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Large Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Chabot Brothers

Mankota, Saskatchewan
(306) 264-7949; (306) 264-7974

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Starting at 11:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 12:30 pm

2 miles East of Mankota on #18 Hwy. to curve, 8 miles North on #19 Hwy., 1 mile East on gravel Road, 1 mile South; or 10 miles South of Kincaid on #19 Hwy., 1 mile East on gravel Road, 1 mile South.
(GPS: N49.30.40.07, W106.59.37.06)


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* 1981 Versatile 875 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 12 sp., 20.8R38 duals, 4 hyd., return line, 855 Cummins Motor, 325 eng. hp., 9425 hrs. S/N 055862

01VersatileTractor01.jpg  01VersatileTractor02.jpg  01VersatileTractor03.jpg  01VersatileTractor04.jpg  01VersatileTractor05.jpg  01VersatileTractor06.jpg  01VersatileTractor07.jpg  01VersatileTractor08.jpg  01VersatileTractor09.jpg  01VersatileTractor10.jpg  01VersatileTractor11.jpg  01VersatileTractor12.jpg  01VersatileTractor13.jpg  01VersatileTractor14.jpg  01VersatileTractor15.jpg  01VersatileTractor16.jpg  01VersatileTractor20.jpg  01VersatileTractor21.jpg  01VersatileTractor22.jpg  01VersatileTractor23.jpg  

* 1981 JD 4640 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, quad range, 2 hyd., 20.8R38 clamp on duals, 3 rib front tires, 1000 lrg. shaft pto, 172 eng. hp., S/N 020656R

02JDTractor01.jpg  02JDTractor02.jpg  02JDTractor03.jpg  02JDTractor04.jpg  02JDTractor05.jpg  02JDTractor06.jpg  02JDTractor07.jpg  02JDTractor08.jpg  02JDTractor09.jpg  02JDTractor10.jpg  02JDTractor11.jpg  02JDTractor12.jpg  02JDTractor13.jpg  02JDTractor14.jpg  02JDTractor15.jpg  02JDTractor16.jpg  


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* Trimble Ezee Steer GPS w/autosteer


Trucks & Trailers

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* 1979 GMC 7000 4-ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, 48" high sides, 366 motor, 5x2 trans., step saddle tanks, metal floor, roll tarp, 1000 x 20 tires, 77,390 kms. showing, S/N T17DB9V627106 (Brown)

04GMCTruck01.jpg  04GMCTruck02.jpg  04GMCTruck03.jpg  04GMCTruck04.jpg  04GMCTruck05.jpg  04GMCTruck06.jpg  04GMCTruck07.jpg  04GMCTruck08.jpg  04GMCTruck09.jpg  04GMCTruck10.jpg  04GMCTruck11.jpg  04GMCTruck12.jpg  04GMCTruck13.jpg  04GMCTruck14.jpg  

* IH 1600 3-ton Truck, 8' x 14' steel box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, 5x2 trans., 825 x 20 tires, S/N 416600C014389 (Blue)

05IHTruckBlue01.jpg  05IHTruckBlue02.jpg  05IHTruckBlue03.jpg  05IHTruckBlue04.jpg  05IHTruckBlue05.jpg  05IHTruckBlue06.jpg  05IHTruckBlue07.jpg  

* IH 1600 Gravel Truck, 4 sp., 825 x 20 tires, S/N 416060C047277 (Orange)

06IHTruckOrange01.jpg  06IHTruckOrange02.jpg  06IHTruckOrange03.jpg  06IHTruckOrange04.jpg  06IHTruckOrange05.jpg  

* 1986 6' x 16’ Bobco 5th Wheel Horse Trailer, escape gate, divider gate, 2-way gate on back, 16.5" tires, 6 bolt rims, 7000 lb. axles, rubber mats, spare tire, S/N 66166H51213 (Blue)

07StockTrailer01.jpg  07StockTrailer02.jpg  07StockTrailer03.jpg  07StockTrailer04.jpg  07StockTrailer05.jpg  07StockTrailer06.jpg  07StockTrailer07.jpg  

* 1981 8' x 45' Load King High Boy Trailer, bale racks, tandem axle, 1100 x 20 duals, air brakes, spring ride, S/N 0371K078 (Grey)

08LoadKingTrailer01.jpg  08LoadKingTrailer02.jpg  08LoadKingTrailer03.jpg  08LoadKingTrailer04.jpg  

* 6000 gal. Fruehauf Water Hauler, 1100 x 20 duals, tandem axle, spring ride, air brakes, S/N CA1034 (Silver)

09WaterHauler01.jpg  09WaterHauler02.jpg  09WaterHauler03.jpg  09WaterHauler04.jpg  09WaterHauler05.jpg  09WaterHauler06.jpg  09WaterHauler07.jpg  09WaterHauler08.jpg  09WaterHauler09.jpg  

* 5th Wheel Dolly, tandem axle, pindle hitch, 1100 x 20 tires

10Dollie01.jpg  10Dollie02.jpg  10Dollie03.jpg  10Dollie04.jpg  

Highway Tractor & Trailer

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* 1989 Kenworth Highway Tractor, daytime sleeper, 3406 Cat Diesel, 425 hp., 13 sp. Fuhler Trans., amber light, 11R24.5 tires, air brakes, wet kit, 1,085,095 kms. showing, S/N 2XKADB9X3KM921756 (Brown)

11Semi01.jpg  11Semi02.jpg  11Semi03.jpg  11Semi04.jpg  11Semi05.jpg  11Semi06.jpg  11Semi07.jpg  11Semi08.jpg  11Semi09.jpg  11Semi10.jpg  11Semi11.jpg  11Semi12.jpg  11Semi13.jpg  11Semi14.jpg  11Semi15.jpg  11Semi16.jpg  11Semi17.jpg  

* 1994 42' Doepker Triaxle Grain Trailer, 3 hoppers, 11R24.5 tires, roll tarp, S/N 2D9GBSZ35R1016047 (White)

12GrainTrailer01.jpg  12GrainTrailer02.jpg  12GrainTrailer03.jpg  12GrainTrailer04.jpg  12GrainTrailer05.jpg  12GrainTrailer06.jpg  12GrainTrailer07.jpg  12GrainTrailer08.jpg  

* 2 - Michels Transfer Augers for Doepker Trailers



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* Unihoe 113 Backhoe, 6' bucket on front, 24" bucket on back, gas motor, 14.9 x 24 back tires, S/N 10034-16

14BackHoe01.jpg  14BackHoe02.jpg  14BackHoe03.jpg  14BackHoe04.jpg  14BackHoe05.jpg  14BackHoe06.jpg  14BackHoe07.jpg  14BackHoe08.jpg  14BackHoe09.jpg  14BackHoe10.jpg  14BackHoe11.jpg  14BackHoe12.jpg  14BackHoe13.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 39' Flexicoil Conseva Pak 5112 Air Tool, 12" spacings, Ind. packers on shanks, 3 plex, db. chute, depth control wheels on front, S/N 93-4 w/ Flexicoil 2320 Tow Between Tank, auger, 1 hyd. fan, 23.1 x 26 tires, S/N U084098

15FlexicoilConservaPak01.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak02.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak03.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak04.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak05.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak06.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak07.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak08.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak09.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak10.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak11.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak12.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak13.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak14.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak15.jpg  15FlexicoilConservaPak16.jpg  

* 40' Flexicoil 800 Air Seeder, 9" spacings, single chute, metal packers, S/N K034461, Flexicoil 1610 Tow Behind Tank, auger, hyd. fan, 21.5 x 16.1 tires, S/N K035703

16FlexicoilAirSeeder01.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder02.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder03.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder04.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder05.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder06.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder07.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder08.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder09.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder10.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder11.jpg  16FlexicoilAirSeeder12.jpg  

* 2001 90' RoGator 1254 High Clearance Sprayer, CAHR, 380/90R46 tires, fenders, 3 nozzles, Cummins Diesel, 1200 gal. Stainless Steel Tank, Trimble GPS w/autosteer, 2825 hrs., S/N 125034001

17FieldSprayer01.jpg  17FieldSprayer02.jpg  17FieldSprayer03.jpg  17FieldSprayer04.jpg  17FieldSprayer05.jpg  17FieldSprayer06.jpg  17FieldSprayer07.jpg  17FieldSprayer08.jpg  17FieldSprayer09.jpg  17FieldSprayer10.jpg  17FieldSprayer11.jpg  17FieldSprayer12.jpg  17FieldSprayer13.jpg  17FieldSprayer14.jpg  17FieldSprayer15.jpg  17FieldSprayer16.jpg  17FieldSprayer17.jpg  17FieldSprayer18.jpg  17FieldSprayer19.jpg  17FieldSprayer20.jpg  17FieldSprayer21.jpg  17FieldSprayer22.jpg  17FieldSprayer23.jpg  17FieldSprayer24.jpg  

* 4 - 24.5R32 Sprayer Tires & Rims, fits Rogator sprayer

18SprayerTires01.jpg  18SprayerTires02.jpg  18SprayerTires03.jpg  

* 53' Friggstad Cultivator, Valmar 320 granular applicator, hyd. fan, tine harrows, heavy axles in center

19FrigCult01.jpg  19FrigCult02.jpg  19FrigCult03.jpg  19FrigCult04.jpg  19FrigCult05.jpg  19FrigCult06.jpg  

* 80' Flexicoil 65 Field Sprayer, hyd. pump, 800 gal. poly tank, auto rate, 16.5 x 16 tires, hyd. booms, sep. chem. tank, db. nozzles, S/N T077817

20Sprayer01.jpg  20Sprayer02.jpg  20Sprayer03.jpg  20Sprayer04.jpg  20Sprayer05.jpg  20Sprayer06.jpg  20Sprayer07.jpg  20Sprayer08.jpg  

* 54' Harrow Drawbar, tine harrows, lrg. tires

21Harrrow01.jpg  21Harrrow02.jpg  21Harrrow03.jpg  

* Hutch Cleaner C1600 Rotary Grain Cleaner, augers, 220V motor

22HutchCleaner01.jpg  22HutchCleaner02.jpg  22HutchCleaner03.jpg  22HutchCleaner04.jpg  

* 39" Carter Disc Cleaning Mill, S/N 1678

23CarterDisc01.jpg  23CarterDisc02.jpg  23CarterDisc03.jpg  23CarterDisc04.jpg  

* 36" Lightfoot Metal Cleaning Mill, 110V

24LightfoorCleaner01.jpg  24LightfoorCleaner02.jpg  

* Rockomatic HD58 Rotary Rockpicker, 540 pto, S/N 338

25Rockpicker01.jpg  25Rockpicker02.jpg  25Rockpicker03.jpg  25Rockpicker04.jpg  25Rockpicker05.jpg  

* 14' JD Cultivator


* 14' IH 620 Disc Drill w/metal packers, grass boxes


Various Pencil Augers

Haying & Livestock

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* NH 357 Mix Mill, bale feeder, 540 pto

28NHMill01.jpg  28NHMill02.jpg  28NHMill03.jpg  

* MF Mix Mill, 540 pto

29MFMill01.jpg  29MFMill02.jpg  

* 1979 NH 315 Square Baler, turner, hyd. tension, 540 pto, S/N 497185

30Baler01.jpg  30Baler02.jpg  30Baler03.jpg  30Baler04.jpg  

* Homemade 100 bu. Hopper Feeder w/auger, on own trailer

31HopperFeeder01.jpg  31HopperFeeder02.jpg  


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* 2008 Case IH 7010 AFS Axial Flow SP Diesel Combine, CAHR, swing out auger, 20.8 x 42 front duals, 480/70R30 back tires, internal chopper, hopper ext., single point hook-up, AFS Pro 600 monitor, 2393 eng. hrs., 1927 sep. hrs. w/14' Case IH 2016 pickup table w/ 14' Swathmaster pickup S/N HAJ202239

32Combine01.jpg  32Combine02.jpg  32Combine03.jpg  32Combine04.jpg  32Combine05.jpg  32Combine06.jpg  32Combine07.jpg  32Combine08.jpg  32Combine09.jpg  32Combine10.jpg  32Combine11.jpg  32Combine12.jpg  32Combine13.jpg  32Combine14.jpg  32Combine15.jpg  32Combine16.jpg  32Combine17.jpg  32Combine18.jpg  32Combine19.jpg  32Combine20.jpg  32Combine21.jpg  32Combine22.jpg  32Combine23.jpg  32Combine24.jpg  32Combine25.jpg  32Combine26.jpg  

* 2011 35' Macdon FD70 Flex Header, fore & aft, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, new pan under auger, own transport, pea auger, Case IH adapter, S/N 213586

33Header01.jpg  33Header02.jpg  33Header03.jpg  33Header04.jpg  33Header05.jpg  33Header06.jpg  33Header07.jpg  33Header08.jpg  33Header09.jpg  33Header10.jpg  33Header11.jpg  33Header12.jpg  

* 1995 25' Premier SP Diesel Swather, CAHR, db. swath, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, rubber canvass, MacDon 960 header w/gauge wheels, tandem wheels on back, 21.5 x 16.1 on front, full vision cab, 2688 hrs., S/N 99016

70SPSwather01.jpg  70SPSwather02.jpg  70SPSwather03.jpg  70SPSwather04.jpg  70SPSwather05.jpg  70SPSwather06.jpg  70SPSwather07.jpg  70SPSwather08.jpg  70SPSwather09.jpg  70SPSwather10.jpg  70SPSwather11.jpg  70SPSwather12.jpg  70SPSwather13.jpg  70SPSwather14.jpg  70SPSwather15.jpg  

* 8' Poly Swath Roller


* 60' x 10" Brandt MD Swing Out pto Grain Auger, reverser, 540 pto, hyd. lift

35BrandtAuger01.jpg  35BrandtAuger02.jpg  35BrandtAuger03.jpg  35BrandtAuger04.jpg  35BrandtAuger05.jpg  35BrandtAuger06.jpg  35BrandtAuger07.jpg  

* 41' x 7" Sakundiak Grain Auger, auger mover, drop spout, hyd. winch

36SakundiakAuger01.jpg  36SakundiakAuger02.jpg  36SakundiakAuger03.jpg  36SakundiakAuger04.jpg  

* 10' Brandt Transfer Auger, 1/2 hp. elec. motor

37TransferAuger01.jpg  37TransferAuger02.jpg  37TransferAuger03.jpg  

* Conveyair 2970 Grain Vac, hoses, hyd. dr., on own trailer

38GrainVac01.jpg  38GrainVac02.jpg  38GrainVac03.jpg  38GrainVac04.jpg  

Grain Bins (Noon)

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* 3 - 4500 Bu. Westeel Rosco Hopper Bottom Bins, aeration, crank openers (Bins #1-#3)

39Bins1to3Pic01.jpg  39Bins1to3Pic02.jpg  

* 2 - 1200 Bu. Behlen Hopper Bottom Grain Bins (Bins #8 & #9)


* 50 Ton Fertilizer Hopper Bottom Bin, Slide opener (Bin #7)


* 5200 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bin on cement, sensor cables (Bin #10)


* 4000 Bu. Seedstor Hopper Bottom Grain Bin, aeration, crank opener, sensor cables, metal skid (Bin #11)

43Bin11Pic01.jpg  43Bin11Pic02.jpg  

* 100 Ton Friesen Hopper Bottom Bin, metal skid, aeration, crank opener, sensor cable (Bin #12)

44Bin12Pic01.jpg  44Bin12Pic02.jpg  

* 250 Bu. Hopper Bottom Feed Bin, auger (Bin #13)

45Bin13Pic01.jpg  45Bin13Pic02.jpg  45Bin13Pic03.jpg  

* 2200 Bu. Metal Flat Bottom Bin on steel floor (Bin #14)


* 3 - 5 hp. Inline Aeration Fans

47InlineFans01.jpg  47InlineFans02.jpg  47InlineFans03.jpg  

* 5 hp. Kehoe Squirrel Aeration Fan


* 5 hp. Pool Squirrel Aeration Fan


3 PT. Hitch

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* Grass Spreader

50GrassSpreader01.jpg  50GrassSpreader02.jpg  

* 5' Kubota 3665 Flayel Mower, 540 pto

51KubotaFlayel01.jpg  51KubotaFlayel02.jpg  51KubotaFlayel03.jpg  

* 6 1/2' Flayel Mower, 540 pto

52FlayelMower01.jpg  52FlayelMower02.jpg  

Shop & Yard

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* 2 - Labtronics 919 Elevator Style Grain & Moisture Tester


* Spool of 5/8" Cable


* 2" Water Pump w/4 hp. Honda


* Scienco Chem Pump w/meter


* Sotera Chem Pump


* Chem Handler 3


* FEL Mount Hyd. Cement Mixer, 2 bag

59CementMixer01.jpg  59CementMixer02.jpg  

* Dugout Aerator


* Little River Poundmill Aerator for Dugouts


* Beaver DeVilbiss Comercial Paint Sprayer, extra hose, 5’ wand

62PaintSprayer01.jpg  62PaintSprayer02.jpg  62PaintSprayer03.jpg  

Guy Monnette
(306) 264-7633

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* 2009 NH TD5050 FWA Diesel Tractor, 3 pt. hitch, 540 pto, PS, 12 sp., shuttle shift, 18.4R30 back tires, 12.4R24 front tires, 3 hyd., w/NH 385TL Quick Detach FEL, sep. joystick, 79” bucket, roll bar, diff. lock, 95 eng. hp., 618 hrs. showing, S/N Z9JN52546

80NHTractor01.jpg  80NHTractor02.jpg  80NHTractor03.jpg  80NHTractor04.jpg  80NHTractor05.jpg  80NHTractor06.jpg  80NHTractor07.jpg  80NHTractor08.jpg  80NHTractor09.jpg  80NHTractor10.jpg  80NHTractor11.jpg  80NHTractor12.jpg  80NHTractor13.jpg  80NHTractor14.jpg  80NHTractor15.jpg  80NHTractor16.jpg  80NHTractor17.jpg  80NHTractor18.jpg  80NHTractor19.jpg  80NHTractor20.jpg  80NHTractor21.jpg  80NHTractor22.jpg  80NHTractor23.jpg  80NHTractor24.jpg  80NHTractor25.jpg  80NHTractor26.jpg  80NHTractor27.jpg  80NHTractor28.jpg  80NHTractor29.jpg  80NHTractor30.jpg  80NHTractor31.jpg  80NHTractor32.jpg  

* 8’ Farm King 960 3 Pt. Hitch Snow Blower, hyd. chute, 2 stage, S/N Y960Q14000232

81SnowBlower01.jpg  81SnowBlower02.jpg  81SnowBlower03.jpg  81SnowBlower04.jpg  81SnowBlower05.jpg  81SnowBlower06.jpg  

* 8’ IH 4590 Fibre Shank 3 Pt. Hitch Cultivator

82Cult01.jpg  82Cult02.jpg  82Cult03.jpg  

* 2014 Woods FZ28K Zero Turn Mower, 61” power tilt deck, 28 hp., Kawasaki engine, roll bar, 209 hrs. showing, S/N 1253384

83Lawnmower01.jpg  83Lawnmower02.jpg  83Lawnmower03.jpg  83Lawnmower04.jpg  83Lawnmower05.jpg  83Lawnmower06.jpg  83Lawnmower07.jpg  83Lawnmower08.jpg  

* Turf Till Garden Tiller w/ New 8 Hp. B&S Motor, self propel

84Tiller01.jpg  84Tiller02.jpg  

* 1000 Gal. Metal water tank on metal skids

* 500 Gal. Metal water tank on metal skids

KDW Enterprises Ltd.
Kevin Williamson
(306) 478-7772

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* 1989 Kenworth Tandem Truck, 8 1/2’ x 18’ steel deck w/4’ drop, 3406 Cat Diesel Engine, 10 sp. trans., 1100 x 24.5 tires, 1,034,744 kms., S/N 2XKADB9XXKM922113 (Red)

71Truck01.jpg  71Truck02.jpg  71Truck03.jpg  71Truck04.jpg  71Truck05.jpg  71Truck06.jpg  71Truck07.jpg  71Truck08.jpg  71Truck09.jpg  71Truck10.jpg  71Truck11.jpg  71Truck12.jpg  71Truck13.jpg  71Truck14.jpg  71Truck15.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Dan at (306) 264-7949 or Emile at (306) 264-7974.


Chabot Farm & Livestock Equipment Auction - Mankota, SK.

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