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Large Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Eidem Farms Ltd.
(Doug & Susie Eidem)

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
(306) 773-9043

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Starting at 11:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:00 noon

16 miles North of Swift Current on #4 Hwy., to the large propane tank, 8 miles West on Township Road 184; or 3 miles South of Stewart Valley on #4 Hwy., to the large propane tank, 8 miles West on Township Road 184.
(GPS: N50.32.32.0; W107.58.37.09)



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* 2012 JD 9460R 4WD diesel Tractor, CAHR, 800/70R38 factory duals, back wheel weights, 5 hyd., return line, front tow cable, plumbed for GPS w/autosteer, Big screen (only needs the Starfire antenna) 24 sp. powershift, buddy seat, 460 eng. hp., 1267 hrs. showing, S/N 001918

01JD9460Tractor01.jpg  01JD9460Tractor02.jpg  01JD9460Tractor03.jpg  01JD9460Tractor04.jpg  01JD9460Tractor05.jpg  01JD9460Tractor06.jpg  01JD9460Tractor07.jpg  01JD9460Tractor08.jpg  01JD9460Tractor09.jpg  01JD9460Tractor10.jpg  01JD9460Tractor11.jpg  01JD9460Tractor12.jpg  01JD9460Tractor13.jpg  01JD9460Tractor14.jpg  01JD9460Tractor15.jpg  01JD9460Tractor16.jpg  01JD9460Tractor17.jpg  01JD9460Tractor18.jpg  01JD9460Tractor19.jpg  01JD9460Tractor20.jpg  01JD9460Tractor21.jpg  01JD9460Tractor22.jpg  01JD9460Tractor23.jpg  01JD9460Tractor24.jpg  01JD9460Tractor25.jpg  

* 2015 JD 7230R MFWA diesel Tractor, CAHR, 650/65R42 back tires, 420/90R30 front tires, front fenders, back wheel weights, 4 hyd., 3 pt. hitch, 540-1000 pto, Quick attach 3 Pt. hook-up, powershift, left hand reverse, buddy seat, block heater, Starfire 3000 GPS w/autosteer, 230 eng. hp., bluetooth, cruise control, grill guard, w/JDH480 Self Levelling FEL, single point hook-up, 9' quick detach bucket, sep. joystick, 408 hrs. showing, S/N 085363

02JD7230Tractor01.jpg  02JD7230Tractor02.jpg  02JD7230Tractor03.jpg  02JD7230Tractor04.jpg  02JD7230Tractor05.jpg  02JD7230Tractor06.jpg  02JD7230Tractor07.jpg  02JD7230Tractor08.jpg  02JD7230Tractor09.jpg  02JD7230Tractor10.jpg  02JD7230Tractor11.jpg  02JD7230Tractor12.jpg  02JD7230Tractor13.jpg  02JD7230Tractor14.jpg  02JD7230Tractor15.jpg  02JD7230Tractor16.jpg  02JD7230Tractor17.jpg  02JD7230Tractor18.jpg  02JD7230Tractor19.jpg  02JD7230Tractor20.jpg  02JD7230Tractor21.jpg  02JD7230Tractor22.jpg  02JD7230Tractor23.jpg  02JD7230Tractor24.jpg  02JD7230Tractor25.jpg  02JD7230Tractor26.jpg  02JD7230Tractor27.jpg  02JD7230Tractor28.jpg  

* JD Quick Detach Pallet Fork for FEL, 48" tines, adjustable

03PelletFork01.jpg  03PelletFork02.jpg  03PelletFork03.jpg  

Truck & Trailer

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* 1986 GMC 7000 4-ton Tandem Grain Truck, tag axle, 8 1/2' x 20' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, 427 motor, saddle tanks, 1000 x 20 front tires, 1000 x 20 back tires, 5x2 trans, 65,910 kms. showing, S/N 1GDL7D1EXGV523948 (Red)

04GMC1986Truck01.jpg  04GMC1986Truck02.jpg  04GMC1986Truck03.jpg  04GMC1986Truck04.jpg  04GMC1986Truck05.jpg  04GMC1986Truck06.jpg  04GMC1986Truck07.jpg  04GMC1986Truck08.jpg  04GMC1986Truck09.jpg  04GMC1986Truck10.jpg  

* 12’ x 26’ Triaxle Bale Trailer, hauls 400 sm. square bales, self unloading

40BaleTrailer01.jpg  40BaleTrailer02.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 2015 Peterbilt Model 389 Highway Tractor, Cummins ISX 550 Hp. Diesel Motor, 18 sp. Fuhler Ultra Shift (Auto) trans., 46,000 lbs. rear axles, 11R24.5 Grip Tires on back, 11R24.5 smooth tires on front, PW, PL, twin exhaust, Teflon 5th wheel plate, tow hook on front, A/C, aluminium rims, air ride cab & seat, 10,994 kms. showing, S/N 2XPXD40X6FM294733 (Red) (1 owner, ordered new)

41Semi01.jpg  41Semi02.jpg  41Semi03.jpg  41Semi04.jpg  41Semi05.jpg  41Semi06.jpg  41Semi07.jpg  41Semi08.jpg  41Semi09.jpg  41Semi10.jpg  41Semi11.jpg  41Semi12.jpg  41Semi13.jpg  41Semi14.jpg  41Semi15.jpg  41Semi16.jpg  41Semi17.jpg  41Semi18.jpg  41Semi19.jpg  41Semi20.jpg  41Semi21.jpg  41Semi22.jpg  41Semi23.jpg  

* 2015 Wilson Tridem Grain Trailer, high hoppers, elec. crank openers, 11R24.5 tires, aluminium rims, air ride, air brakes, wireless elec. tarp, Michels wireless openers, remote control to Michels 10" aluminium augers w/remotes, S/N 1W14453A0F2266001 (White) (1 owner, ordered new)

42GrainTrailer01.jpg  42GrainTrailer02.jpg  42GrainTrailer03.jpg  42GrainTrailer04.jpg  42GrainTrailer05.jpg  42GrainTrailer06.jpg  42GrainTrailer07.jpg  42GrainTrailer08.jpg  42GrainTrailer09.jpg  42GrainTrailer10.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 2009 46' NH P2050 Air Drill, depth control wheels on front, db. chute, 4" Wide packers, scrapers, 5 plex, 10" spacings, paired row, S/N Y9S003302 w/NH P1060 Tow Between Grain Tank, 3 comp., hyd. auger, 30.5L x 32 tires, 2 hyd. fans, 16 blockage monitors, 430 bu. tank, S/N Y9S015052

05AirDrill01.jpg  05AirDrill02.jpg  05AirDrill03.jpg  05AirDrill04.jpg  05AirDrill05.jpg  05AirDrill06.jpg  05AirDrill07.jpg  05AirDrill08.jpg  05AirDrill09.jpg  05AirDrill10.jpg  05AirDrill11.jpg  05AirDrill12.jpg  05AirDrill13.jpg  05AirDrill14.jpg  05AirDrill15.jpg  05AirDrill16.jpg  05AirDrill17.jpg  05AirDrill18.jpg  05AirDrill19.jpg  05AirDrill20.jpg  05AirDrill21.jpg  05AirDrill22.jpg  05AirDrill23.jpg  05AirDrill25.jpg  

* 2012 100' JD 4830 SP diesel High Clearance Sprayer, 420/80R46 tires, 5 body nozzles, 1000 gal. stainless steel tank, 4x4, on air, ground fill, auto height, auto rate, Starfire 3000 GPS w/autosteer, 370 spraying hrs., 752 eng. hrs. S/N 18095

06Sprayer01.jpg  06Sprayer02.jpg  06Sprayer03.jpg  06Sprayer04.jpg  06Sprayer05.jpg  06Sprayer06.jpg  06Sprayer07.jpg  06Sprayer08.jpg  06Sprayer09.jpg  06Sprayer10.jpg  06Sprayer11.jpg  06Sprayer12.jpg  06Sprayer13.jpg  06Sprayer14.jpg  06Sprayer15.jpg  06Sprayer16.jpg  06Sprayer17.jpg  06Sprayer18.jpg  06Sprayer19.jpg  06Sprayer20.jpg  06Sprayer21.jpg  06Sprayer22.jpg  06Sprayer23.jpg  06Sprayer24.jpg  06Sprayer25.jpg  06Sprayer26.jpg  

* 50' Morris CP-750 Magnum Cultivator, 5 plex, tine harrows

43Morris50ftCult01.jpg  43Morris50ftCult02.jpg  43Morris50ftCult03.jpg  43Morris50ftCult04.jpg  43Morris50ftCult05.jpg  

* 35' Morris CP-731 Magnum Cultivator, 3 plex

44Morris35ftCult01.jpg  44Morris35ftCult02.jpg  44Morris35ftCult03.jpg  44Morris35ftCult04.jpg  

* 40' Degelman 7640 Land Roller, fully hyd., S/N 1410

08Landroller01.jpg  08Landroller02.jpg  08Landroller03.jpg  08Landroller04.jpg  08Landroller05.jpg  08Landroller06.jpg  

* 2011 50' Degelman Strawmaster 7000 Harrow Drawbar, fully hyd., lights, 26" tines, S/N 5963

09Harrow01.jpg  09Harrow02.jpg  09Harrow03.jpg  09Harrow04.jpg  09Harrow05.jpg  09Harrow06.jpg  09Harrow07.jpg  09Harrow08.jpg  09Harrow09.jpg  09Harrow10.jpg  

* 45' Valmar 245 Trailer Type Granular Applicator, hyd. fan. (like new) S/N P2453006

10Valmar01.jpg  10Valmar02.jpg  10Valmar03.jpg  10Valmar04.jpg  10Valmar05.jpg  10Valmar06.jpg  

* 45’ Blanchard Harrow Drawbar w/tine harrows

45Harrow01.jpg  45Harrow02.jpg  

* Degelman Rotary Rockpicker, hyd. dr., 3 bats

12Rockpicker01.jpg  12Rockpicker02.jpg  

* Hitch for Pulling a Landroller behind Air Drill


* Pattison Chem. Handler


* Chem Handler III, some damage


* Johnson Seed Treater, 200V

16JohnsonSeedTreater01.jpg  16JohnsonSeedTreater02.jpg  16JohnsonSeedTreater03.jpg  16JohnsonSeedTreater04.jpg  

* Water Pump for parts


* 150 gal. Slip Tank w/1/4 stroke pump


* Hyd. Pencil Drill Fill


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* 2014 JD S680 SP diesel Combine, CAHR, lrg. swing out auger, buddy seat, hydrostatic, hyd. hopper extension, 520/85R24 front duals, 620/75R26 back tires, hyd. twin spreaders, straw chopper, single point hook-up, Star Fire 3000 GPS & autosteer, tilt deck, auto height, 887 eng. hrs. showing, 721 sep. hrs., 9029 acres, S/N 0766514

19Combine01.jpg  19Combine02.jpg  19Combine03.jpg  19Combine04.jpg  19Combine05.jpg  19Combine06.jpg  19Combine07.jpg  19Combine08.jpg  19Combine09.jpg  19Combine10.jpg  19Combine11.jpg  19Combine12.jpg  19Combine13.jpg  19Combine14.jpg  19Combine15.jpg  19Combine16.jpg  19Combine17.jpg  19Combine18.jpg  19Combine19.jpg  19Combine20.jpg  19Combine21.jpg  19Combine22.jpg  19Combine23.jpg  19Combine24.jpg  

* 2017 35' JD 635F Hydra Flex Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, crop lifters, Advanced Windreel System 2000 Air Reel, fore & aft, S/N 0785268

20JDHeader01.jpg  20JDHeader02.jpg  20JDHeader03.jpg  20JDHeader04.jpg  20JDHeader05.jpg  20JDHeader06.jpg  20JDHeader07.jpg  20JDHeader08.jpg  20JDHeader09.jpg  20JDHeader10.jpg  20JDHeader11.jpg  20JDHeader12.jpg  20JDHeader13.jpg  20JDHeader14.jpg  20JDHeader15.jpg  

* 2014 Brandt 7500HP Grain Vac, 1000 pto, fully hyd., on own trailer, only 19 hrs., (like new) S/N 104584

21GrainVac01.jpg  21GrainVac02.jpg  21GrainVac03.jpg  21GrainVac04.jpg  21GrainVac05.jpg  21GrainVac06.jpg  

* 70' x 13" Brandt 1370-HP pto Grain Auger, power swing away hopper w/db. auger, reverser, 1000 pto, hyd. lift

* 70' x 10" Brandt 1076 pto Grain Auger, hyd. lift, reverser, 540 pto, swing out hopper w/db. auger

22Brant70ftAuger01.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger02.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger03.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger04.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger05.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger06.jpg  22Brant70ftAuger07.jpg  

* 51' x 8" Wheatheart R8-51 Grain Auger, auger mover, 30 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, auger mover, hyd. lift

46Auger51ftPic01.jpg  46Auger51ftPic02.jpg  46Auger51ftPic03.jpg  46Auger51ftPic04.jpg  46Auger51ftPic05.jpg  46Auger51ftPic06.jpg  46Auger51ftPic07.jpg  46Auger51ftPic08.jpg  46Auger51ftPic09.jpg  46Auger51ftPic10.jpg  

* 51' x 8" Wheatheart V8-51 Grain Auger, auger mover, 30 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, auger mover, hyd. lift

47Auger51ftPic01.jpg  47Auger51ftPic02.jpg  47Auger51ftPic03.jpg  47Auger51ftPic04.jpg  47Auger51ftPic05.jpg  47Auger51ftPic06.jpg  47Auger51ftPic07.jpg  47Auger51ftPic08.jpg  47Auger51ftPic09.jpg  

* 50' x 8" Brandt 850 Grain Auger, auger mover, hyd. lift, plumbed for bin sweep, 24 hp. Honda elec. start motor

24Brandt50ftAuger01.jpg  24Brandt50ftAuger02.jpg  24Brandt50ftAuger03.jpg  24Brandt50ftAuger04.jpg  

* 35' x 6" McIntyre Grain Auger w/Koehler motor

25McIntyreAuge2.jpg  25McIntyreAuger.jpg  

* Homemade Header Transport (not for road use)


* Wheatheart Bin Sweep


* 8' Johnson Transfer Auger, 5.5 hp Honda motor

28Transferauger01.jpg  28Transferauger02.jpg  28Transferauger03.jpg  

* 2 - 3 hp. Flaman Inline Aeration Fans


* Auger Hog Adapter for 12" Grain Auger



Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time. Please note all major equipment has always been shedded. Bruce & Glenn

For further info call Doug at (306) 773-9043.


Eidem Farm Equipment Auction - Swift Current, SK.

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