Grain Auger, 18 hp. Honda elec. start motor, bin sweep, auger mover, new flighting

51Sakundiak39ftAuger01.jpg  51Sakundiak39ftAuger02.jpg  51Sakundiak39ftAuger03.jpg  51Sakundiak39ftAuger04.jpg  51Sakundiak39ftAuger05.jpg  51Sakundiak39ftAuger06.jpg  51Sakundiak39ftAuger07.jpg  

* 40' x 7" Sakundiak HD7-1200 Grain Auger, 5 hp. 220V Baldor motor, grey frame * 32' x 7" Sakundiak HD7-1000 Grain Auger, 7 hp. 220V Baldor motor, grey frame

52Sakundiakaugers01.jpg  52Sakundiakaugers02.jpg  52Sakundiakaugers03.jpg  

* Walinga 510 Agri-Vac, 1000 pto, has conversion kit

53GrainVac01.jpg  53GrainVac02.jpg  

* 10' Harman Metal Swath Roller


* Farm Fans Inc. AB-8B Auto Grain Dryer, 125 bu. per hr., approx. 100' of 220V cable, wired for 2 fill & discharge augers

55GrainDryer01.jpg  55GrainDryer02.jpg  

* 500 gal. Propane Tank, 250 Psi

56PropaneTank01.jpg  56PropaneTank02.jpg  

Grain Bins 12 PM

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* 4 - 3500 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bins on metal floors, aeration, new style doors (#1-#4)

57Bins1to4Pic01.jpg  57Bins1to4Pic02.jpg  57Bins1to4Pic03.jpg  57Bins1to4Pic04.jpg  

* 2 - 3300 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bins on wood floors, ladders, new style doors (#5, #6)

58Bins5and6Pic01.jpg  58Bins5and6Pic02.jpg  

* 3 - 3500 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bins on metal floors, new style doors, aeration (#7-#9)

59Bins7to9Pic01.jpg  59Bins7to9Pic02.jpg  59Bins7to9Pic03.jpg  59Bins7to9Pic04.jpg  

* 62 Ton Westco Hopper Bottom Fertilizer Bin, ladder, slide opener, metal skids, S/N C93197 (Holds 62 Ton 34-17 Fertilizer) (#10)

60Bin10Pic01.jpg  60Bin10Pic02.jpg  60Bin10Pic03.jpg  

* 3900 Bu. Westor 1804 Hopper Bottom Bin, Cranfield hopper, ladder, crank opener, aeration, 24” tubes, metal skids, site glass (#11)

61Bin11Pic04.jpg  61Bin11Pic05.jpg  61Bin11Pic06.jpg  

* 4750 Bu. Westor 1805 Hopper Bottom Bin, Cranfield hopper, ladder, crank opener, aeration, 24" tubes, metal skids, site glass (#12)

62Bin12Pic01.jpg  62Bin12Pic02.jpg  62Bin12Pic03.jpg  

* 50 Ton Westeel Magnum-F Fertilizer Bin, ladder, aeration, remote bin gauge, metal skid, slide opener (Approx. 2100 Bu.) (#13)

63Bin13Pic01.jpg  63Bin13Pic02.jpg  63Bin13Pic03.jpg  

* 2 - 3200 Bu. Westeel 1505 Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, aeration, ladder, site glass, crank opener, metal skid (#14, #15)

64Bin14and15Pic01.jpg  64Bin14and15Pic02.jpg  64Bin14and15Pic03.jpg  64Bin14and15Pic04.jpg  64Bin14and15Pic05.jpg  

* 3500 Bu. Behlen Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, aeration, ladder, slide opener, metal skid (#16)

65Bin16Pic01.jpg  65Bin16Pic02.jpg  65Bin16Pic03.jpg  

* 3 - Grain Guard 5 hp. Inline Aeration Fans

66InlineFans01.jpg  66InlineFans02.jpg  66InlineFans03.jpg  

* 2 - 5 hp. Squirrel Aeration Fan

67SquirrelFans01.jpg  67SquirrelFans02.jpg  

* NOTE: Bins to be removed by Sept. 1, 2020

ATV & Dirt Bike

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* 1989 Honda 300 Fourtrax ATV, 4x4, front & back racks, 4871 miles showing, w/4' Snow Blade

68ATV01.jpg  68ATV02.jpg  68ATV03.jpg  68ATV04.jpg  68ATV05.jpg  68ATV06.jpg  

* Panterra DB200E Dirt Bike, elec. start, S/N LUAHYM1036100047

69Dirtbike01.jpg  69Dirtbike02.jpg  69Dirtbike03.jpg  69Dirtbike04.jpg  69Dirtbike05.jpg  69Dirtbike06.jpg  69Dirtbike07.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 1350 gal. Low Boy HD Black Poly Water Tank

70BlackTank01.jpg  70BlackTank02.jpg  

* 350 gal. Poly Turtle Water Tank


* 3-Slip Tanks, 1 w/12V pump

72SlipTanks01.jpg  72SlipTanks02.jpg  

* 2-1000 gal. Ground Level Fuel Tanks w/pump & meters, auto click off nozzles

73Tank1000Gal01.jpg  73Tank1000Gal02.jpg  73Tank1000Gal03.jpg  73Tank1000Gal04.jpg  

* 500 gal. Ground Level Fuel Tank w/pump & meter, auto click off nozzle (Gas)

74Tank500Gal01.jpg  74Tank500Gal02.jpg  

* 2 New Fuel Pumps & Meters, 110V & 12V


* 11 Sections of Scaffolding (5' x 10' or 5' x 8')


* Jennotte Depth control wheels for Discers


* 80 gal. Upright Air Compressor, 2 stage


* 2 New 6.5 hp. Powerfist Gas Motors


* Acetylene Welder & Cart


* Lincoln 180 amp Mig Welder


* 30 Ton Hyd. Press


* 16" Metal Chop Saw on Stand


* Chem Pump


* Unoair Portable Air Compressor w/gas motor


* Powerease 3100 psi Pressure Washer


* Water Pump


* Auger Hoppers

88AugerHoppers01.jpg  88AugerHoppers02.jpg  

* 1250 gal. Poly Water Tank * Various Tires * Various 220V Ext. Cords * Various Hand Tools. Plus other items too numerous to mention.


Auctioneer's Note: For further info call Gene at (306) 648-0050.

All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.


Frank Farm Equipment Auction - Bateman, SK.

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