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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Dave & Yvonne Fjaagesund

Chaplin, Saskatchewan
(306) 631-1939
(Valjean District)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm

9 miles East of Chaplin on #1 Hwy., 4 1/2 miles South on gravel road, 2 miles West, 1/2 mile North. (East Side)
(GPS: N50.24.02.34; W106.30.21.13)


bi-directional tractor

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* 2014 NH TV6070 Bi-Directional Tractor, CAHR, 8 sp., 480/85R34 tires, rear wheel weights, 2 hyd. on eng. end, 4 hyd. on cab end, 540-1000 pto on cab end, 3 pt. hitch, LED light package, aux. hyd. pump, w/NH 84LB FEL, 8 1/2' bucket, manure tines, grapple fork, 155 eng. hp., 1056 hrs. showing, S/N RVS141134

01NHBiDi01.jpg  01NHBiDi02.jpg  01NHBiDi03.jpg  01NHBiDi04.jpg  01NHBiDi05.jpg  01NHBiDi06.jpg  01NHBiDi07.jpg  01NHBiDi08.jpg  01NHBiDi09.jpg  01NHBiDi10.jpg  01NHBiDi11.jpg  01NHBiDi12.jpg  01NHBiDi13.jpg  01NHBiDi14.jpg  01NHBiDi15.jpg  01NHBiDi16.jpg  01NHBiDi17.jpg  01NHBiDi18.jpg  01NHBiDi19.jpg  01NHBiDi20.jpg  01NHBiDi21.jpg  01NHBiDi22.jpg  

* NH 2300 Adapter for Bi-Directional Tractor, converted to a NH 2330, S/N 597907

02NHAdapter01.jpg  02NHAdapter02.jpg  02NHAdapter03.jpg  02NHAdapter04.jpg  

* Roto Screen for TV140 Bi-Directional


Tractors & Trailers

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* 2015 NH T6.180 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, elite cab on air, bluetooth, 460/85R38 back tires, 380/85R28 front tires, 3 pt. hitch, 4 hyd., return line, 540-1000 pto, rear wheel weights, 16 sp. w/Hi-Low, back controls for pto & 3 pt. hitch, buddy seat, left hand reverse w/NH 845TL FEL, sep. joystick, 8' quick detach bucket, grapple fork, self levelling, manure tines, 145 eng. hp., 671 hrs. showing, S/N ZFED02409

04NHT6Tractor01.jpg  04NHT6Tractor02.jpg  04NHT6Tractor03.jpg  04NHT6Tractor04.jpg  04NHT6Tractor05.jpg  04NHT6Tractor06.jpg  04NHT6Tractor07.jpg  04NHT6Tractor08.jpg  04NHT6Tractor09.jpg  04NHT6Tractor10.jpg  04NHT6Tractor11.jpg  04NHT6Tractor12.jpg  04NHT6Tractor13.jpg  04NHT6Tractor14.jpg  04NHT6Tractor15.jpg  04NHT6Tractor16.jpg  04NHT6Tractor17.jpg  04NHT6Tractor18.jpg  04NHT6Tractor19.jpg  04NHT6Tractor20.jpg  04NHT6Tractor21.jpg  04NHT6Tractor22.jpg  04NHT6Tractor23.jpg  04NHT6Tractor24.jpg  04NHT6Tractor25.jpg  04NHT6Tractor26.jpg  04NHT6Tractor27.jpg  04NHT6Tractor28.jpg  04NHT6Tractor29.jpg  04NHT6Tractor30.jpg  04NHT6Tractor31.jpg  04NHT6Tractor32.jpg  04NHT6Tractor33.jpg  04NHT6Tractor34.jpg  04NHT6Tractor35.jpg  

* 1981 IH Hydro 186 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 18.4 x 38 back tires, 4 rib front tires, 540-1000 pto, 3 hyd. w/IH 2350 FEL, 5 1/2' bucket, grapple fork, 143 eng. hp., 6381 hrs. showing, S/N 2690017412512 (500 hrs. on rebuilt motor)

05IH186Tractor01.jpg  05IH186Tractor02.jpg  05IH186Tractor03.jpg  05IH186Tractor04.jpg  05IH186Tractor05.jpg  05IH186Tractor06.jpg  05IH186Tractor07.jpg  05IH186Tractor08.jpg  05IH186Tractor09.jpg  05IH186Tractor10.jpg  05IH186Tractor11.jpg  05IH186Tractor12.jpg  05IH186Tractor13.jpg  05IH186Tractor14.jpg  05IH186Tractor15.jpg  05IH186Tractor16.jpg  05IH186Tractor17.jpg  

* 1981 Case 2290 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 18.4 x 38 clamp on duals, 4 rib front tires, powershift, 11 front wheel weights, 143 eng. hp., 7723 hrs. showing, S/N 9912732

06CaseTractor01.jpg  06CaseTractor02.jpg  06CaseTractor03.jpg  06CaseTractor04.jpg  06CaseTractor05.jpg  06CaseTractor06.jpg  06CaseTractor07.jpg  06CaseTractor08.jpg  06CaseTractor09.jpg  06CaseTractor10.jpg  06CaseTractor11.jpg  06CaseTractor13.jpg  06CaseTractor14.jpg  06CaseTractor15.jpg  

* McCormick Deering W4 Gas Tractor, pto, belt pulley, 23 eng. hp.

07W4Tractor01.jpg  07W4Tractor02.jpg  07W4Tractor03.jpg  


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* 1985 GMC Brigadier Hay Hauling Truck, 671 Detroit Turbo Diesel Motor, 5x2 trans., full tandem axle, db. framed, left side bale lift, self load & unload, tilt deck, hauls 14 round bales, 1100 x 22.5 tires, 386,027 kms. showing S/N 1GDS9C4Z5FV616616 (White)

08GMC1985Truck01.jpg  08GMC1985Truck02.jpg  08GMC1985Truck03.jpg  08GMC1985Truck04.jpg  08GMC1985Truck05.jpg  08GMC1985Truck06.jpg  08GMC1985Truck07.jpg  08GMC1985Truck10.jpg  08GMC1985Truck11.jpg  08GMC1985Truck12.jpg  08GMC1985Truck13.jpg  08GMC1985Truck18.jpg  08GMC1985Truck19.jpg  

* 1988 Ford L9000 Highway Tractor, L11 Cummins Diesel, 5 sp. Allison Auto, 11R22.5 tires, single axle, 460,354 kms. showing, (Trans. rebuilt 3 years ago) (White)

09FordTruck01.jpg  09FordTruck02.jpg  09FordTruck03.jpg  09FordTruck04.jpg  09FordTruck05.jpg  09FordTruck06.jpg  09FordTruck07.jpg  09FordTruck08.jpg  09FordTruck09.jpg  09FordTruck10.jpg  

* 1974 GMC 6000 3-Ton Grain Truck, V8, 4x2 trans., 900 x 20 tires, 8' x 16' steel box & db. acting hoist, steel floor, plumbed for drill fill, 55,110 miles, S/N TCE62TV584754 (White)

10GMC1974Truck01.jpg  10GMC1974Truck02.jpg  10GMC1974Truck03.jpg  10GMC1974Truck04.jpg  10GMC1974Truck05.jpg  10GMC1974Truck06.jpg  10GMC1974Truck07.jpg  10GMC1974Truck08.jpg  10GMC1974Truck09.jpg  10GMC1974Truck10.jpg  

* 1964 GMC 960 3-Ton Grain Truck, 8' x 13' steel box & hoist, wood floor, 327 motor, 5x2 trans., 900 x 20 front tires, 1000 x 20 back tires, S/N 4C96503809537F (Green)

11GMC1964Truck01.jpg  11GMC1964Truck02.jpg  11GMC1964Truck03.jpg  11GMC1964Truck04.jpg  11GMC1964Truck05.jpg  11GMC1964Truck06.jpg  11GMC1964Truck07.jpg  11GMC1964Truck08.jpg  11GMC1964Truck09.jpg  

* 1966 Chev Viking 60 3-Ton Cab Over Grain Truck, 366 motor, 5x2 trans., 8' x 16' steel box & hoist, wood floor, 900 x 20 tires on back, 1000 x 20 tires on front, S/N 6T6803850173F (Red)

12Chev1966Truck01.jpg  12Chev1966Truck02.jpg  12Chev1966Truck03.jpg  12Chev1966Truck04.jpg  12Chev1966Truck05.jpg  12Chev1966Truck06.jpg  12Chev1966Truck07.jpg  12Chev1966Truck08.jpg  12Chev1966Truck09.jpg  12Chev1966Truck10.jpg  12Chev1966Truck11.jpg  12Chev1966Truck12.jpg  

* 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT 1-Ton Dually 4x4 Truck, 6.7 Cummins Diesel motor, auto, pto, 10' Dew-Eze 285 Bale Deck, headache rack, tool boxes, 19.5" tires, hidden 5th wheel ball, tow hooks, new hyd. pump, PW, PL, PM, 5" exhaust, motor has been chipped, 257,000 kms. S/N 3D6WH46A97G751849 (White)

13Dodge2007Truck01.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck02.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck03.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck04.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck05.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck06.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck07.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck08.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck09.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck11.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck12.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck13.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck14.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck15.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck16.jpg  13Dodge2007Truck17.jpg  

* 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab 3/4 Ton Truck, 5.9 Cummins Diesel motor, front tow hooks, 17" tires, 5th wheel ball, hidden hitch, running boards, auto, 4x4, PW, PL, PM, 309,271 kms., S/N 3D7KS29C66G149454 (White) (130,000 kms. on new motor, 60,000 kms. on new Trans.)

14Dodge2006Truck01.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck02.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck03.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck04.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck05.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck06.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck07.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck08.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck09.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck10.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck11.jpg  14Dodge2006Truck12.jpg  

* 1999 Dodge Laramie SLT 2500 Quad Cab 3/4 Ton Truck, 5.9 Cummins Diesel motor, auto, 4x4, hidden hitch, 5th wheel hitch, 16" tires, 408,552 kms. S/N 1B7KF2366XJ573007 (Brown)

15Dodge1999Truck01.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck02.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck03.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck04.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck05.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck06.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck07.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck08.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck09.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck10.jpg  15Dodge1999Truck11.jpg  

* 1987 10' x 48' Homebuilt Hay Hauling Trailer, 11R22.5 tires, hauls 30 bales, (Safetied in 2016) S/N 0287028 (Red)

16HayTrailer01.jpg  16HayTrailer02.jpg  16HayTrailer03.jpg  16HayTrailer04.jpg  16HayTrailer05.jpg  16HayTrailer06.jpg  

* 7' x 28' Norbert 5th Wheel Stock Trailer, triple axle, 8 bolt rims, 16" tires, 6000 lb. axles, 2 dividers, 2-way gate on back, escape gate, S/N 2N9C78B44SG97487 (Silver)

17NorbertTrailer01.jpg  17NorbertTrailer02.jpg  17NorbertTrailer03.jpg  17NorbertTrailer04.jpg  17NorbertTrailer05.jpg  17NorbertTrailer06.jpg  17NorbertTrailer07.jpg  17NorbertTrailer08.jpg  17NorbertTrailer09.jpg  

* 6' x 20' Univision 5th Wheel Stock Trailer, 2-way gate on back, escape gate, divider gate, 7000 lb. axles, 16" tires (Black)

18UnivisionTrailer01.jpg  18UnivisionTrailer02.jpg  18UnivisionTrailer03.jpg  18UnivisionTrailer04.jpg  18UnivisionTrailer05.jpg  18UnivisionTrailer06.jpg  

* 2002 Dumonceau 8 1/2' x 24' 5th Wheel Flat Deck Trailer, beaver tails w/loading ramps, triple axle, db. front jacks, 8 bolt rims, 16" tires, S/N 24942739823008102 (Black)

19DumonceauTrailer01.jpg  19DumonceauTrailer02.jpg  19DumonceauTrailer03.jpg  19DumonceauTrailer04.jpg  19DumonceauTrailer05.jpg  19DumonceauTrailer06.jpg  

* 6' x 16' Bumper Pull Stock Trailer, 15" tires, escape gate, 2-way gate on back, divider gate (Grey)

20BumperStockTrailer01.jpg  20BumperStockTrailer02.jpg  20BumperStockTrailer03.jpg  20BumperStockTrailer04.jpg  20BumperStockTrailer05.jpg  

* 1978 Pontiac Catalina 4-door Car, auto, V8, (Brown)

21PontiacCar01.jpg  21PontiacCar02.jpg  21PontiacCar03.jpg  

* 1979 Ford Thunderbird Car, 2-door hard top, V8, auto, (Blue)

22Thunderbird01.jpg  22Thunderbird02.jpg  22Thunderbird03.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 35' JD 1600 Cultivator, walking axles, tine harrows, 3 plex

33JDCult01.jpg  33JDCult02.jpg  33JDCult03.jpg  

* 39' CCIL 204 Cultivator, walking axles, tine harrows

34CCIlCult01.jpg  34CCIlCult02.jpg  34CCIlCult03.jpg  

* 24' Melcam Cultivator, breaking spikes

35MelcamCult01.jpg  35MelcamCult02.jpg  

Picture 36 50' Flexicoil System 82 Harrow Drawbar, tine harrows

36Harrow01.jpg  36Harrow02.jpg  36Harrow03.jpg  

* 24' IH 620 Disc Drill, factory transport, Valmar 1655 granular applicator, used for seeding grass

37IHDrill01.jpg  37IHDrill02.jpg  37IHDrill03.jpg  37IHDrill04.jpg  

* 28' IH 620 Disc Drill, factory transport, for parts

38IHPartsDrill01.jpg  38IHPartsDrill02.jpg  

* 36' Morris B3 Rodweeder converted to level Mole hills

39MoleHill01.jpg  39MoleHill02.jpg  39MoleHill03.jpg  39MoleHill04.jpg  

* Melcam Rotary Rockpicker, adj. hitch, 3 bats, hyd. dr., new tires S/N RRP8000

40RockPicker01.jpg  40RockPicker02.jpg  40RockPicker03.jpg  40RockPicker04.jpg  40RockPicker05.jpg  

* Rockomatic Rotary Rockpicker w/rotary rock rake, 540 pto

41RockRake01.jpg  41RockRake02.jpg  41RockRake03.jpg  

* 12' Cultivator


* 30' Morris B3 Rodweeder


* 33' MF 36 Discers, martin hitch

44Discers01.jpg  44Discers02.jpg  

Haying & Livestock

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* 2016 NH Roll-Belt 560 Specialty Crop Round Baler, super wide pickup, twin tie, net wrap, 1000 pto, moisture tester, chain oiler, 21.5 x 16.1 tires, bale command monitor, 2719 bales, S/N YGN191722

45Baler01.jpg  45Baler02.jpg  45Baler03.jpg  45Baler04.jpg  45Baler05.jpg  45Baler06.jpg  45Baler07.jpg  45Baler08.jpg  45Baler09.jpg  45Baler10.jpg  

* 18' NH 1475 Hydroswing Haybine, pushbar, rubber rollers, skid plates, new tires, new hyd. dr. motor, 1000 pto w/2005 Cart, S/N 1141807, 2014 Header Table YEG608020

46Haybine01.jpg  46Haybine02.jpg  46Haybine03.jpg  46Haybine04.jpg  46Haybine05.jpg  46Haybine06.jpg  46Haybine07.jpg  46Haybine08.jpg  46Haybine09.jpg  46Haybine10.jpg  46Haybine11.jpg  

* Vermeer BPX9000 Bale Processor, right side discharge, 1000 pto, lrg. tires, power lift for discharge, S/N 1VRA201R6F1004133

47BalePro01.jpg  47BalePro02.jpg  47BalePro03.jpg  47BalePro04.jpg  47BalePro05.jpg  47BalePro06.jpg  47BalePro07.jpg  47BalePro08.jpg  

* 1979 NH 791 Manure Spreader, 540 pto, wood floor, single chain, hyd. gate, single beater, 1000 x 20 tires, S/N 572451

48ManureSpreader01.jpg  48ManureSpreader02.jpg  48ManureSpreader03.jpg  48ManureSpreader04.jpg  48ManureSpreader05.jpg  48ManureSpreader06.jpg  48ManureSpreader07.jpg  

* 14 Wheel Sovena V-Rake, fully hyd., dual hitch

49BigRake01.jpg  49BigRake02.jpg  49BigRake03.jpg  49BigRake04.jpg  49BigRake05.jpg  

Picture 50 Linden Trailer Type Post Pounder, fully hyd., 1 cyl. diesel motor

50PostPounder01.jpg  50PostPounder02.jpg  50PostPounder03.jpg  

* 2 - Drum Cattle Oilers


* Stampede Steel Alley Blocker


* 4 Wheel Rake


* Calf Warmer


* Vet Supplies


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* 52' x 8" Super Charged Brandt pto Auger, 540 pto

54BrandtAuger01.jpg  54BrandtAuger02.jpg  54BrandtAuger03.jpg  

* MF 852 pto Combine, Sund pickup, spreaders

55Combine01.jpg  55Combine02.jpg  

* 25' Case IH 725 pto Swather, metal bats, rubber canvass, auto trans., 540 pto, S/N 3123

56Swather01.jpg  56Swather02.jpg  56Swather03.jpg  56Swather04.jpg  56Swather05.jpg  

* 25' Pickup Reel



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* 2005 Kawasaki 740 Brute ATV, auto, 4x4, elec. start, winch, front & back racks, 2878 miles.

58Atv2005Pic01.jpg  58Atv2005Pic02.jpg  58Atv2005Pic03.jpg  58Atv2005Pic04.jpg  58Atv2005Pic05.jpg  

* 1997 Kawasaki Prairie 400 ATV, auto, 4x4, elec. start, winch, front & back racks, 6700 kms.

59ATV1997Pic01.jpg  59ATV1997Pic02.jpg  59ATV1997Pic03.jpg  59ATV1997Pic04.jpg  59ATV1997Pic05.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* SolarTech Sign Board w/solar system, on own trailer, controller

60Sign01.jpg  60Sign02.jpg  60Sign03.jpg  

* Schulte Front Mount Snow Blower, hyd. chute

61Snowblower01.jpg  61Snowblower02.jpg  

* Brandt Tailgate Drill Fill


* 2 Wabesto Tractor Heaters. Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Dave at (306) 395-2737.

Fred Shopa
(306) 395-2635

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* 1992 JD 4455 MFWA Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 16 sp. powershift, 18.R26 front tires, 710/70/38 back tires, 3 hyd, 540-1000 pto, 6 front wheel weights, 3 pt. hitch, 155 eng. hp., 4722 hrs. showing, S/N 022209

70JD4455Tractor01.jpg  70JD4455Tractor02.jpg  70JD4455Tractor03.jpg  70JD4455Tractor04.jpg  70JD4455Tractor05.jpg  70JD4455Tractor06.jpg  70JD4455Tractor07.jpg  70JD4455Tractor08.jpg  70JD4455Tractor09.jpg  70JD4455Tractor10.jpg  70JD4455Tractor11.jpg  70JD4455Tractor12.jpg  70JD4455Tractor13.jpg  70JD4455Tractor14.jpg  70JD4455Tractor15.jpg  70JD4455Tractor16.jpg  

* 1969 JD 4020 Diesel Tractor, 18.4 x 34 back tires, 4 rib front tires, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, sep. hyd. for grapple fork, 8 sp. standard, 101 eng. hp., w/JD148 FEL, 6' bucket, manure tines, grapple fork, S/N 210726R

71JD4020Tractor01.jpg  71JD4020Tractor02.jpg  71JD4020Tractor03.jpg  71JD4020Tractor04.jpg  71JD4020Tractor05.jpg  71JD4020Tractor06.jpg  71JD4020Tractor07.jpg  71JD4020Tractor08.jpg  71JD4020Tractor09.jpg  71JD4020Tractor10.jpg  

* 1976 JD 4230 Diesesl Tractor, 20.8 x 34 back tires, 3 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 8 sp. w/Hi-Low, 6 front wheel weights, 111 eng. hp., 9571 hrs. S/N 033979R

72JD4230Tractor01.jpg  72JD4230Tractor02.jpg  72JD4230Tractor03.jpg  72JD4230Tractor04.jpg  72JD4230Tractor05.jpg  72JD4230Tractor06.jpg  72JD4230Tractor07.jpg  72JD4230Tractor08.jpg  72JD4230Tractor09.jpg  72JD4230Tractor10.jpg  72JD4230Tractor11.jpg  72JD4230Tractor12.jpg  72JD4230Tractor13.jpg  

* NH TR98 Twin Rotor SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, 30.5L32 front tires, 14.9 x 24 back tires, Redekop chaff spreader, 3357 hrs. showing S/N 559865 (New top Sieve)

73Combine01.jpg  73Combine02.jpg  73Combine03.jpg  73Combine04.jpg  73Combine05.jpg  73Combine06.jpg  73Combine07.jpg  73Combine08.jpg  73Combine09.jpg  73Combine10.jpg  73Combine11.jpg  73Combine12.jpg  


Fjaagesund Farm & Livestock Auction - Chaplin, SK.

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