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Large Oilfield Building, Trucks & Shop Equipment Auction

Terms: Cash or cheque with Letter of Guarantee.

Watch for signs.

For: Broken Antler Resources Ltd.

Brock, Saskatchewan
(403) 540-8008

Monday, April 23, 2018

Starting at 10:00 am CST

Machinery, Vehicles & Property Sell at: 1:00 p.m.

1/4 mile South of Brock, Sk. (West Side)
(GPS: N 51.26.11; W108.43.33)

Building & Property 1 PM

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* 2010 48' x 80' x 16' High Shop, 3840 sq. ft., 3- 14' x 14' overhead doors w/openers, insulated, heated, tin exterior & interior, cement floor w/center drain, natural gas heaters, natural gas water heater, cell phone booster, exhaust fan, ceiling fans, 200 Amp Service, fully wired, washroom, sep. office, Approx. 10.13 acres (Subdivision of SE 1/4 34-28-20 W3rd, RM of Kindersley #290) Buyers are responsible for their own legal search and inspection of the property. No bids subject to approval will be accepted. Owner has the right to accept or reject the highest bid. If bid is accepted a 10% down payment day of auction, balance to be paid within 30 days. All legal matters will be handled by a lawyer.

01Building01A.jpg  01Building01B.jpg  01Building01C.jpg  01Building02.jpg  01Building03.jpg  01Building04.jpg  01Building05.jpg  01Building06.jpg  01Building07.jpg  01Building08.jpg  01Building09.jpg  01Building10.jpg  01Building11.jpg  01Building12.jpg  01Building13.jpg  01Building14.jpg  01Building15.jpg  01Building16.jpg  


56Trucks01  56Trucks02

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* 2007 IH 7500 HT570 5-Ton Tandem Rear Mount Diesel Swab Rig, 13 sp., Eaton Fuhler Trans., full tandem, 6 cu. meter storage tank, winch, pto pump & hyd. pumps, hyd. levelling jacks on back, chrome sun-visor, chrome mirrors, air ride on back, IH Diesel Max Force Motor, 350 hp., 315/80/22.5 Front Tires, 11R22.5 Back Tires, 100,582 kms. showing, S/N 1HTWPAZR37J523274 (White) (Current Safety)

02IH2007Truck01.jpg  02IH2007Truck02.jpg  02IH2007Truck03.jpg  02IH2007Truck04.jpg  02IH2007Truck05.jpg  02IH2007Truck06.jpg  02IH2007Truck07.jpg  02IH2007Truck08.jpg  02IH2007Truck09.jpg  02IH2007Truck10.jpg  02IH2007Truck11.jpg  02IH2007Truck12.jpg  02IH2007Truck13.jpg  02IH2007Truck14.jpg  02IH2007Truck15.jpg  02IH2007Truck16.jpg  02IH2007Truck17.jpg  02IH2007Truck18.jpg  02IH2007Truck19.jpg  02IH2007Truck20.jpg  02IH2007Truck21.jpg  02IH2007Truck22.jpg  02IH2007Truck23.jpg  02IH2007Truck24.jpg  02IH2007Truck25.jpg  02IH2007Truck26.jpg  02IH2007Truck27.jpg  

* 2005 IH 7600 5-Ton Tandem Side Mount Diesel Swab Rig, hyd. levelling jacks on front, full tandem, 11R22.5 Back Tires, 385/65R22 Front Tires, winch, pto & hyd. pumps, 8.5 cu. meter storage tank, air ride on back, Cat C-11 Diesel Motor, 350 hp., auto trans., 304,803 kms. showing S/N 1HTWYSAT35J056767 (White) (Current Safety & DOT Approved)

03IH2005Truck01.jpg  03IH2005Truck02.jpg  03IH2005Truck03.jpg  03IH2005Truck04.jpg  03IH2005Truck05.jpg  03IH2005Truck06.jpg  03IH2005Truck07.jpg  03IH2005Truck08.jpg  03IH2005Truck09.jpg  03IH2005Truck10.jpg  03IH2005Truck11.jpg  03IH2005Truck12.jpg  03IH2005Truck13.jpg  03IH2005Truck14.jpg  03IH2005Truck15.jpg  03IH2005Truck16.jpg  03IH2005Truck17.jpg  03IH2005Truck18.jpg  03IH2005Truck19.jpg  03IH2005Truck20.jpg  03IH2005Truck21.jpg  03IH2005Truck22.jpg  03IH2005Truck23.jpg  03IH2005Truck24.jpg  03IH2005Truck25.jpg  03IH2005Truck26.jpg  

* 2003 IH 5600 5-Ton Tandem Side Mount Diesel Swab Rig, hyd. levelling jacks on front, full tandem, 7.5 cu. meter storage tank, Winch, pto & hyd. pumps, 425/65R22.5 Front Tires, 11R24.5 Back Tires, HD Suspension, Cummins N14 Plus Diesel Motor, 450 hp., air ride on back, 18 sp. Eaton Fuhler Trans., 714,862 kms. showing, S/N 1HTXHAET43J039238 (Red) (Current Safety & DOT Approved)

04IH2003Truck01.jpg  04IH2003Truck02.jpg  04IH2003Truck03.jpg  04IH2003Truck04.jpg  04IH2003Truck05.jpg  04IH2003Truck06.jpg  04IH2003Truck07.jpg  04IH2003Truck08.jpg  04IH2003Truck09.jpg  04IH2003Truck10.jpg  04IH2003Truck11.jpg  04IH2003Truck12.jpg  04IH2003Truck13.jpg  04IH2003Truck14.jpg  04IH2003Truck15.jpg  04IH2003Truck16.jpg  04IH2003Truck17.jpg  04IH2003Truck18.jpg  04IH2003Truck19.jpg  04IH2003Truck20.jpg  04IH2003Truck21.jpg  04IH2003Truck22.jpg  04IH2003Truck23.jpg  


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* 1981 Champion 760 Grader, 16.00R24 tires, 14' Expandable fully hyd. blade, front fenders, articulating front, front hyd., block heaters, rear end, both boxes rebuilt, front end has been redone, 671 Detroit Motor, 1717 hrs. showing on rebuilt motor, S/N 760-23-110-14405

05Champion1981Grader01.jpg  05Champion1981Grader02.jpg  05Champion1981Grader03.jpg  05Champion1981Grader04.jpg  05Champion1981Grader05.jpg  05Champion1981Grader06.jpg  05Champion1981Grader07.jpg  05Champion1981Grader08.jpg  05Champion1981Grader09.jpg  05Champion1981Grader10.jpg  05Champion1981Grader11.jpg  05Champion1981Grader12.jpg  05Champion1981Grader13.jpg  05Champion1981Grader14.jpg  05Champion1981Grader15.jpg  05Champion1981Grader16.jpg  05Champion1981Grader17.jpg  05Champion1981Grader18.jpg  05Champion1981Grader19.jpg  05Champion1981Grader20.jpg  05Champion1981Grader21.jpg  05Champion1981Grader22.jpg  05Champion1981Grader23.jpg  

* 1979 Champion 760 Grader, needs parts, 14.00 x 25 tires, runs, S/N 760-23-92-13908

06Champion1981PartsGrader01.jpg  06Champion1981PartsGrader02.jpg  06Champion1981PartsGrader03.jpg  06Champion1981PartsGrader04.jpg  06Champion1981PartsGrader05.jpg  

* Craik V-Plow, fits grader

07VPlow01.jpg  07VPlow02.jpg  

* Side Wing for grader

08SideWing01.jpg  08SideWing02.jpg  

* Front Mount Ripper for grader


* Grader Blades


* Grader Tire Chains


Tractors & Cultivators

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* 1977 IH 1486 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 2 hyd., 540-1000 pto, 20.8 x 38 factory duals, 3 rib front tires, torque amplifier w/hyd. boom, 162 eng. hp., 7855 hrs. showing, S/N 12028

11IH1977Tractor01.jpg  11IH1977Tractor02.jpg  11IH1977Tractor03.jpg  11IH1977Tractor04.jpg  11IH1977Tractor05.jpg  11IH1977Tractor06.jpg  11IH1977Tractor07.jpg  11IH1977Tractor08.jpg  11IH1977Tractor09.jpg  11IH1977Tractor10.jpg  11IH1977Tractor11.jpg  11IH1977Tractor12.jpg  11IH1977Tractor13.jpg  11IH1977Tractor14.jpg  11IH1977Tractor15.jpg  11IH1977Tractor16.jpg  

* 1981 AC 7060 Diesel Tractor, CAHR, 3 hyd., 20.8 x 38 clamp on duals, 3 rib front tires, 540-1000 pto, 192 eng. hp., 12 sp., 3258 hrs. showing on rebuilt motor, S/N 8789

17ACTractor01.jpg  17ACTractor02.jpg  17ACTractor03.jpg  17ACTractor04.jpg  17ACTractor05.jpg  17ACTractor06.jpg  17ACTractor07.jpg  17ACTractor08.jpg  17ACTractor09.jpg  17ACTractor10.jpg  17ACTractor11.jpg  17ACTractor12.jpg  

2 - 12' Cultivators

C-Can & Storage Tank

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* 40' C-Can

18Ccan01.jpg  18Ccan02.jpg  

* Trail Rite 0T210 Upright Storage Tank, 250 barrels, skid mount S/N 002850T (Grey)


Pump Jacks

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* 3 - Pump Jacks w/elec. Motors, 3 phase (Legrand, 2-USS Oilwell)

20PumpJacks01.jpg  20PumpJacks02.jpg  


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* 8' Schulte Front Mount Snowblower, single stage, 540 pto

* 15' Schulte Bat Wing Rotary Mower, 1000 pto, hyd. lift

* 8' Homemade Yard Drag, 12V lift


* Sm. Garbage Trailer, single axle, dump box (Blue)


* Pipe Trailer w/pindle hitch, triple axle (Black)


* 90 Joints of 2 3/8” Production Tubing * 100 Yellow Band 2 3/8” Production Tubing

27DrillStem01.jpg  27DrillStem02.jpg  

* Aklands AG200 DC Portable Welder on own stand w/wheels, gas motor, 110V & 220V

24AklandsWelder01.jpg  24AklandsWelder02.jpg  24AklandsWelder03.jpg  

* HD A-Frame Hoist on wheels, 3-ton Tiger Chain Hoist, 12' 6" Inside & 13' High

25AFrameHoist01.jpg  25AFrameHoist02.jpg  

* 12' Sprayer w/12V Pump for back of truck, remote


* Pipe Stands

28PipeStands01.jpg  28PipeStands02.jpg  

* Port. Welder on own trailer


* Spool of 1/2" Cable


* Hyd. Cable Reel (Red)


* Hyd. Cable Reel w/full spool 1/2" cable., approx. 4000' (Black)


* Various Oil Storage Tanks

32OileTanks01.jpg  32OileTanks02.jpg  

* 2-500 Fuel Tanks & Stands, meters


* 1000 gal. Ground Level Fuel Tank, 110V elec. pump w/meter

34FuelTank1000Gal01.jpg  34FuelTank1000Gal02.jpg  34FuelTank1000Gal03.jpg  

* Swab Tool Accessories *Sand Mine Baler *Overshot


* Dual Tire Handler


* 2- 53" Hyd. Rams


* Shop Crane


* 2-Fan Clutches


* Pressure Washer


* 7250 Hyundai Power Plant


* Milwaukee Mag Mount Drill w/case


* Air Impacts (1", 3/4" & 1/2")

43Impacts01.jpg  43Impacts02.jpg  

* Tire Regroover


* 80 gal. Speed Air Upright Air Compressor, 220V, 7.5 hp.


* Sm. Hyd. Press


* Drill Press & Stand


* 2 Chop Saws

48ChopSaws01.jpg  48ChopSaws02.jpg  

* Linde 230 Amp Arc Welder


* 51" x 10' HD Welding Table


* 4 - 620/50R22.5 Flotation Tires w/10 Bolt rims

51Float4Tires01.jpg  51Float4Tires02.jpg  

* 2 - 42/25/20 Flotation Tires w/10 Bolt Rims


* 2 Portable Poly Water Tanks


* Various Oils *Funnels *Trans. Fillers *Ladders *Shop Creeper *Shop Vacs *2 Floor Jacks *Trans. Jack *Solvent Cleaner *Hyd. Hose *Hyd. Pumps *Shop Heaters *Chain Tighteners *Heater Hose *Chain *Chain Boomers *Blocking *Shop Stands *Power Fist Portapower *PTO Boey Pumps *Die Grinders *Air Chisels *Filter Wrenches *Wrenches *Infrared Heat Detector *Drill Bits *Socket Sets *Screwdrivers *Hammers *Tool Boxes *Water Pump Pliers *Various Pipe Wrenches *O-Rings *3/4" Sockets up 2 1/2" *Tap & Die Sets *Acetylene Welder & Cart *Grinders *Port. Air Tanks *Elec. Drills *Metal Bolt Bins w/bolts *Polisher *Bench Grinder *Ext. Cords *Banjo Water Pump *Air Arc *Welding Rods *Welding Helmets *C-Clamps *Square Tubing *Scrap Iron *Motormaster Battery Charger w/booster *Wooden Shelves *Shovels *Rakes *Office Supplies *Clutch Packs for Swab Rigs *Parts Washer *Various Sheets of Tin *Magnum Tool Boxes *Various Pipe Fittings *Cam Lock End *Truck Tool Box *Spacers *60 gal. Upright Air Compressor *Elec. Panel for Pump Jack. Plus Other Items Too Numerous To Mention.

55Shop01.jpg  55Shop02.jpg  55Shop03.jpg  55Shop04.jpg  55Shop05.jpg  55Shop06.jpg  55Shop07.jpg  55Shop08.jpg  55Shop09.jpg  55Shop10.jpg  55Shop11.jpg  55Shop12.jpg  55Shop13.jpg  55Shop14.jpg  55Shop15.jpg  55Shop16.jpg  55Shop17.jpg  55Shop18.jpg  55Shop19.jpg  55Shop20.jpg  55Shop21.jpg  55Shop22.jpg  55Shop24.jpg  55Shop25.jpg  55Shop26.jpg  55Shop27.jpg  55Shop28.jpg  55Shop29.jpg  55Shop30.jpg  55Shop31.jpg  55Shop32.jpg  55Shop33.jpg  55Shop34.jpg  55Shop35.jpg  55Shop36.jpg  55Shop37.jpg  55Shop38.jpg  55Shop39.jpg  55Shop40.jpg  55Shop41.jpg  55Shop42.jpg  55Shop43.jpg  55Shop44.jpg  55Shop45.jpg  55Shop46.jpg  55Shop47.jpg  55Shop48.jpg  55Shop49.jpg  55Shop50.jpg  55Shop51.jpg  55Shop52.jpg  55Shop53.jpg  55Shop54.jpg  


Auctioneer's Note: All machinery will be started and demonstrated 1 hour before machinery sale time.

For further info call (403) 540-8008.


Large Oilfield Building, Trucks & Shop Equipment Auction - Brock, SK.

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