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Large Farm Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Evergreen Farms
(Glenn & Ron Button)

Vanguard, Saskatchewan
(306) 741-0522; (306) 741-0226

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery & Vehicles sell at 1:00 pm

From the South Side of Vanguard, 2 miles South on #612 Grid Road to curve, 2 1/2 miles East, 2 miles South, 2 miles East, 1/2 mile South. (West side)
(GPS: N49.50.08.07,W107.12.11.06)



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* 2005 NH TJ425 4WD Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 710/70R38 factory duals, 5 hyd., return line for air drill, Cummins motor, 425 eng. hp., 16 sp., buddy seat, GPS w/autosteer, 4290 hrs., S/N RVS001434

01NHTractor01.jpg  01NHTractor02.jpg  01NHTractor03.jpg  01NHTractor04.jpg  01NHTractor05.jpg  01NHTractor06.jpg  01NHTractor07.jpg  01NHTractor08.jpg  01NHTractor09.jpg  01NHTractor10.jpg  01NHTractor11.jpg  01NHTractor12.jpg  01NHTractor13.jpg  01NHTractor14.jpg  01NHTractor15.jpg  01NHTractor16.jpg  01NHTractor17.jpg  01NHTractor18.jpg  01NHTractor19.jpg  01NHTractor20.jpg  01NHTractor21.jpg  01NHTractor22.jpg  01NHTractor23.jpg  01NHTractor24.jpg  

* 1989 JD 4755 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, quad range, 20.8R38 factory duals, 4 rib front tires, 3 hyd., 1000 lrg. shaft pto, plumbed for Outback GPS, 194 eng. hp., 6777 hrs. showing, S/N 002233 (Green Lighted 2016)

02JD4755Tractor01.jpg  02JD4755Tractor02.jpg  02JD4755Tractor03.jpg  02JD4755Tractor04.jpg  02JD4755Tractor05.jpg  02JD4755Tractor06.jpg  02JD4755Tractor07.jpg  02JD4755Tractor08.jpg  02JD4755Tractor09.jpg  02JD4755Tractor10.jpg  02JD4755Tractor11.jpg  02JD4755Tractor12.jpg  02JD4755Tractor13.jpg  02JD4755Tractor14.jpg  

* 1976 JD 2130 Diesel Tractor, 2 hyd., 540 pto, 18.4 x 30 back tires, 3 rib front tires, 12 sp., 75 eng. hp. w/JD 146 FEL, S/N 186616L

03JD2130Tractor01.jpg  03JD2130Tractor02.jpg  03JD2130Tractor03.jpg  03JD2130Tractor04.jpg  03JD2130Tractor05.jpg  03JD2130Tractor06.jpg  03JD2130Tractor07.jpg  03JD2130Tractor08.jpg  03JD2130Tractor09.jpg  03JD2130Tractor10.jpg  03JD2130Tractor11.jpg  03JD2130Tractor12.jpg  03JD2130Tractor13.jpg  03JD2130Tractor14.jpg  03JD2130Tractor15.jpg  03JD2130Tractor16.jpg  03JD2130Tractor17.jpg  03JD2130Tractor18.jpg  

* 1977 JD 1030 Diesel Tractor, 3 pt. hitch, 16.9 x 24 turf tires on back, smooth tires on front, 8 sp., 540 pto, 1 hyd., 46 eng. hp., Approx. 1600 hrs., S/N 232374

04JD1030Tractor01.jpg  04JD1030Tractor02.jpg  04JD1030Tractor03.jpg  04JD1030Tractor04.jpg  04JD1030Tractor05.jpg  04JD1030Tractor06.jpg  04JD1030Tractor07.jpg  04JD1030Tractor08.jpg  04JD1030Tractor09.jpg  04JD1030Tractor10.jpg  04JD1030Tractor11.jpg  04JD1030Tractor12.jpg  

GPS (after machinery)

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* 3 - Outback GPS systems w/autosteer, only 2 screens

Trucks, Vans & Trailers

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* 1995 Ford L7000 4-ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 16' metal box & db. acting hoist, metal floor, roll tarp, Cummins Diesel motor, 5x2 trans., 11R22.5 tires, new front tires, 78,542 kms., S/N 1FDPR72C1SVA81841 (Blue)

05Ford1995Truck01.jpg  05Ford1995Truck02.jpg  05Ford1995Truck03.jpg  05Ford1995Truck04.jpg  05Ford1995Truck05.jpg  05Ford1995Truck06.jpg  05Ford1995Truck07.jpg  05Ford1995Truck08.jpg  05Ford1995Truck09.jpg  05Ford1995Truck10.jpg  05Ford1995Truck11.jpg  05Ford1995Truck12.jpg  05Ford1995Truck13.jpg  05Ford1995Truck14.jpg  05Ford1995Truck15.jpg  

* 1975 Dodge 600 3-ton Grain Truck, 8 1/2' x 15' steel box & db. acting hoist, wood floor, roll tarp, plumbed for drill fill, 4x2 trans, 360 motor, 900 x 20 tires, 28,888 miles, S/N D61FM5J004910 (Green)

06dodge1975Truck01.jpg  06dodge1975Truck02.jpg  06dodge1975Truck03.jpg  06dodge1975Truck04.jpg  06dodge1975Truck05.jpg  06dodge1975Truck06.jpg  06dodge1975Truck07.jpg  06dodge1975Truck08.jpg  06dodge1975Truck09.jpg  06dodge1975Truck10.jpg  06dodge1975Truck11.jpg  

* 1994 Chev 1500 Suburban, auto, hidden hitch, V8, 4x4, 453,476 kms., S/N 1GNFK16K2RJ40748 (White)

07Chev1994Pic01.jpg  07Chev1994Pic02.jpg  07Chev1994Pic03.jpg  07Chev1994Pic04.jpg  07Chev1994Pic05.jpg  07Chev1994Pic06.jpg  07Chev1994Pic07.jpg  07Chev1994Pic08.jpg  

* 1994 Ford 350 Van, auto, 7.3 Diesel, hidden hitch, 352,416 kms. S/N 1FBJS31M8RHA13695 (Red)

08FordVan01.jpg  08FordVan02.jpg  08FordVan03.jpg  08FordVan04.jpg  

* 1975 Dodge 100 1/2 ton Truck, V8 318 motor, auto, 58,512 miles, S/N D14AE55043543 (Orange & White)

46Dodge1975Truck01.jpg  46Dodge1975Truck02.jpg  46Dodge1975Truck03.jpg  46Dodge1975Truck04.jpg  46Dodge1975Truck05.jpg  

* 7' x 18' 5th Wheel Flatdeck Trailer, metal floor, tandem axle, new tires, loading ramps (Black)

09Trailer18Pic01.jpg  09Trailer18Pic02.jpg  09Trailer18Pic03.jpg  09Trailer18Pic04.jpg  


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* 14' Fiberglass EX-EL V-Haul Boat, 140 hp. Johnson motor w/trailer

10Boat01.jpg  10Boat02.jpg  10Boat03.jpg  

Seeding & Tillage

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* 80' Spray-Coupe 7650 MFWA SP High Clearance Sprayer, CAHR, 3 body nozzles, 600 gal. poly Tank, adj. wheel width, auto boom, auto rate, auto height, 320/85R38 front tires, 380/90R46 back tires, fenders, Perkins Diesel, plumbed for Outback GPS, 1914 hrs., S/N 7650JP8P373

11Sprayer01.jpg  11Sprayer02.jpg  11Sprayer03.jpg  11Sprayer04.jpg  11Sprayer05.jpg  11Sprayer06.jpg  11Sprayer07.jpg  11Sprayer08.jpg  11Sprayer09.jpg  11Sprayer10.jpg  11Sprayer11.jpg  11Sprayer12.jpg  11Sprayer13.jpg  11Sprayer14.jpg  11Sprayer15.jpg  11Sprayer16.jpg  11Sprayer17.jpg  11Sprayer18.jpg  11Sprayer19.jpg  11Sprayer20.jpg  11Sprayer21.jpg  11Sprayer22.jpg  11Sprayer23.jpg  11Sprayer24.jpg  11Sprayer25.jpg  11Sprayer26.jpg  

* 60' Morris Maxim II Air Drill, 5 plex, 10" spacings, paired row, dual depth control wheels on front, db. chute, metal packers, blockage monitors on each run, S/N 6002046239 w/Morris 8370 Tow Behind Tank, 3 comp., low profile auger, hyd. fan, 65R32 back tires, 540/65R24 front tires, liquid fert. hitch on back, S/N 8370041008

12AirDrill01.jpg  12AirDrill02.jpg  12AirDrill03.jpg  12AirDrill04.jpg  12AirDrill05.jpg  12AirDrill06.jpg  12AirDrill07.jpg  12AirDrill08.jpg  12AirDrill09.jpg  12AirDrill10.jpg  12AirDrill11.jpg  12AirDrill12.jpg  12AirDrill13.jpg  12AirDrill14.jpg  12AirDrill15.jpg  12AirDrill16.jpg  12AirDrill17.jpg  12AirDrill18.jpg  12AirDrill19.jpg  12AirDrill20.jpg  12AirDrill21.jpg  12AirDrill22.jpg  12AirDrill23.jpg  12AirDrill24.jpg  12AirDrill25.jpg  

* 45' Degelman 7645 Landroller, fully hyd., S/N 1992

13LandRoller01.jpg  13LandRoller02.jpg  13LandRoller03.jpg  13LandRoller04.jpg  

* 55’ Riteway Jumbo 8000 Heavy Harrow, Valmar 2455 Granular Applicator, fully hyd., S/N 98-80492

14RitewayHarrow01.jpg  14RitewayHarrow02.jpg  14RitewayHarrow03.jpg  14RitewayHarrow04.jpg  14RitewayHarrow05.jpg  14RitewayHarrow06.jpg  14RitewayHarrow07.jpg  

* 60' Flexicoil System 95 Harrow Packer Drawbar, heavy coil packers, 22" tine harrows, fully hyd, new pins

15FlexicoilHarrow01.jpg  15FlexicoilHarrow02.jpg  15FlexicoilHarrow03.jpg  15FlexicoilHarrow04.jpg  15FlexicoilHarrow05.jpg  15FlexicoilHarrow06.jpg  

* 2 - 32' IH 300 Discers, martin hitch, packer hitch

16IhDiscers01.jpg  16IhDiscers02.jpg  16IhDiscers03.jpg  

* 2 Compartment Haul-All w/2 hyd. augers

47HaulAll01.jpg  47HaulAll02.jpg  

* 2 1/2 Yard Crown 250 Scraper

17Scraper01.jpg  17Scraper02.jpg  17Scraper03.jpg  

* JD 3600 6-Bottom Plow w/sod buster rake

18Plow01.jpg  18Plow02.jpg  18Plow03.jpg  18Plow04.jpg  18Plow05.jpg  

* 35' Morris Magnum CP-731 Cultivator, Beline 1816 Applicator

* 36' Morris B3 Rodweeder w/multiplex

* 22' Seedrite M-11 Hoe Drills, tine harrows, packers

* JD Cultivator Frame w/homemade scraper

17Scraper04.jpg  17Scraper05.jpg  


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* 2004 Case IH 2366 SP Axial Flow Diesel Combine, CAHR, buddy seat, internal chopper, spreaders, swing out auger w/ext., IH Diesel motor, hopper ext., 24.5 x 32 front tires, 14.9 x 24 back tires, plumbed for Outback GPS, 2966 eng. hrs., 2365 sep. hrs., S/N JJC0257006

19Combine01.jpg  19Combine02.jpg  19Combine03.jpg  19Combine04.jpg  19Combine05.jpg  19Combine06.jpg  19Combine07.jpg  19Combine08.jpg  19Combine09.jpg  19Combine10.jpg  19Combine11.jpg  19Combine12.jpg  19Combine13.jpg  19Combine14.jpg  19Combine15.jpg  19Combine16.jpg  19Combine17.jpg  19Combine18.jpg  19Combine19.jpg  

* 30' NH Draper Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, fore & aft, own transport, Case IH adapter, pea auger, S/N 430030546

20NhHeader01.jpg  20NhHeader02.jpg  20NhHeader03.jpg  20NhHeader04.jpg  20NhHeader05.jpg  

* 25' Case IH 1020 Flex Header, pickup reel w/plastic fingers, crary air reel, lrg. auger, fore & aft, on homebuilt trailer, S/N 0320111

21CaseHeader01.jpg  21CaseHeader02.jpg  21CaseHeader03.jpg  21CaseHeader04.jpg  21CaseHeader05.jpg  21CaseHeader06.jpg  21CaseHeader07.jpg  21CaseHeader08.jpg  21CaseHeader09.jpg  21CaseHeader10.jpg  

* 2017 72' x 10" Meridan SLMD10-72 pto Grain Auger, Full Load swing out hopper w/remote, db. auger in hopper, 540 pto, reverser, hyd. lift, down spout w/full bin monitor, lights

22MeridanAuger01.jpg  22MeridanAuger02.jpg  22MeridanAuger03.jpg  22MeridanAuger04.jpg  22MeridanAuger05.jpg  22MeridanAuger06.jpg  22MeridanAuger07.jpg  22MeridanAuger08.jpg  22MeridanAuger09.jpg  22MeridanAuger10.jpg  22MeridanAuger11.jpg  

* 61' x 10" Westfield MK100-61 pto Grain Auger, swing out hopper, 540 pto, winch lift, drop spout

23WestfieldAuger01.jpg  23WestfieldAuger02.jpg  23WestfieldAuger03.jpg  23WestfieldAuger04.jpg  23WestfieldAuger05.jpg  23WestfieldAuger06.jpg  23WestfieldAuger07.jpg  

* 52' x 8" Sakundiak HD8-1600 Grain Auger, auger mover, drop spout, lights, 27 hp. Koehler elec. start motor, hyd. winch, hyd. bin sweep, new flighting (Grey Frame)

24SakundaikAuger01.jpg  24SakundaikAuger02.jpg  24SakundaikAuger03.jpg  24SakundaikAuger04.jpg  24SakundaikAuger05.jpg  24SakundaikAuger06.jpg  24SakundaikAuger07.jpg  24SakundaikAuger08.jpg  24SakundaikAuger09.jpg  24SakundaikAuger10.jpg  24SakundaikAuger11.jpg  24SakundaikAuger12.jpg  

* 45' x 7" Brandt Grain Auger, 18 hp. IC-Plus twin engine elec. start motor, drop spout

25Brandt45ftauger01.jpg  25Brandt45ftauger02.jpg  25Brandt45ftauger03.jpg  25Brandt45ftauger04.jpg  

* 35' x 6" Brandt Grain Auger, Koehler elec. start motor

26Brandt35ftauger01.jpg  26Brandt35ftauger02.jpg  

* 3 - Auger Hoppers


Grain BIns 1230 pm

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* 90 Ton Meridian Model 1615SS7 Hopper Bottom Fertilizer Bin, ladder, crank opener, site glass, metal ring (Bin #1)

28Bin01Pic01.jpg  28Bin01Pic02.jpg  28Bin01Pic03.jpg  28Bin01Pic04.jpg  

* 80 Ton Meridian Model 1612EWVS Hopper Bottom Fertilizer Bin, ladder, crank opener, site glass, metal ring (Bin #2)

29Bin02Pic01.jpg  29Bin02Pic02.jpg  

* 7 - 4800 Bu. Westeel 1805 Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, aeration, ladders, crank openers, metal rings, temperature sensors (Bins #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #10 & #11)

30Bins3to7Pic01.jpg  30Bins3to7Pic02.jpg  30Bins3to7Pic03.jpg  30Bins3to7Pic04.jpg  

* 2 - 3000 Bu. Westeel Hopper Bottom Grain Bins, aeration, ladders, crank opener, metal ring, Bin #8 has temp. sensor (Bins #8 & #9)


* 3 - 3300 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bins, wood floors (Bins #10F, #12, #13)

32Bins10fPic01.jpg  32Bins10fPic02.jpg  

* 2700 Bu. Westeel Rosco Flat Bottom Bin, wood floor (Bin #4F)


* 1700 Bu. Metal Flat Bottom Bin, wood floor, (Bin #14)


* 4 - 5 hp. Grain Guard Squirrel Aeration Fans

35GrainGuardFans01.jpg  35GrainGuardFans02.jpg  35GrainGuardFans03.jpg  35GrainGuardFans04.jpg  

* 2 - 3 hp. Pool Squirrel Aeration Fans

36PoolFans01.jpg  36PoolFans02.jpg  

3 PT. Hitch

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* 72" Farm King Finishing Mower


* 7' Farm King Cultivator * 6' Homemade Cultivator * 5 1/2' Cultivator

Shop & Yard

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* 1000 gal. Magnum Ground Level Fuel Tank w/elec. pump


* 500 gal. Magnum Ground Level Fuel Tank w/elec. pump, meter

39FuelTank500Gal01.jpg  39FuelTank500Gal02.jpg  

* 2500 gal. Hold-On Poly Water Tank, valve

40WaterTank2500GalPic01.jpg  40WaterTank2500GalPic02.jpg  

* Ford LGT 145 Ride-on Lawn Mower w/belly mower


* 300 gal. Water Tank * 135 gal. Slip Tank * Livestock Loading Chute * 1 Bag Cement Mixer, elec. motor * Chem Handler * Chem Pump * Hyd. Jacks * 180 Amp Welder * Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washer * Ladders * Shop Crane * Labtronics 919 Grain Tester * Drill Press & Stand * Ext. Cords * Trouble Lights * Air Hose * Bolt Bins * Hand Tools * Weed Whipper * Grease Guns * Saws * Wrenches * Torque Wrench * Long Reach Floor Jack * Bench Grinder * Gear Pullers * Bull Dog Fencing Pliers. Plus Other Articles Too Numerous To Mention.

42Shop01.jpg  42Shop02.jpg  42Shop03.jpg  42Shop04.jpg  42Shop05.jpg  42Shop06.jpg  42Shop07.jpg  42Shop08.jpg  42Shop09.jpg  42Shop11.jpg  42Shop12.jpg  42Shop13.jpg  42Shop14.jpg  42Shop15.jpg  42Shop16.jpg  42Shop17.jpg  42Shop18.jpg  42Shop19.jpg  42Shop20.jpg  42Shop21.jpg  42Shop22.jpg  42Shop23.jpg  42Shop24.jpg  42Shop25.jpg  42Shop26.jpg  


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* Grain Wagon


* Grain Tank Wagon


* IH 20 Run Disc Drill w/wooden wheels, always shedded


* Platform Scale * Grain Chopper * Garden Planter * Camp Rocker Seed Treater * Cast Iron Heater


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call Glenn at (306) 741-0522 or Ron at (306) 741-0226.


Button Farm Equipment Auction - Vanguard, SK.

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