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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Reduction Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Flanagan Farms,
MacPhail Enterprises &
Tucscherer Farms

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
(306) 661-8988

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Starting at 11:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:00 noon

From the Junction of the Maple Creek Turnoff & #1 Hwy. , 4 miles West on #1 Hwy., 1 1/2 miles South on Gravel Road.
(GPS: N49.57.06.89, W109.33.04.68)


* 2011 7' x 14' F.O.T Big Tex Dump Trailer, hyd. dump, 14,000 lb. capacity, loading ramps, S/N 16VDX1428B4305888 (Black)

01DumpTrailer01.jpg  01DumpTrailer02.jpg  01DumpTrailer03.jpg  01DumpTrailer04.jpg  01DumpTrailer05.jpg  01DumpTrailer06.jpg  01DumpTrailer07.jpg  01DumpTrailer08.jpg  01DumpTrailer09.jpg  

* 1962 IH B414 Diesel Tractor, 43 eng. hp, 3 pt. hitch, 13.6 x 28 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 4 sp. w/Hi-Low, 540 pto, 2900 hrs., S/N 5027

02IHTractor01.jpg  02IHTractor02.jpg  02IHTractor03.jpg  02IHTractor04.jpg  02IHTractor05.jpg  02IHTractor06.jpg  02IHTractor07.jpg  02IHTractor08.jpg  02IHTractor09.jpg  02IHTractor10.jpg  02IHTractor11.jpg  02IHTractor12.jpg  02IHTractor13.jpg  

* 1949 JD Model M Tractor, 22 eng. hp., 540 pto, 3 pt. hitch, 11.2/10-24 back tires, S/N 33093

03JDMTractor01.jpg  03JDMTractor02.jpg  03JDMTractor03.jpg  03JDMTractor04.jpg  03JDMTractor05.jpg  

* MM Model RE Tractor for parts

04MMTractor01.jpg  04MMTractor02.jpg  04MMTractor03.jpg  04MMTractor04.jpg  04MMTractor05.jpg  

* JD 30 FEL, fits JD 420 tractor

05FEL01.jpg  05FEL02.jpg  05FEL03.jpg  05FEL04.jpg  

* 1967 Ford F100 Truck, V8, auto, for parts

* 12' IH Disc Drill, end wheel dr.

* 10' Kirchner Land Leveller

06LandLeveller01.jpg  06LandLeveller02.jpg  

* Laurier Round Bale Grapple Fork

* 18.4 x 38 Clamp-On Duals

* Weigh-In Calf Scale on wheels

* Chamffer Mobility Scooter

07Scooter01.jpg  07Scooter02.jpg  07Scooter03.jpg  

* 6' Howse 3 Pt. Hitch Blade

* 4' Ford 3 pt. Hitch Rotary Cutter

* 1946 JD 116W Square Baler, wire tie, w/operators manual, 4 cyl. Wisconsin motor

08Baler01.jpg  08Baler02.jpg  08Baler03.jpg  08Baler04.jpg  08Baler05.jpg  08Baler06.jpg  

* MH Single Bottom Plow

* Sod Breaking Plow

* Cast Iron Seats (Massey, Cockshutt, Sawyer’s W30, Toronto Therake, Moline Deere & Co.)

09CastSeates01.jpg  09CastSeates02.jpg  09CastSeates03.jpg  09CastSeates04.jpg  09CastSeates05.jpg  09CastSeates06.jpg  

Flanagan Farms

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* 1993 Ford Versatile 846 Designation 6 4WD Diesel Tractor, 18.4 x 38 duals, 4 hyd., LT10 Cummins diesel, 12 sp., full vision cab, Outback S2 Lightbar GPS system, 5310 hrs., S/N 931092

10VersatileTractor01.jpg  10VersatileTractor02.jpg  10VersatileTractor03.jpg  10VersatileTractor04.jpg  10VersatileTractor05.jpg  10VersatileTractor06.jpg  10VersatileTractor07.jpg  10VersatileTractor08.jpg  10VersatileTractor09.jpg  10VersatileTractor10.jpg  10VersatileTractor11.jpg  10VersatileTractor12.jpg  10VersatileTractor13.jpg  10VersatileTractor14.jpg  10VersatileTractor15.jpg  10VersatileTractor16.jpg  10VersatileTractor17.jpg  10VersatileTractor18.jpg  10VersatileTractor19.jpg  10VersatileTractor20.jpg  

* 1974 Ford F500 3-ton Grain Truck, 8' x 14' steel box & hoist, metal floor, Brandt tailgate drill fill, 900 x 20 tires, 4x2 trans., 38,844 miles showing, S/N F50CC588578 (Blue)

11Ford1974Truck01.jpg  11Ford1974Truck02.jpg  11Ford1974Truck03.jpg  11Ford1974Truck04.jpg  11Ford1974Truck05.jpg  11Ford1974Truck06.jpg  11Ford1974Truck07.jpg  11Ford1974Truck08.jpg  11Ford1974Truck09.jpg  11Ford1974Truck10.jpg  11Ford1974Truck11.jpg  11Ford1974Truck12.jpg  

* 1973 Ford Louisville 750 3-ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 15' steel box & hoist, V8, 5x2 trans., 11R22.5 tires, 26,222 miles showing, S/N N76EVK53760 (Red)

12Ford1973Truck01.jpg  12Ford1973Truck02.jpg  12Ford1973Truck03.jpg  12Ford1973Truck04.jpg  12Ford1973Truck05.jpg  12Ford1973Truck06.jpg  12Ford1973Truck07.jpg  12Ford1973Truck08.jpg  12Ford1973Truck09.jpg  12Ford1973Truck10.jpg  

* 10' x 16' bale deck


* 1990 Ford F350 1-ton Truck, V8, auto, 8' x 12' deck & hoist, duals, auto, 16" tires, hidden hitch, 109,722 kms. showing, S/N 2FDKF37H6LCA63925 (White)

14Ford1990Truck01.jpg  14Ford1990Truck02.jpg  14Ford1990Truck03.jpg  14Ford1990Truck04.jpg  14Ford1990Truck05.jpg  14Ford1990Truck06.jpg  14Ford1990Truck07.jpg  14Ford1990Truck08.jpg  14Ford1990Truck09.jpg  14Ford1990Truck10.jpg  

* 50' Morris Magnum II CP750 Cultivator, 5 plex, S/N 7500000769

15MorrisCult01.jpg  15MorrisCult02.jpg  15MorrisCult03.jpg  15MorrisCult04.jpg  15MorrisCult05.jpg  15MorrisCult06.jpg  15MorrisCult07.jpg  15MorrisCult08.jpg  

* 16' Eckart Built Land Roller w/hyd. blade

16LandRoller01.jpg  16LandRoller02.jpg  16LandRoller03.jpg  16LandRoller04.jpg  16LandRoller05.jpg  

* 15' Schulte XH1500 Rotary Mower, hyd. wing lift, 1000 pto

17Mower01.jpg  17Mower02.jpg  17Mower03.jpg  

* 21' Case IH 6000 SP Swather w/CAHR, draper shiftable header w/pick reel w/metal fingers, db. swath, rubber canvass, hydrostatic, Chrysler gas motor, 3465 hrs. showing, S/N 1380046C000571

18SPSwather01.jpg  18SPSwather02.jpg  18SPSwather03.jpg  18SPSwather04.jpg  18SPSwather05.jpg  18SPSwather06.jpg  18SPSwather07.jpg  18SPSwather08.jpg  18SPSwather09.jpg  18SPSwather10.jpg  18SPSwather11.jpg  

* 28' Bush Hog 1450 Tandem Disc, 22" front blades, 23" back blades, scrapers

19BushHogDisc01.jpg  19BushHogDisc02.jpg  19BushHogDisc03.jpg  19BushHogDisc04.jpg  19BushHogDisc05.jpg  19BushHogDisc06.jpg  19BushHogDisc07.jpg  19BushHogDisc08.jpg  19BushHogDisc09.jpg  19BushHogDisc10.jpg  19BushHogDisc11.jpg  19BushHogDisc12.jpg  

* 12' Krause 410 Disc, 16" blades on frt., 17" blades on back, scrapers S/N A2667

20KrauseDisc01.jpg  20KrauseDisc02.jpg  20KrauseDisc03.jpg  20KrauseDisc04.jpg  

* 42' Case IH 7200 Hoe Drills w/factory transport, metal packers

21HoeDrills01.jpg  21HoeDrills02.jpg  21HoeDrills03.jpg  21HoeDrills04.jpg  21HoeDrills05.jpg  21HoeDrills06.jpg  21HoeDrills07.jpg  

* 2004 36' Prairie Star 4620 pto Swather, bat reel, rubber canvass, auto trans., lights, 1000 pto, S/N 162147

22PtoSwather01.jpg  22PtoSwather02.jpg  22PtoSwather03.jpg  22PtoSwather04.jpg  22PtoSwather05.jpg  22PtoSwather06.jpg  22PtoSwather07.jpg  

* Crown Reel Type Rock Picker, gr. dr., S/N 1452

23CrownPicker01.jpg  23CrownPicker02.jpg  23CrownPicker03.jpg  23CrownPicker04.jpg  

* 60' Allied Harrow Drawbar w/tine harrows

* 14' IH 100 Disc Drill

24IHDisc01.jpg  24IHDisc02.jpg  24IHDisc03.jpg  24IHDisc04.jpg  

* 24' MF 124 Cultivator

25MFCult01.jpg  25MFCult02.jpg  25MFCult03.jpg  

* 4 - Peterson Concrete Waterers

* 30,000 lbs. Beam Scale

26Scales01.jpg  26Scales02.jpg  

* 8,000 lbs. Beam Scale

27ScalesSm01.jpg  27ScalesSm02.jpg  

* 2 Cow-Pal Cattle Oilers w/creep feeder attachments

28Oiler01.jpg  28Oiler02.jpg  28Oiler03.jpg  28Oiler04.jpg  28Oiler05.jpg  28Oiler06.jpg  28Oiler07.jpg  28Oiler08.jpg  28Oiler09.jpg  28Oiler10.jpg  

* 2-250 Bu. Ranchers Creep Feeders w/calf panels

29CreepFeeders01.jpg  29CreepFeeders02.jpg  29CreepFeeders03.jpg  29CreepFeeders04.jpg  29CreepFeeders05.jpg  29CreepFeeders06.jpg  29CreepFeeders07.jpg  29CreepFeeders08.jpg  29CreepFeeders09.jpg  

* Breaking Spikes

30Spikes01.jpg  30Spikes02.jpg  

* 6-11' Feed Troughs


MacPhail Enterprises Inc.

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* 1980 JD 8440 4WD Diesel Tractor, duals, 1000 pto, 3 hyd., quad shift, 23.1 x 34 inside tires, 18.4 x 34 outside factory duals, 215 eng. hp, 6305 hrs., S/N 003689R

32JD8440Tractor01.jpg  32JD8440Tractor03.jpg  32JD8440Tractor04.jpg  32JD8440Tractor05.jpg  32JD8440Tractor06.jpg  32JD8440Tractor07.jpg  32JD8440Tractor08.jpg  32JD8440Tractor09.jpg  32JD8440Tractor10.jpg  32JD8440Tractor11.jpg  32JD8440Tractor12.jpg  32JD8440Tractor13.jpg  

* 1967 JD 4020 Diesel Tractor, 2 hyd., syncro trans., 18.4 x 34 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 540-1000 pto, block heater, back wheel weights, 101 eng. hp., 8924 hrs., S/N 172813R

33JD4020Tractor01.jpg  33JD4020Tractor02.jpg  32JD8440Tractor02.jpg  33JD4020Tractor03.jpg  33JD4020Tractor04.jpg  33JD4020Tractor05.jpg  33JD4020Tractor06.jpg  33JD4020Tractor07.jpg  33JD4020Tractor08.jpg  

* 1989 Ford F250 3/4-ton Truck, 4 sp., 4x4, turn out hubs w/Jiffy 2-Bale Truck Mount Round Bale Handler, S/N 2FTHF26M4KCA41380 (Brown)

34FordTruck01.jpg  34FordTruck02.jpg  34FordTruck03.jpg  34FordTruck04.jpg  34FordTruck05.jpg  34FordTruck06.jpg  34FordTruck07.jpg  

* 60' x 10" Brandt 1060 Grain Auger, MD swing out auger, reverser, 1000 pto

35BrandtAuger01.jpg  35BrandtAuger02.jpg  35BrandtAuger03.jpg  35BrandtAuger04.jpg  35BrandtAuger05.jpg  35BrandtAuger06.jpg  

* Westfield Tote Fert. Tanks w/augers, S/N E9304

36FertTanks01.jpg  36FertTanks02.jpg  

* 1300 gal. Black Water Tank


Tucscherer Farms Ltd.

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* 1980 Chev C60 3-ton Grain Truck, V8, 5x2 trans., 8' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, remote tailgate opener, 900 x 20 tires, tailgate drill fill, 45,263 kms. showing, S/N CL6D89V111933 (Red)

38Chev1980Truck01.jpg  38Chev1980Truck02.jpg  38Chev1980Truck03.jpg  38Chev1980Truck04.jpg  38Chev1980Truck05.jpg  38Chev1980Truck06.jpg  38Chev1980Truck07.jpg  38Chev1980Truck08.jpg  38Chev1980Truck09.jpg  38Chev1980Truck10.jpg  

* 2006 Ford F350 1-ton XLT Superduty Picker Truck, 7' x 8' metal deck, pushbar, running boards, 4x4, lock out hubs, duals, 17" tires, tool boxes, elec. pto, 5 sp., Tico picker, controls on both sides, S/N 1FDWF37586EC58592 (White)

39Ford2006PickerTruck01.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck02.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck03.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck04.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck05.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck06.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck07.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck08.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck09.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck10.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck11.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck12.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck13.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck14.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck15.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck16.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck17.jpg  39Ford2006PickerTruck18.jpg  

* Ford F250 3/4 ton Truck, 4x4, Powerstroke Diesel Motor, auto, turn in hubs, 16" tires, hidden hitch, tool box, slip tank, S/N 1FTHF26F4TEB73861 (Black & Silver)

40FordBlackTruck01.jpg  40FordBlackTruck02.jpg  40FordBlackTruck03.jpg  40FordBlackTruck04.jpg  40FordBlackTruck05.jpg  40FordBlackTruck06.jpg  40FordBlackTruck07.jpg  40FordBlackTruck08.jpg  40FordBlackTruck09.jpg  

* 1996 8 1/2' x 48' Manac Drop Deck Trailer, tandem axle, hay racks, 275/70R22.5 tires, air brakes, air ride S/N 2M5121464V1043155 (Grey)

41ManacTrailer01.jpg  41ManacTrailer02.jpg  41ManacTrailer03.jpg  41ManacTrailer04.jpg  41ManacTrailer05.jpg  41ManacTrailer06.jpg  41ManacTrailer07.jpg  41ManacTrailer08.jpg  41ManacTrailer09.jpg  41ManacTrailer10.jpg  

* 7' x 18' Norbert 5th Wheel Stock Trailer, 8 bolt rims, 16" tires, escape gate, divider gate, 2-way gate on back, rubber mats (Black)

42NorbertTrailer01.jpg  42NorbertTrailer02.jpg  42NorbertTrailer03.jpg  42NorbertTrailer04.jpg  42NorbertTrailer05.jpg  42NorbertTrailer06.jpg  

* Lrg. Portable Mobley 819 Metal Water Tank, sloped bottom, 11R22.5 tires, (Green)

43MobleyTank01.jpg  43MobleyTank02.jpg  43MobleyTank03.jpg  43MobleyTank05.jpg  43MobleyTank06.jpg  43MobleyTank07.jpg  43MobleyTank08.jpg  

* 2 - 2000 gal. Black Poly Water Tanks

44WaterTanks01.jpg  44WaterTanks02.jpg  44WaterTanks03.jpg  44WaterTanks04.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Don at (306) 661-8988.


Farm & Livestock Equipment Reduction Auction - Maple Creek, Sk.

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