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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Chabot Brothers

Mankota, Saskatchewan
(306) 264-7949; (306) 264-7974

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Starting at 11:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:30 pm

2 miles East of Mankota on #18 Hwy. to curve, 8 miles North on #19 Hwy., 1 mile East on gravel Road, 1 mile South; or 10 miles South of Kincaid on #19 Hwy., 1 mile East on gravel Road, 1 mile South.
(GPS: N49.30.40.07, W106.59.37.06)



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* 1981 Versatile 875 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 12 sp., 20.8R38 duals, 4 hyd., return line, 855 Cummins Motor, 325 eng. hp., 9425 hrs. S/N 055862

01VersatileTractor01.jpg  01VersatileTractor02.jpg  01VersatileTractor03.jpg  01VersatileTractor04.jpg  01VersatileTractor05.jpg  01VersatileTractor06.jpg  01VersatileTractor07.jpg  01VersatileTractor08.jpg  01VersatileTractor09.jpg  01VersatileTractor10.jpg  01VersatileTractor11.jpg  01VersatileTractor12.jpg  01VersatileTractor13.jpg  01VersatileTractor14.jpg  01VersatileTractor15.jpg  01VersatileTractor16.jpg  01VersatileTractor20.jpg  01VersatileTractor21.jpg  01VersatileTractor22.jpg  01VersatileTractor23.jpg  

* 1981 JD 4640 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, quad range, 2 hyd., 20.8R38 clamp on duals, 3 rib front tires, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 172 eng. hp., S/N 020656R

02JDTractor01.jpg  02JDTractor02.jpg  02JDTractor03.jpg  02JDTractor04.jpg  02JDTractor05.jpg  02JDTractor06.jpg  02JDTractor07.jpg  02JDTractor08.jpg  02JDTractor09.jpg  02JDTractor10.jpg  02JDTractor11.jpg  02JDTractor12.jpg  02JDTractor13.jpg  02JDTractor14.jpg  02JDTractor15.jpg  02JDTractor16.jpg  


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* Trimble Ezee Steer GPS w/autosteer


Trucks & Trailers

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* 1979 GMC 7000 4-ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, 48" high sides, 366 motor, 5x2 trans., step saddle tanks, metal floor, roll tarp, 1000 x 20 tires, 77,390 kms. showing, S/N T17DB9V627106 (Brown)

04GMCTruck01.jpg  04GMCTruck02.jpg  04GMCTruck03.jpg  04GMCTruck04.jpg  04GMCTruck05.jpg  04GMCTruck06.jpg  04GMCTruck07.jpg  04GMCTruck08.jpg  04GMCTruck09.jpg  04GMCTruck10.jpg  04GMCTruck11.jpg  04GMCTruck12.jpg  04GMCTruck13.jpg  04GMCTruck14.jpg  

* IH 1600 3-ton Truck, 8' x 14' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, 5x2 trans., 825 x 20 tires, S/N 416600C014389 (Blue)

05IHTruckBlue01.jpg  05IHTruckBlue02.jpg  05IHTruckBlue03.jpg  05IHTruckBlue04.jpg  05IHTruckBlue05.jpg  05IHTruckBlue06.jpg  05IHTruckBlue07.jpg  

* IH 1600 Gravel Truck, 4 sp., 825 x 20 tires, S/N 416060C047277 (Orange)

06IHTruckOrange01.jpg  06IHTruckOrange02.jpg  06IHTruckOrange03.jpg  06IHTruckOrange04.jpg  06IHTruckOrange05.jpg  

* 1986 6' x 16’ Bobco 5th Wheel Horse Trailer, escape gate, divider gate, 2-way gate on back, 16.5" tires, 6 bolt rims, 7000 lb. axles, rubber mats, spare tire, S/N 66166H51213 (Blue)

07StockTrailer01.jpg  07StockTrailer02.jpg  07StockTrailer03.jpg  07StockTrailer04.jpg  07StockTrailer05.jpg  07StockTrailer06.jpg  07StockTrailer07.jpg  

* 1981 8' x 45' Load King High Boy Trailer, bale racks, tandem axle, 1100 x 20 duals, air brakes, spring ride, S/N 0371K078 (Grey)

08LoadKingTrailer01.jpg  08LoadKingTrailer02.jpg  08LoadKingTrailer03.jpg  08LoadKingTrailer04.jpg  

* 6000 gal. Fruehauf Water Hauler, 1100 x 20 duals, tandem axle, spring ride, air brakes, S/N CA1034 (Silver)

09WaterHauler01.jpg  09WaterHauler02.jpg  09WaterHauler03.jpg  09WaterHauler04.jpg  09WaterHauler05.jpg  09WaterHauler06.jpg  09WaterHauler07.jpg  09WaterHauler08.jpg  09WaterHauler09.jpg  

* 5th Wheel Dolly, tandem axle, pindle hitch, 1100 x 20 tires

10Dollie01.jpg  10Dollie02.jpg  10Dollie03.jpg  10Dollie04.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 1989 Kenworth Highway Tractor, daytime sleeper, 3406 Cat Diesel, 425 hp., 13 sp. Fuhler Trans., amber light, 11R24.5 tires, air brakes, wet kit, 1,085,095 kms. showing, S/N 2XKADB9X3KM921756 (Brown)

11Semi01.jpg  11Semi02.jpg  11Semi03.jpg  11Semi04.jpg  11Semi05.jpg  11Semi06.jpg  11Semi07.jpg  11Semi08.jpg  11Semi09.jpg  11Semi10.jpg  11Semi11.jpg  11Semi12.jpg  11Semi13.jpg  11Semi14.jpg  11Semi15.jpg  11Semi16.jpg  11Semi17.jpg  

* 1994 42' Doepker Triaxle Grain Trailer, 3 hoppers, 11R24.5 tires, roll tarp, S/N 2D9GBSZ35R1016047 (White)

12GrainTrailer01.jpg  12GrainTrailer02.jpg  12GrainTrailer03.jpg  12GrainTrailer04.jpg  12GrainTrailer05.jpg  12GrainTrailer06.jpg  12GrainTrailer07.jpg  12GrainTrailer08.jpg  

* 2 - Michels Transfer Augers for Doepker Trailers



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* Unihoe 113 Backhoe, 6' bucket on front, 24" bucket on back, gas motor, 14.9 x 24 back tires, S/N 10034-16

14BackHoe01.jpg  14BackHoe02.jpg  14BackHoe03.jpg  14BackHoe04.jpg  14BackHoe05.jpg  14BackHoe06.jpg  14BackHoe07.jpg  14BackHoe08.jpg  14BackHoe09.jpg  14BackHoe10.jpg  14BackHoe11.jpg  14BackHoe12.jpg  14BackHoe13.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 39' Flexicoil Conseva Pak 5112 Air Tool, 12" spacings, Ind. packers on shanks, 3 plex, db. chute, depth control wheels on front, S/N 93-4 w/ Flexicoil 2320 Tow Between Tank, auger, 1 hyd. fan, 23.1 x 26 tires, S/N U084098

15FlexicoilConservaPak01.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak02.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak03.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak04.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak05.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak06.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak07.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak08.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak09.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak10.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak11.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak12.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak13.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak14.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak15.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak16.jpg  

* 40' Flexicoil 800 Air Seeder, 9" spacings, single chute, metal packers, S/N K034461, Flexicoil 1610 Tow Behind Tank, auger, hyd. fan, 21.5 x 16.1 tires, S/N K035703

16FlexicoilAirSeeder01.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder02.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder03.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder04.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder05.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder06.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder07.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder08.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder09.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder10.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder11.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder12.jpg  

* 2001 90' RoGator 1254 High Clearance Sprayer, CAHR, 380/90R46 tires, fenders, 3 nozzles, Cummins Diesel, 1200 gal. Stainless Steel Tank, Trimble GPS w/autosteer, 2825 hrs., S/N 125034001

17FieldSprayer01.jpg  17FieldSprayer02.jpg  17FieldSprayer03.jpg  17FieldSprayer04.jpg  17FieldSprayer05.jpg  17FieldSprayer06.jpg  17FieldSprayer07.jpg  17FieldSprayer08.jpg  17FieldSprayer09.jpg  17FieldSprayer10.jpg  17FieldSprayer11.jpg  17FieldSprayer12.jpg  17FieldSprayer13.jpg  17FieldSprayer14.jpg  17FieldSprayer15.jpg  17FieldSprayer16.jpg  17FieldSprayer17.jpg  17FieldSprayer18.jpg  17FieldSprayer19.jpg  17FieldSprayer20.jpg  17FieldSprayer21.jpg  17FieldSprayer22.jpg  17FieldSprayer23.jpg  17FieldSprayer24.jpg  

* 4 - 24.5R32 Sprayer Tires & Rims, fits Rogator sprayer

18SprayerTires01.jpg  18SprayerTires02.jpg  18SprayerTires03.jpg  

* 53' Friggstad Cultivator, Valmar 320 granular applicator, hyd. fan, tine harrows, heavy axles in center

19FrigCult01.jpg  19FrigCult02.jpg  19FrigCult03.jpg  19FrigCult04.jpg  19FrigCult05.jpg  19FrigCult06.jpg  

* 80' Flexicoil 65 Field Sprayer, hyd. pump, 800 gal. poly tank, auto rate, 16.5 x 16 tires, hyd. booms, sep. chem. tank, db. nozzles, S/N T077817

20Sprayer01.jpg  20Sprayer02.jpg  20Sprayer03.jpg  20Sprayer04.jpg  20Sprayer05.jpg  20Sprayer06.jpg  20Sprayer07.jpg  20Sprayer08.jpg  

* 54' Harrow Drawbar, tine harrows, lrg. tires

21Harrrow01.jpg  21Harrrow02.jpg  21Harrrow03.jpg  

* Hutch Cleaner C1600 Rotary Grain Cleaner, augers, 220V motor

22HutchCleaner01.jpg  22HutchCleaner02.jpg  22HutchCleaner03.jpg  22HutchCleaner04.jpg  

* 39" Carter Disc Cleaning Mill, S/N 1678

23CarterDisc01.jpg  23CarterDisc02.jpg  23CarterDisc03.jpg  23CarterDisc04.jpg  

* 36" Lightfoot Metal Cleaning Mill, 110V

24LightfoorCleaner01.jpg  24LightfoorCleaner02.jpg  

* Rockomatic HD58 Rotary Rockpicker, 540 pto, S/N 338

25Rockpicker01.jpg  25Rockpicker02.jpg  25Rockpicker03.jpg  25Rockpicker04.jpg  25Rockpicker05.jpg  

* 14' JD Cultivator


* 14' IH 620 Disc Drill w/metal packers, grass boxes


Various Pencil Augers

Haying & Livestock

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* NH 357 Mix Mill, bale feeder, 540 pto

28NHMill01.jpg  28NHMill02.jpg  28NHMill03.jpg  

* MF Mix Mill, 540 pto

29MFMill01.jpg  29MFMill02.jpg  

* 1979 NH 315 Square Baler, turner, hyd. tension, 540 pto, S/N 497185

30Baler01.jpg  30Baler02.jpg  30Baler03.jpg  30Baler04.jpg  

* Homemade 100 bu. Hopper Feeder w/auger, on own trailer

31HopperFeeder01.jpg  31HopperFeeder02.jpg  


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* 2008 Case IH 7010 AFS Axial Flow SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, 20.8 x 42 front duals, 480/70R30 back tires, internal chopper, hopper ext., single point hook-up, AFS Pro 600 monitor, 2393 eng. hrs., 1927 sep. hrs. w/14' Case IH 2016 pickup table w/ 14' Swathmaster pickup S/N HAJ202239

32Combine01.jpg  32Combine02.jpg  32Combine03.jpg  32Combine04.jpg  32Combine05.jpg  32Combine06.jpg  32Combine07.jpg  32Combine08.jpg  32Combine09.jpg  32Combine10.jpg  32Combine11.jpg  32Combine12.jpg  32Combine13.jpg  32Combine14.jpg  32Combine15.jpg  32Combine16.jpg  32Combine17.jpg  32Combine18.jpg  32Combine19.jpg  32Combine20.jpg  32Combine21.jpg  32Combine22.jpg  32Combine23.jpg  32Combine24.jpg  32Combine25.jpg  32Combine26.jpg  

* 2011 35' Macdon FD70 Flex Header, fore & aft, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, new pan under auger, own transport, pea auger, Case IH adapter, S/N 213586

33Header01.jpg  33Header02.jpg  33Header03.jpg  33Header04.jpg  33Header05.jpg  33Header06.jpg  33Header07.jpg  33Header08.jpg  33Header09.jpg  33Header10.jpg  33Header11.jpg  33Header12.jpg  

* 1995 25' Premier SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, db. swath, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, rubber canvass, MacDon 960 header w/gauge wheels, tandem wheels on back, 21.5 x 16.1 on front, full vision cab, 2688 hrs., S/N 99016

70SPSwather01.jpg  70SPSwather02.jpg  70SPSwather03.jpg  70SPSwather04.jpg  70SPSwather05.jpg  70SPSwather06.jpg  70SPSwather07.jpg  70SPSwather08.jpg  70SPSwather09.jpg  70SPSwather10.jpg  70SPSwather11.jpg  70SPSwather12.jpg  70SPSwather13.jpg  70SPSwather14.jpg  70SPSwather15.jpg  

* 8' Poly Swath Roller


* 60' x 10" Brandt MD Swing Out pto Grain Auger, reverser, 540 pto, hyd. lift

35BrandtAuger01.jpg  35BrandtAuger02.jpg  35BrandtAuger03.jpg  35BrandtAuger04.jpg  35BrandtAuger05.jpg  35BrandtAuger06.jpg  35BrandtAuger07.jpg  

* 41' x 7" Sakundiak Grain Auger, auger mover, drop spout, hyd. winch

36SakundiakAuger01.jpg  36SakundiakAuger02.jpg  36SakundiakAuger03.jpg  36SakundiakAuger04.jpg  

* 10' Brandt Transfer Auger, 1/2 hp. elec. motor

37TransferAuger01.jpg  37TransferAuger02.jpg  37TransferAuger03.jpg  

* Conveyair 2970 Grain Vac, hoses, hyd. dr., on own trailer

38GrainVac01.jpg  38GrainVac02.jpg  38GrainVac03.jpg  38GrainVac04.jpg  

Grain Bins (Noon)

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* 3 - 4500 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bins, aeration, crank openers (Bins #1-#3)

39Bins1to3Pic01.jpg  39Bins1to3Pic02.jpg  

* 2 - 1200 Bu. Behlen Hopper Bottom Grain Bins (Bins #8 & #9)


* 50 Ton Fertilizer Hopper Bottom Bin, Slide opener (Bin #7)


* 5200 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bin on cement, sensor cables (Bin #10)


* 4000 Bu. Seedstor Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, aeration, crank opener, sensor cables, metal skid (Bin #11)

43Bin11Pic01.jpg  43Bin11Pic02.jpg  

* 100 Ton Friesen Hopper Bottom Bin, metal skid, aeration, crank opener, sensor cable (Bin #12)

44Bin12Pic01.jpg  44Bin12Pic02.jpg  

* 250 Bu. Hopper Bottom Feed Bin, auger (Bin #13)

45Bin13Pic01.jpg  45Bin13Pic02.jpg  45Bin13Pic03.jpg  

* 2200 Bu. Metal Flat Bottom Bin on steel floor (Bin #14)


* 3 - 5 hp. Inline Aeration Fans

47InlineFans01.jpg  47InlineFans02.jpg  47InlineFans03.jpg  

* 5 hp. Kehoe Squirrel Aeration Fan


* 5 hp. Pool Squirrel Aeration Fan


3 PT. Hitch

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* Grass Spreader

50GrassSpreader01.jpg  50GrassSpreader02.jpg  

* 5' Kubota 3665 Flayel Mower, 540 pto

51KubotaFlayel01.jpg  51KubotaFlayel02.jpg  51KubotaFlayel03.jpg  

* 6 1/2' Flayel Mower, 540 pto

52FlayelMower01.jpg  52FlayelMower02.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 2 - Labtronics 919 Elevator Style Grain & Moisture Tester


* Spool of 5/8" Cable


* 2" Water Pump w/4 hp. Honda


* Scienco Chem Pump w/meter


* Sotera Chem Pump


* Chem Handler 3


* FEL Mount Hyd. Cement Mixer, 2 bag

59CementMixer01.jpg  59CementMixer02.jpg  

* Dugout Aerator


* Little River Poundmill Aerator for Dugouts


* Beaver DeVilbiss Comercial Paint Sprayer, extra hose, 5’ wand

62PaintSprayer01.jpg  62PaintSprayer02.jpg  62PaintSprayer03.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Dan at (306) 264-7949 or Emile at (306) 264-7974.


Chabot Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Mankota, SK.

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